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By Hardex and Tioga060
Sponsored by Fnatic, and with additional work from Juxtapo, Guadalupe, Mark C. and not_a_zombie. Surf_summer is a map published under the newly formed level design team, JSurf Studios, which is led by Hardex and Tioga060

Welcome to the sun-soaked bliss that is surf_summer. In this map you’ll get to experience everything you’d want out of the perfect summer. From a trip to the beach, to a skatepark, to a waterpark, and even deep sea diving, we’ve got it all.

At tier 2 difficulty, surf_summer is a map designed for beginner surfers, but we also had experienced surfers in mind! They will have a fun time discovering all of the shortcuts and optimizing their route to perfect a speed run through the map.

When Fnatic contacted us to create this project, we knew we had to come up with exciting ways to promote their new summer product line, so the map comes with an in-game reward system that will let you unlock different player models for progressing through the map. The map also has lots of easter eggs to discover, so look closely as you surf!

The map includes awesome artwork from Ferry Gouw, a graphic designer most widely known for his work with Major Lazer. OWSLA has agreed to let us use their music in the map, so check out the groovy soundtrack throughout the map!

Hardex - Head developer, Design execution
Stage 5-10 surf design, texture creation, model creation, detailing, lighting, optimization, graphic design, animation, sound
Tioga060 - Project lead, Design direction
Stage 8,10-11 surf design, texture creation, model creation, detailing, lighting, optimization, sound, entity work, programming, project compilation

Juxtapo - Surf direction, Video Production
Stage 1-5 surf design, map-wide surf design oversight, video creation
Guadalupe - Thematic and visual consulting, Engine expertise
Texture creation, model creation
Mark C. - Surf creation, feedback
Stage 6 surf design
not_a_zombie - Surf creation, Engine expertise
Stage 5 surf design, engine solution consultation
Masog - Model creation
Created the fidget spinner

Testing, feedback, and special thanks
Beginner testers - Jon, Areman
Expert testers - Beetle179, Nowlech, Troflecopter, PresidentSloth, Morning, Therapist

Test server hosting - Bro of Surf Heaven
Event server hosting - unt0uch4ble and Nowlech of KSFclan

Benoit Pagotto - Head of Marketing at Fnatic who organized the project and stayed up late to meet with us whenever we needed him
Ferry Gouw - Art for the Fnatic summer collection
OWSLA - Map soundtrack
SurfCinema - Video Production
DVTK - Web design

TopHattWaffle - Excellent tips on asset creation
Zaoman - Dev texture pack
Valve/Hidden Path - Numerous assets and creating CS:GO

although this is the exact same version as servers should download, people are reporting that the bsp version still differs. You may need to unsubscribe/delete this map, then download it from servers to play the map on servers

Try downloading it here:

Server settings for singleplayer can be found here, simply replace your csgo/cfg/gamemode_casual.cfg contents with whats in this file
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不愧是midnight! Sep 11 @ 12:42pm 
Tioga060  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:36am 
Happy 4 years of summer, friends
M May 2 @ 12:13pm 
this is so great, thank you guys
Throw Rogan Apr 19 @ 3:53pm 
❌Ёжик киллер❌ Mar 26 @ 12:44pm 
Hardex  [author] Mar 14 @ 12:45pm 
TIMMY TURNER Mar 1 @ 8:35am 
best surf map. nice job guys
اني جنت احب Feb 15 @ 1:04am 
HenryJiM Feb 12 @ 8:12am 
@it's tricky 360
put this in console:

sv_cheats 1;give weapon_knife
Koro suke Feb 12 @ 7:00am 
how do I see my knife btw