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Randi\'s Emporium Mod
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Jun 13, 2017 @ 8:14pm
Apr 10 @ 5:39pm
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Randi\'s Emporium Mod

Randi’s Emporium: random things I think are nice to have.
Mod ID Number: 946397951
Updated the ovens to include the new kibbles.
Candle: Simple candle but you can blow it out and relight it.
Storage chest:
You can set an easily visible text on the front to make it easy to find all your things. It stores 200 items. You can pick it up as well. To set the text, change the storage box name and then step away from the storage and it will update.

Oven and Medieval Oven variation:
Cooks meat 12 at a time (does not cook mutton or prime fish due to kibble conflicts)
Cooks and shows in-game recipes like kibble, Lazarus chowder, paint etc.
My custom recipes: (many have buffs)
Baked Savoroot
Longrass on the Cob
Double cheeseburger
Steak - because steak and a baked savoroot just sounds good.
Carrot Cake
Glazed Carrots
Berry Energy Shake - cooling buff
Citonalade - cooling buff
Mushroom Soup - warming buff
Veggie Soup - warming buff
Kairuku Potion - buff to swim faster, keep warm and need less oxygen
Dimorpherocity Potion - buff to increase melee
Coffee - with a buff to make you run faster since you are "buzzed" on caffeine
New Recipe Honey Bun - gives you a temporary buff to double your maximum health.
And more….

Note: If you can't seem to get enough seeds, use a Iguanodon to convert things to seed.
For your construction and painting needs. Place it down and walk right up. Pick it up and move to new location. It’s about 3 walls high.
Roadway / Stone Path:
A big slab of stone with cool tribal designs on it. It places ground and stays parallel to the ground. It acts like a foundation and blocks spawning. Use with consideration to others please.
Also a cobblestone version of the stone path.
A note on the road/path:
It probably should only be used for single players or servers with only a small handful of best friends playing. Because it's a cool and easy way to make "roads" and stop spawning since it's basically a foundation that is flatten and larger with cool designs on it. It also, lays down parallel with the landscape so it will go up hills. There are no snap points so it is flexible enough to angle for a curve in your road.
Changed to only demolish but demolish gives you 100% of your resources back. It was too easy to accidently pickup item. I’m not sure how to add the delay to pick up but there is a delay to demolish.

Wanted Poster:
This is a fun poster for a most hated criminal! 😉

My road story: I have my own server and my family and friends so land is plentiful. My original base is in south west coast. Then with Castles and keeps mod, we built a big castle up north in the snow, north of the volcano. We did a big caravan of moving dinos and found the forest west of the volcano are a true stony tangle wood nightmare to travel through. After travelling through there twice I decided never again! Wanted a road ever since. Keep in mind I am the Queen of all the land. My road is under construction with S+ foundations on each side but I wanted something better.
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< >
Lord Lazerous Apr 18 @ 4:17pm 
Probably just my piece of crap computer :/

At least it works on the other four maps.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 4:10pm 
anyway, I'm sorry you are having trouble getting it to work. I wish I had a way to make it work for you.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 4:10pm 
I know it works on the island, scorched earth, aberation and ragnorak. I have used it on all of those on my servers.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 4:08pm 
Hmm, it works for Ragnorak for me. That is where I just tested it.
Lord Lazerous Apr 18 @ 3:55pm 
So I tested it on other maps. They all worked there. Apparently it doesn't work on The Center and Ragnarok. That was the problem. I tried it on Ragnarok first. That's why it diddn't work.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:30pm 
do you see the "Turn On" button on the left panel after you place the gasoline in the inventory?
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:29pm 
Well, the oven works for me on my server. So, first you place a stone intake pipe in the water and run the pipes to where you want to place the oven right? Then put gasoline in the oven's inventory. Upon placing the gasoline, notice on the left a button appears that says turn on. The button is not there until you place the gasoline in the oven's inventory.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:08pm 
So the oven's work ok in the devkit. Are you on Extinction? I haven't tested it in that map but it should work. They are a copy of the industrial oven. I'm trying to get my server up and running and see if the oven works there.
RandiLadyWolf  [author] Apr 18 @ 12:38pm 
I feel bad it's not working. I am going to try and reproduce the problem. I hope I can get it fixed soon. You are on my mind. I just got home from work so I am on it now.
Lord Lazerous Apr 17 @ 11:33pm 
I'v tried deactivating all other mods except this one. Still nothing. We can rule it out as a mod conflict. At least none that I have anyway.