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Pokeballs - Dino Storage (2.6.3 Beta)
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Jun 25, 2017 @ 3:35pm
Feb 10 @ 4:18pm
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Pokeballs - Dino Storage (2.6.3 Beta)

This mod brings the concept of Pokeballs into the world of ARK.
Mod ID: 955655993

I intend this to be a fun alternative to the standard KO-and-feed method.
Simply craft a Pokeball, equip it, and throw it at your target dino.

Each Pokeball type (Pokeball, Greatball, Ultraball, Masterball) has its own catch rate, with Master ball being 100%.
Calculation is based off of a few important factors:
- The dino's missing health
- The dino's max health
- The Pokeball's Type
- A random factor (1-5%)
- The Pokeball's Capture Failed debuff (more on this below)
- Whether the dino is unconscious

If your target dino is unconscious, you have a 30% chance of greater success. The lower the dino's health, the better your chances are at capturing them. For balance, the chance drops by 2% per 1,000 max health a dino has, making stronger dinos and better breeding dinos harder to catch. This system also makes it so the Giganotosaurus and Titanosaur can only be caught with the Master ball due to their excessive health pool.

When a Pokeball fails to capture a dino, it gains a -10% capture chance for 10 seconds. Should you fail another capture in that time it will increase by 10 seconds and 10%. This will continue until a cap of 60 seconds and 60% detriment to your capture rate. This was put in to balance out time and effort. Do you put in that little bit of extra effort for a better Pokeball or take longer with weaker ones?

Capturing a dino at full health has a 0% chance for all but the Master ball, which will always capture the dino. So, it is recommended to:
- Get it low health
- Knock it out
- Hope that RNG is on your side

Pokeballs will NOT work under the following conditions:
- The target dino has a rider.
- The target dino is not a part of your tribe.
- The target dino is not tameable; the ball will bounce off of these cases.
- The target dino is a minion (a Boss minion, Queen Bee's workers, etc.)
- The target dino needs to be awake to be tamed, but the attempt is while they're knocked out.

- Capture your dinos and store them away. Hell, you can even store them in other dinos. A dino in a Pokeball, in the inventory of a Dino in a Pokeball; The possibilities are endless (they're actually rather specific. :))
- Release a captured dino near an enemy target dino to have your dino target and attack them.
- Tames have max-effectiveness: extra levels are 50% of the base level of the captured dino.
- Pokeball PC for storing your captured dinos.
- Dinos are protected from death after being released from a Pokeball. If a dino is about to die, they will go unconscious and be returned to a Pokeball in your inventory, saving them.
- Pokeball Healing Console for healing your captured dinos.
- Server Configuation. Check the Discussions area for more info.
- Pokeball Trading Console for trading your captured dinos between tribe-mates or even with those outside of Tribe.

Please check the Bug Reports Discussion section for Known Bugs and report any new ones you find, there.

Check the To-Do List Discussion to see any of the things I'm currently working on and/or have completed for the next update.

- French Grandpa. His Pocket Cages mod gave me inspiration to take the idea in my own direction
- Mystic Academy for taking the time to discuss some finer points of his Pokemon Evolved mod and for models.
- Mezzo from the forums/Discord for general help
- Impulse for some help with the hit detection logic
- Fate (-{SoH}-) for his extremely helpful beta testing and ideas.
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Spirit3057 Jul 12 @ 6:39pm 
I just had 5 pokeballs on The Island and had nothing but the dinos come out. No exposions notheing but the dinos i put in them. Must be something else causing the explosions.
Mewkel Jul 12 @ 6:09pm 
After more testing, the pokeballs only act as grenades, when thrown near alliance turrets; which makes the allied turrets shoot them.... they explode making them disappear, and also damage yourself and your allies.
Avata Jul 12 @ 10:26am 
@Aleksey maybe if you can pass the mod to @Chris he made good mods (Awesome Teleporters ) .. If he also wants to continue .

It has a mod a bit similar the "Dino Station".

But I like this a lot more. so many more options

The continuation of development this mod.

Would be nice

DrathDragoon33 Jul 11 @ 8:06pm 
this mod is no longer being updated. As such the more updates that wildcard puts into the actual game. The more odd bugs that wil come out of this mod.
Spirit3057 Jul 10 @ 3:01pm 
My Pokeballs do not act like grenades. Used a couple on Hope map with no trouble.
Dark Jul 10 @ 1:29pm 
as in, they blew up?
Mewkel Jul 10 @ 5:15am 
Hey there!

We started using this mod on our server and we love it, but today the pokeballs started acting as grenades. Why is that?
Rutabaga da koala Jul 5 @ 4:14pm 
Its awesome!
Rutabaga da koala Jul 4 @ 1:41pm 
Dark Jul 2 @ 4:27am 
1st arrow press opens the menu, (use up or down to select the ball you want) 2nd arrow press equips said ball, allowing you to throw it. if the dino is already out, doing that again will recall it back into your inventory. open, equip and recall all work with the left or right key.