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Sky High Fly Guy
Class: Soldier
Item Slot: Headgear
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Jun 12, 2017 @ 12:47pm
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The Grand Gentlemenn of Lethal Talents -- UPDATED--
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-Replaces the Soldier’s army helmet with an old school ww1 style leather pilot helmet.
-Team colored helmet and goggles
-Helmet is paintable
-3 LODs

-Concepted, modeled, and textured by Questionablyinsane
-SFM promotional art was made by the talented Dilly and Daesdemona and photoshopped by Questionablyinsane

-Maxxy for helping me with creating the custom Miss Pauling in the promo art.
-Dilly for helping me get custom props I made into SFM to use for the promo art.
-Bapaul for his awesome airplane model used in one of the pics.

I can’t be the only one that finds old dorky hats oddly charming. I’ve got kinda a lore going with my Grand Gentlemenn series of sets. Story is that all these sets are based on 1920s explorers just after World War 1. So after making a few sets the idea came that I’d need to have a pilot in the group to get the crew to their exploration sites. So with that in mind I started to look up a ton of WW1 pilot images and scheme up a set. I’ve always been a fan of leather aviator helmets but this helmet was something else. This helmet seemed like it was the model made before the leather pilot hat got to be traditionally cool looking. Really what comes to mind is the helmet looks like an old leather football helmet with goggles strapped on. It’s dorky and I love it! But yeah another bit of trivia: The goggles were actually modeled LONG before I ever got around to making this cosmetic. I made this pretty cool set for the Demoman with had a Tank helmet and goggles that I never released… So repurposed those goggles for this helmet because I liked them so much. You can’t steal from yourself.