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(Arena Update) Negotiator Minigun
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Jul 4, 2017 @ 10:55pm
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(Arena Update) Negotiator Minigun

The Negotiator Minigun, an electrically driven rotary cannon capable of firing at 1,500 rounds per minute.

Check out the Negotiator's big brother, the Dominator!

Based off the M134D, the Negotiator provides a Military alternative to the Hell's Fury, but with a few key differences.

1. It fires Military ammunition.
2. It can fire a full box without going to 0%
3. It does less damage per shot (But makes up the lower damage with a higher ROF)
4. It is 2x5, not 3x5. It bugged me how you cannot put the Hell's Fury into a rifle rack nor a sentry turret.
5. More focused on anti-personal than raiding or anti-vehicle.
6. More ammo types.

The Negotiator has 4 ammo types at its disposal:

Normal - Uninteresting, it is just like any other gun's bullet.
Green Tracer - Green Tracer effect
Red Tracer - Red Tracer effect
Fragmentation - Explosive ammunition

The Negotiator comes in parts, and is never capable of being found fully assembled. The Negotiator's ammo boxes and parts can be found in airdrops and Horde Beacon loot.

The Negotiator has four components: Barrels, Chassis, Mechanisms, and Electrical. With all four parts and Engineer III, you can assemble a Negotiator Minigun, and it comes with a free ammo box! (No free ammo, sorry)

All boxes except for the fragmentation can be refilled with Military Low caliber ammunition.

And of course, it features custom animations. Zubek animations would not cut it for a gun like this.


A weapon like this does produce some concerns about balance, and such concerns are well justified.

It's hard as hell to get. The chance of getting a Negotiator related item (part or ammo) is as probable as a Hell's Fury.

It does have a high firerate, yes, but it has low damage. With only 32 base player damage and only 1 structure damage per shot, the Negotiator is a horrible raiding gun. The Negotiator would be a silly weapon to use if ammo stores are low. Due to the nature of the gun, most shots will miss, so this is to be used if ammunition is not a problem.

The Fragmentation rounds are silly rare and don't boost the performance of the Negotiator that much. They're more novelty than anything.

The Blood Dragon has an extremely low spawn chance and it chews through ammo so incredibly fast. It does have 1600 DPS though....


32545 - Negotiator Minigun
32592 - Negotiator Minigun with Laser
32593 - Blood Dragon
32546 - Normal 250 round box
32547 - 250 round Green Tracer
32548 - 250 round Red Tracer
32549 - 250 round Fragmentation
32550 - Negotiator Barrels
32551 - Negotiator Chassis
32552 - Negotiator Electrical
32553 - Negotiator Mechanical
32590 - Negotiator Laser Mount

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Cutefish With Wifi Access Oct 21 @ 2:28am 
This is Amazing! Now i can Finnaly Ward Off those Idiotic Zombies away from my base :D

kayra yılmaz Sep 29 @ 5:13am 
✧²⁴ßît✧ Jul 20 @ 9:38pm 
A v a l i . .
t o o c o o t
* ded, not big surprise *
Neko Jul 5 @ 12:08pm 
Ender, it is, i do the same lel
Ender Jun 25 @ 4:51pm 
This is stupidly amazing, even though I cheat it in to do horde beacon quests i mean this is perfect for those
T1y Jun 24 @ 2:21pm 
with explosive ammo, it reminds me of the death machine from cod ghosts
s_isil May 23 @ 2:51pm 
Ever heard of Russian Overkill mod for Doom (old ver)? This is like that, and that's why I love it so much!
The_Blaze_king Apr 27 @ 8:23pm 
Author sorry if u took me comment as a offense it was suppose to be a funny joke sorry
Waffle Apr 4 @ 4:31pm 
AresWalker Mar 18 @ 7:32pm 
The Blood Dragon is gloriously stupid, but I mean that in a good way. I just wish it also doubled reload speed as well. Still a good mod.