Tomb Raider I

Tomb Raider I

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Automated Fix - Improved Graphics, Resolution, Music + Expansion Pack
By Carlmundo
Automated installer to upgrade your Steam or GOG copy of Tomb Raider I to the definite modern version of the game.
  • Make sure you have a clean install of the Steam/GOG version first.
  • Get the latest version[] - click "Download Tomb Raider Automated Fix"
  • Run the file to install.
  • Once complete, launch the game on Steam and select "Tomb Raider I" or "Unfinished Business" from the launcher.
If the launcher won't open and your PC is severely outdated, then you need .NET Framework 4.0[].
This tool is ideal for those looking for an easy automated patch to play Tomb Raider in it's best possible state.

Provides significant enhancements to the game:
  • Custom launcher to play the base game and Unfinished Business expansion
    (Thanks cheatfreak47!)
  • Unlocked resolution (runs in native resolution by default)
  • Improved graphics
  • Full soundtrack
  • Water color from the PlayStation version
  • Steam overlay support
  • No longer plays with DOSBox
  • Optional higher resolution or remastered cutscenes
Normally, this can be achieved by manually installing and configuring the Tomb Raider Retail Fix but that requires a lot of tinkering that many people have had trouble with. The tweaks are already made for you and the modded game can now be launched from Steam (unlike with a manual install).
Advanced Configuration (optional)
In the game folder, open the Patches folder and edit the correct file to manage additional settings:
  • tombati - Tomb Raider
  • tombub - Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
The patch uses the following components or technologies with credit to their respective authors.

Paul Gardiner[]
Zoran Cindori[]
Custom game launcher
XS Labs (now function61[])
Igor Pavlov[]
Combined Community Codec Pack
CCCP Project
Upscaled and remastered FMV
Automated Fix
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StarFury May 25 @ 6:07am 
Thank you Carlmundo and all other authors that made this possible!
Playing Tomb Raider I in 3440x1440p ultrawide is absolutely a blast! It's hard to believe.
Glidos worked before, but it was not free, and I could never get other patches to work myself. This automated fix just works flawlessly.
LazyAndroid May 23 @ 3:38pm 
First thing I noticed when installing this patch is that the voices in the Mansion are gone. Where Lara instructs you how to play the game. It´s a minor thing, but now I wonder if there are other voicelines missing after installing this.
6l3h22 May 9 @ 5:58pm 
This is nice. I installed this, then Tomb1Main, and the game runs well with all the HQ cutscenes at 4K. Now if the Tomb1Main source could just be edited to allow for an unlocked framerate and some refresh rate options, this game would be great. OpenLara seems to slowdown Lara too much...seems like she's moonwalking lol. That does have 60fps though which is nice.
IndigoAK May 2 @ 11:11am 
Tomb1Main has support for remappable controls. Just saying.
Squatty Potty May 2 @ 2:47am 
Does anyone have an idea on control change? Normally I use keyboard with numpad, but from time to time I'm kinda forced to work on a laptop without numpad, and using fn + button functioning as NUM0 + directional keys is too much of a combo when I want to look down. I need to change controls and there is a guide on how to do it with dosbox, but after that patch dosbox is no longer an option...
Player Apr 22 @ 10:00am 
I have the GOG version installed together with the AutomatedFix, but every time i launch the game i get the Error Message


Anyone knows how to fix this? It's driving me crazy.

Thanks :)
Bruno-Oyaji Apr 9 @ 4:03pm 
This is the best fix mod I've ever seen. Widescreen, no scanlines, fixed sound, PS controller adapted, expansion added... I wish there was one just like this for Tomb Raider 2, my favourite. I know how to patch it and all TRs, but the TombATI system is a whole new level.
YouinAnotherform Mar 26 @ 7:37pm 
Been playing it on my 1080p monitor, and have been able to set the resolution to 1080p on the game. Now I'm trying to play on my 4K TV, and the highest res I can choose is 720p. Anyone know a fix?
YouinAnotherform Mar 25 @ 11:16pm 
Everything is great, except when I use GeForce Experience and record my gameplay, it's very glitchy (see this link and it also saves as Wolfednstein 3D. Anyone know of a fix?
K3NSH1R0 Mar 18 @ 11:27am 
I discovered why my game lagged, for some reason the Steam Overlay make this mod lag for me, the only workaround I found was to disable it. Still a little choppy for some reason tho