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Witcher Class Mod
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Witcher Class Mod

Witcher Class Mod
Monstrum, or Description of the Witcher

Special Thanks
Special thanks to 铁制护腕 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912063767
He is creator of the witcher skin and allowed me to make a class mod using his wonderful skin.
Also special thanks to Exaelus and scorpiovaeden, these guys are not only genius mod maker but also
helped me understand the modding and teached me a lot about modding. Please check them out!

Everyone who played "the Witcher" video games or read the novels know that witchers are living, mutated killing machines!
And they would fit especially well into the Darkest Dungeon!
The witcher is a human enhanced on genetic level by excruciating experiments, toxic potions and mutagens from countless animals and beasts.
He is trained in swordsmanship and basic magic. He lives for one and only purpose to slay every monster and beast he can, well actually get paid for.
All this enhancements and the training made him more then a man or maybe less. He is not a human anymore, with his eyes cutting trough the darkness
he is ready to hunt the hunter.

Ingame abilities and the reasons why they are this way
Natural talens
The witcher is nearly immun to all kind of normal diseases.
His mind is little stronger then of a normal human, so he is a bit more difficult to stun.
Without potions and other buffes he is quicker then a normal humen of his size but not much stronger.
But he pays for his high agility with low bleeding resist and no natural protection.
As a monster hunter he is experienced with all kind of traps.
The witcher is the strongest swordsman in the world, his swordsmanship allows him to react
to every enemy attack if he performed an offensive action before.

1. Style
As the most dangerous and feared swordsman in the world and an adept in magic he can use
all of his skills on battle. He can switch from his swords and potions to his magic of sings
with the skill "Style"

2. Steel Sword and 3. Silver Sword
The witcher has always two swords on his back. One is a steel sword and one is a silver sword.
The silver sword is used against ALL kinds of beasts and monsters you can meet in the dungeon.
The monster take heavy damage to silver but are nearly immun to steel. So the witcher has to study every enemy
before attacking it, because hitting with the wrong sword can not only break his swords but also some of his bones.
The steel sword is used against ALL kind of humen. The bandits and cultists of the dungeons fear the steel sword of the witcher the most,
but they are way too well armored to take serious damage from the softer silver sword.
Both witcher swords are extremely sharp and apply moderat bleeding on the foes that can bleed.
The witcher is paid mercenary his primal prey is the monster from the contract. So if a foe is marked for killing, his silver sword strikes even harder.

4. Potion
A good witcher is preparing himself for the battle before rushing in.
The potions of the witcher are highly toxic fluids that would kill every nonwitcher trying to use it.
The poison and stress from drinking a potion result in a massive boost in agility and strength.
During the taking he can not respond to enemy attacks.

5. Aard
With Aard the witcher creates a force field that travels in high speed towards his enemies.
He can use Aard only in close combat but after a hit the enemy will be pushed away against the wall.
Aard has a moderate chance to stun the target and also clears the battlefield from all other monster remains.

6. Axii
The sign of mind control can be the most dangerous weapon of a witcher.
A weak-willed target gets controled by the witcher, and has to step forward
into close combat. There is also a high chance that the witcher can order the victim not to fight for a while.

7. Quen
The sign of protection Quen. The witcher has to use quen on himself all the time because of his weak armor that
provides him his high mobility. But if he focuses on casting the Quen sign he can protect most of the incoming damage
for himself and one of his companions. Casting Quen makes him unable to respond to enemy attacks.

Camping Skills
1. Meditation
The witcher needs to meditate for a while after the battle, especially after using some of his toxic potions.
The meditation helps him to get rid of the stress.

2. Witchers Sense
The witcher is taking one of his potions called "Cat". Cat enhances his vision for some time
which allowes him to spot hidden passages, prevents the camp being attacked and helps in creeping up to the foe.

3. Gwent
The monster slaying might be the witchers purpose, but his true love is playing Gwent.
Playing Gwent with the party helps in releasing some stress and raises the mood.

3 Oils
After a brief adventure in the dungeon the witcher can now fully prepare himself for the monster he has seen.
He covers his swords with a specific and toxic oil that burns in the enemies wounds.

There are a few witcher schools in the world and every school has its own unic amulet.
Try to find all the magic witcher medallions to unleash his full potential.

This is tricky!
I can not promisse that the witcher will be a balanced character. But to be honest the flagellant might be even stronger.
None of the basic values of the witcher are the highest in the game, but the combination of his top values and his ability
to control the battlefield and reposte on every offensive action makes him very strong, for sure stronger than every original character in DD.
Some of you might say, that he should be nerfed to fit the game better.
I can not do that, because the witcher if nerfed would not be the witcher anymore. Following the lore I already nerfed him down to a simple human.
His strength and HP are equal to those of Bounty Hunter and his speed is just a little higher then of the Grave Robber.
If we follow the lore he would be atleast 3 times quicker then every hero in DD and way stronger then Leper, but I made him weaker.
His swords deal normal damage, I tested him a while and he was not special at all. The special thing is the riposte and his overall accuracy that is 5%-10% higher then normal.
The true strength comes from his ability to use 6 skills at will! I could have nerfed it to 4, but I thought that he would no be a true witcher this way anymore.

Future Updates
I dont know when I am going to update this mod. Overall I am happy with the result, but of course I love to try out some new
animations or effects. So get ready for some updates.
If there will be a new DLC and I will have the money to buy it, I will also update this mod to be fully usable.

Bug Reports
I dont know if its possible but it would be great if the bug reports will be stored in "Discussion" section of the mod, so everyone can easily see
what bugs there are. But please dont report every single animation flaw, because I know there are a lot, but unfortunatly thats the best I can do.

Future Projects
The flagellant being my favourite hero I want to make a class mod that has some cool effect like him (ofcourse not the same as him),
because of that I want to make a Death Reaper Class Mod next. Death Reaper could be based on any female characters skeleton, I think Vestal would fit great
especially because of the hood.
After the Death Reaper I want to make a Werewolf class based on the Abomination.
The big problem is, I can not draw very well in real life and especially bad with a mouse on computer.
SO if anyone can make extremly cool skins I would be happy to code them into heroes and ofcourse highly mention you in the mod.

Good Luck Good Hunt
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