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Paradise Reef Revisited Mass Transit Decorated
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May 18, 2017 @ 4:19pm
May 19, 2017 @ 1:31am
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Paradise Reef Revisited Mass Transit Decorated

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Paradise Reef completely reworked, with Mass Transit. New Coral Reefs, New Trees , moar beach! More description and one click collection coming soon...

Mossy Mountain Map Theme is programmed in, but there are many great tropical looking themes based in temperate. Suggestion list coming soon

A big thank you to all the contributors without whom this map wouldn't exist:
- Trees by Mr Maison, pdelmo, Matt Crux, RyanJamesofLondon
- Coral reef props by pdelmo (check out his seaweed "tree", I recommend it if you want to do more detailing of the underwater reefs
- Intersections by Arisandi, Agusingnavy, Kapustor666,

This is a redux of the original map Paradise Reef, located here:

- It still has the things we love about Paradise Reef: the waterfalls, *that mountain*, the gardening and reefs
- It changes the things we liked least. Just some of the improvements over the original:
1. Greatly improved road and rail construction
2. Regional traffic reduction: total! Instead of all traffic not even destined for your city barreling through the center of the map like it does on the original Paradise Reef, all regional traffic (from neighbor to neighbor) is diverted completely from the 25 square play area. You won't even see them! Less traffic headaches. This is thanks to a carefully strategized bypass system that takes the vehicle behavior in the game into account. You will see it if you use 81 tiles or open this in map editor. If you want to know how this works so you can do this in your own map making, I aim to make a tutorial video, and add it into my map making guide
3. A lower total number of trees
4. A more pleasant Map Theme
5. More tasteful background land formations (hopefully they look more realistic than the large clunky border lands before)
6. Bridges that are at heights that take the ships that pass underneath into account. Still, be sure when you are placing a harbor to look at the shipping lanes, and plan any bridges you make so they are at least ferry clearance height. The tallest bridge on this map can be used to judge the height of the tall cargo / cruise ships. The shorter bridge that crosses the inner lagoon can be used as a guide to the right height for ferry clearance.
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lulabyte Sep 15 @ 8:53am 
Is anyone else having issues with too many planes or is it just me?
銀河系 Prand Apr 14 @ 5:02pm 
Oh sorry bout the long time, but I was actually using the vanilla tree remover and the map was with them D:
TY for the attention! Awesome map! :mailedfist:
MrMiyagi  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:17am 
The corals have been restored. What trees are you missing?
銀河系 Prand Mar 21 @ 7:39pm 
there is no corals or trees in the map, here the collection don't have these. The autor deleted it? :steamsad:
MrMiyagi  [author] Nov 19, 2018 @ 3:07am 
Oh, ps. the reason why that land is square and has a heavy oil deposit is because that is meant to be your port area. It also has great access to shipping lanes. Putting oil industry there, with its big refinery containers, looks pretty cool in a port area.
MrMiyagi  [author] Nov 19, 2018 @ 3:05am 
Hi RocketmanChronicals, yes, if you use a map theme other than the one created specifically for this map, and the oil color that other map theme uses is really bold, then that oil deposit will look awful. You have three choices:
- go with the map theme for this map, located here (see 8th image for the nice, subtle oil and ore colors
- pick another custom map theme that doesn't have bold colors for oil and ore
- get the awesome No Radioactive mod by BloodyPenguin, which allows you to turn off all kinds of things like ground pollution, oil, ore, fertile etc colors, among other features.

Hope that helps and yes, I agree with your assessment, which is why I created the special map theme in the first place :D Happy building!
RocketManChronicles Nov 18, 2018 @ 2:18pm 
There is a spot one one side of the main island where you have a large oil deposit that is perfectly square in shape. It really looks out of place on this otherwise beautiful map.
MrMiyagi  [author] Sep 13, 2018 @ 8:00am 
You're welcome LIDL! :)
cotte039 you don't need Parklife, this map was made before Parklife, even. What you describe is definitely a mod issue. Very frustrating! I use so few mods, and I suggest using no mods (meaning, anything in the "mod" category in the workshop). Custom trees, props, buildings and other workshop items are almost always quite safe to use.
LIDL Sep 1, 2018 @ 12:10am 
For this Beautiful map i am going to have to try it out
many thanks for ur hard work
cotte039 Jul 27, 2018 @ 4:57pm 
Been having some issues with the map - I cannot see the water pipe blue or electricity blue areas, no cars or people are entering my city, and when buildings spawn they immediatly despawn. Tried googling this and couldn't find a reason why. I'm not plopping buildings onto the wrong zones. Just allowing the game to spawn them automatically. I do not have parklife so I'm assuming this is the reason why but could it be another mod messing with the map? I'm also thinking about trying the mod-free version to avoid these problems. Please help me if you know whats going on! Thanks. Beuitiful map by the way :)