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vibranceGUI - Automating NVIDIAs Digitial Vibrance and AMDs Saturation for any game! [Program]
Por juv :-)
vibranceGUI is a open-source, VAC safe Windows program that automates NVIDIAs Digitial Vibrance and AMDs Saturation for Games by utilizing native graphic card driver APIs.

Using Digital Vibrance (NVIDIA) or Saturation (AMD) in your graphic card driver can add an additional blast to your gaming experience due to more colorful images being output to your monitor. It might even give you a slight edge when playing competitively in games like CS:GO.

The use of these settings comes with a huge downside though. Whenever switching out of a game back to Windows, the colors are still vibrant and don't fit in the appearance of Windows. This happens because both settings will be applied system-wide. Luckily for you, this is where vibranceGUI comes into play.

Unsure if vibranceGUI is a thing for you? Check out the explanation videos in the guide!
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vibranceGUI Features
  • It will change your digital vibrance level to your desired in-game-level when you are in-game.
  • When you tab out to your desktop, the vibrance level will be turned back to your default-level.
  • The program will continue to run and observe (preferably minimized in tray) until you decide to close it.
  • Autostart when you turn your computer on.
  • Save configuration data for an unlimited amount of games.

    Optional (useful when playing in display mode "Borderless Windowed"):
  • Resolution Change to your desired in-game-resolution when you switch into a game.
  • Resolution Change to your Windows default resolution when you switch back to Windows.

Digital Vibrance/Saturation in CS:GO
Digital Vibrance/Saturation will give you an advantage in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as it will ease spotting enemies in the game. It will help you to be able to better distinguish between elements of the map and player models. Many professional players use Digital Vibrance/Saturation nowadays. Some examples: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, friberg, ScreaM, Hiko. For more information, check out the videos listed in the section "vibranceGUI Videos". If you're still unsure about the benefits of Digital Vibrance/Saturation, go ahead and look them up on the CS:GO subreddit.
Download and Installation instructions
NVIDIA, AMD and Intel Laptops
  • Note that not all NVIDIA Laptops are supported.
    Make sure to have the option "Digital Vibrance" in your NVIDIA Control Panel. If you do not have the option in your driver, NVIDIA decided to disable Digital Vibrance for your mobile GPU. You can not use vibranceGUI because of that.

  • Note that all Laptops with Intel integrated GPU are not supported.
    Intel Laptops are not supported because there is no public API for their integrated GPU.

  • AMD Laptops should work fine.

Installation instructions
  1. Download the .zip file from
  2. Extract the .zip file to a folder of your choice. Do not start vibranceGUI.exe out of the archive!
  3. Start the program.

  4. Press the "Autostart vibranceGUI" checkbox to have vibranceGUI started every time you boot your computer.

Adding running Games to vibranceGUI
  1. Add running games with the "Add" button. A process explorer window will be opened and all active processes will be listed.
  2. Double click the desired game. The selected game will then be added to your game list in the main window of vibranceGUI.
  3. Adjust the settings for the game and press "Save".

Adding non-running Games to vibranceGUI
For games that are not actively running on your computer follow these steps:
  1. Click "Add manually". A file explorer will be opened.
  2. Navigate to the game installation folder.
  3. Select the .exe file of the game and press "Accept". The selected game will then be added to your game list in the main window of vibranceGUI.
  4. Adjust the settings for the game and press "Save".

Beta releases
Newly added features will be released as Beta first. The latest Beta version is always available at The Beta will come as an unpacked .exe file.

Do not forget to report possible problems and bugs to @juvlarn on twitter.
vibranceGUI Videos
VibranceGUI demonstration of BananaGaming
Note that this video is showing an outdated version of vibranceGUI. The colors shown in the video are still accurate though.
Credits to BananaGaming.

Comparison of VibranceGUI vs SweetFX
Credits to Tasorrog.
Troubleshooting, Errors, Q&A
Error: "System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'vibranceDLL.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

Error: "VibranceProxy failed to initialize! Graphics card system type (Desktop / Laptop) is unknown!"
  • Intel Laptops are not supported because there is no public API for their integrated GPU. VibranceGUI can not run on your laptop.
  • NVIDIA laptops need to have the Digital Vibrance option in the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you do not have it, NVIDIA decided to disable Digital Vibrance for your mobile GPU. VibranceGUI can not run on your laptop.

  • Did you recently switch your graphics card?
    1. Completely uninstall the old driver.
    2. Make sure you do not have leftovers from your previous driver:
      • If you are now using AMD: remove/rename "nvapi.dll" file in your Windows folder.
      • If you are now using NVIDIA: remove/rename "atiadlxx.dll" and "atiadlxy.dll" files in your Windows folder.
    3. Restart vibranceGUI

  • Update Windows.

Error: Screen gets a green tint when using AMD with a vibrance value > 200
  • The AMD algorithm tends to add green artifacts when setting the value > 200. This is due to how the algorithm calculates the visual output. Using a lower value should reduce green color artifacts.
  • When you use 60 Hz, try forcing your Monitor to 75 Hz. A few users told me that this fixed their issue with greenish artifcats. Also switching between 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions might fix the green color artifacts.
  • For CS:GO, you can force your monitor from 60 Hz to 75 Hz by adding the start parameter "-freq 75". If it does not work for you, e.g. because your monitor can not handle 75 Hz, just revert this start parameter setting.

Question/Error: My game does not show up as an active process in the "vibranceGUI Process Explorer". What to do?
  • We're investigating issues where some games are not picked up in the Process Explorer. For example, this happened to some users when trying to add H1Z1 to the application list.
  • Refer to the following section of this guide: "Download and Installation instructions" -> "Adding non-running Games to vibranceGUI"

Question: Will this program lower my fps?
  • No! vibranceGUI was built with performance in mind. The program will use as low CPU cycles, you will never notice this program running. Starting from version 2.0, it is completely event-driven, meaning that not even an observer thread is needed anymore.
  • Head over to the technical breakdown section if you're interested in how the program works.

Question: Will this program communicate with a server?
  • No, the application will not open any connection to the internet.
  • Some people have asked for an update-notification when the program starts. We might consider this for a future release, but it is not planned at the moment.
vibranceGUI has not caused any VAC bans since February 2014. Besides being legit to use in VAC-secured Matchmaking, there have been no bans on the named leagues/services since the initial launch of the program. Keep in mind that vibranceGUI is not a hack/cheat. All it does is automating graphic driver settings for your comfort. ESEA and CEVO officials have also approved the legal use of vibranceGUI on their platforms. You can review the posts here: ESEA[], CEVO[]

There is absolutely no way that vibranceGUI should trigger a VAC ban. It does not directly access or interact with the monitored games at all:
  • it does not load a dll into the game, actually it does not load anything into the game
  • it does not read the process memory
  • it does not write the process memory
  • it does not alter game files
VAC relies on signature scanning when trying to determine if a process is a hack. This means they take hashes of chunks of the process memory or from the file system to check them back on their server for known cheats. When the sent signatures do not match any signatures in their database for known hacks, there is a chance that the file will be manually analyzed. Due to the fact that VAC is only effective against so called "public hacks" - and that vibranceGUI has thousands of users (which I'm really happy about btw), I think it's safe to say that you can be sure vibranceGUI has already been manually analyzed and been found legitimate.

You may ask yourself "why are you so sure about it?". Well, the program has been around since over two years now, has tons of users and has never been banned for. That's it, really. Public Hacks are shortlived as VAC is effective against programs that are used by many people over a short period of time. These hacks are then analyzed and added to the hack database on Valves server. Anyone that runs these public hacks will then be banned sooner or later in a VAC banwave.

Whilst the complete source code of vibranceGUI and all of its components is open source[], a short technical breakdown of how the program works will be given to emphasize why vibranceGUI should never trigger a ban on any modern anti-cheat.

Technical Breakdown of vibranceGUI version 1.x and 2.x
Determining whether a game of interest is running and being displayed in the foreground is the only part where vibranceGUI needs to rely on process interop. After retrieving the data needed to decide whether the vibrance settings need to be changed in the current environment, all following computation will be done local to the vibranceGUI process. The change of colors is done through utilizing the APIs of the attached graphics card driver. No game process will ever be touched directly, no handle to the game will be created.

The game itself does not even know the colors are changed as Digital Vibrance and Saturation is a post-process effect. After the complete frame has initially been sent from the OS to the GPU, the frame will be intercepted and additional shaders will be added on top of the original frame. This is also the reason why you can not take a screenshot or record in-game-footage with the changed vibrancy on the recorded image/video. To be able to record your in-game-footage with the more vibrant colors, you will need a dedicated capture card.

vibranceGUI version 1.x
The first version of vibranceGUI relied on manually checking whether a game was running by utilizing FindWindow[] and whether it is running in foreground with GetForegroundWindow[]. A background thread was launched upon program startup and was periodically checking whether a desired game process was 1) running and 2) actively displayed on the monitor.

vibranceGUI version 2.x and above
The second version of vibranceGUI makes use of intercepting a system-wide event that will be fired when the foreground process is changed. This is also a more efficient way to reacting to changes to the top-most window in Windows. Actually, the approach is far superior in all regards to the one used in version 1.x.

You will see that vibranceGUI will instantly change the vibrancy added to your monitor when switching through different processes. Several processes such as Spotify cause Windows to fire these events wrongfully on some occasions. VibranceGUI will try to make sure that you will not see any screen flickering. For more information, refer to the MSDN docs of SetWinEventHook[] as well as WinEventProc callback[].
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stormy ♡ 28 de mai. às 14:26 
I installed myself a new CPU that now has integrated graphics, causing me to have both AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers on my PC. vibranceGUI will not launch if this is the case and anytime I uninstall the AMD drivers they reinstall next launch. Is there a way to avoid this? 24 de mar. às 7:11 
tenho um problema diferente...

System.OutOfMemoryExecption: Execeção do tipo
'System.OutOfMemoryException' foi adiconanda.
em System.Collections.Generic.List'1,set_Capacity(in32 value)
em System.Collections.Generic.List'1,EnsureCapacity(int32 min)

e assim continua o problema
VAFEL 4 de mar. às 3:22 
so good
escribanme uwu 959 226 221 17 de fev. às 16:08 
cuando quiero usarlo me dice VibranceProxy failed to initialize! Graphics card system type (Desktop / Laptop) is unknown!" necesito que me ayuden porfa
❤roketbtw❤ 3 de jan. às 9:34 
zjeb 10 dez. 2023 às 6:58 
BATMAN 29 nov. 2023 às 15:20 
why wont mine work is general
Anonymous Kiwi 13 nov. 2023 às 13:12 
I want to change my vibrance, however it keeps telling me I can only run one application at a time. I'm assuming this is because I put on autostart, is there anyway to fix this?
Hungf 29 set. 2023 às 12:37 
why they said "System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown." when open vibranceGUI
Matzim 26 set. 2023 às 17:01 
I installed it and set the saturation to 100% but the colors remained the same