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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
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Mar 29, 2015 @ 6:40pm
Dec 16, 2017 @ 7:15pm
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Crimes against Nature 5.1.1

Crimes against Nature 5.1.1

Includes a bunch of races, powers, and summons.
Nexus Download[]
Nexus Download - Special Edition[]
Not required, but highly recommended:
SKSE[] and SkyUI[] - Needed for MCM and a few fixes
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch[] - Fixes stuff for custom races
Mfg Console[] - Fixes player blinking
Dead Body Collision Fix[] - Important for the Spheriphem's Bio Magnet

Hold Guards - All of the uniformed guards in Skyrim's holds are changed to 'Hold Guardians'
Crimes against Skyrim[] - Additional races by lazyradly
Pony Scrolls[] - Replaces all characters with screaming and pooping NPCs.
Mod incompatibilities:

None known of at this time.

Load Order:

Early, with your other ESMs, but after official Bethesda expansions (Dawnguard, HearthFires, Dragonborn).

Will my save be unusable after uninstalling this mod?
  • It'll be fine provided you switch to a default race before uninstalling. I can't promise anything if you use additional CaN plugins though.
What does 'RGA' mean?
  • 'Reversed Gender Animations'.
What happened to all the removal plugins?
  • I've implemented an MCM where you can toggle races' playability. SKSE required.
What happened to Tommy?
Why are all the ponies screaming and pooping themselves?!?!?
Cat models/textures by HISSSSA[]
Pony head models/textures by KP-ShadowSquirrel[]
Additional Pony Models/textures by Poninnahka[] and AeridicCore[]
Pony Bat Wings by BeardedDoomGuy[]
Modded Khajiit feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet[]
Other meshes/textures - Bethesda
'Unfortunate Khajiit' race based on Prequel - by Kazerad[]
'Dovahbear' race based on Dovahbear - by Bowz
Vanilla hair, skeletal edits, katia eye patch, and a few pony hairstyle conversions by lazyradly
Special thanks to lazyradly for troubleshooting and general assistance on this project.
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oh no OH NO
Winblows Jul 3, 2020 @ 3:28pm 
dose any one know what the race ids are?
spooky scary zoroark Apr 17, 2020 @ 2:48pm 
Seems to conflict a bit with the Changeracemenu mod, not letting me use that, and whenever I change race with the CaN customizer, then try to open the magic menu, it crashes the game. Haven't tried with items menu, and I use SkyUI. Just to let you know. Other than that, yes
My Pc is crap Apr 8, 2020 @ 5:58pm