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Improved Public Transport 2
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May 18, 2017 @ 9:51am
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Improved Public Transport 2

In 1 collection by BloodyPenguin
Penguin's Transport Realism Project
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Also known as IPT2. Provides improved control of public transportation.

Compatible with More Vehicles mod!

This is a fixed version of the original IPT[] which was abandoned by its author. That original version is now deleted from workshop, make sure it's not present locally.

- Add or remove vehicles to the transport line or enable automatic budget control (like in vanilla).
- Control the types (custom vehicle assets) of vehicles on your transport line.
- Configure interval, enable or disable umbunching per line. Please not that unbunching is a vanilla feature and this mod only configures it!
- Vehicle Editor for public transport vehicles, change the capacity, maintenance cost and maximum speed.
- Stop Info Panel which shows stop related informations (like waiting Cims) and also allows you to name your stops.


This mod IS COMPATIBLE with the updated Traffic Manager: President Edition!

This mod is NOT compatible with:
- original IPT (r3.x.x) (for obvious reason)
- original TM:PE and older versions of TM and Traffic++
- TLM (all versions) (overrides same vanilla game code)
- Vehicle Unbuncher (part of vanilla game now)
- Larger Footprints (deprecated - causes depot not found problem)
- Automatic Vehicle Numbers Adjuster (overrides same vanilla game)

Should be compatible with the rest of the mods. Use Service Vehicle Selector 2 to set vehicles for taxi depots and cable car stations.

I still have to update UI elements locations, but main functionality should work.

Note: if you feel that unbunching doesn't work as expected, go to mods options and check aggression setting. 52 equals to vanilla aggression. Other than allowing to enable/disable unbunching and setting aggression setting, this mod doesn't deal with unbunching. If you have issues with unbunching, ask Colossal Order how to fix them.

Don't forget to check My fix of Service Vehicle Selector, my new Ship Converter mod and the Fixed version of Sun Shafts!

GitHub repository[]

Feel free to comment

Important - read before commenting! In case of errors:
if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them into comments. Error reports without attached outpult log file won't be reviewed or answered. Some of them will even be deleted. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever to upload the file and share the link with me. Please make sure that this mod is activated and is updated to the most recent version before submitting your reports.

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t1a2l May 22 @ 2:32am 
Suggestion - Allow us to choose the number of each custom vehicle will spawn (for day only or night only routes)
CaddyShack May 21 @ 1:42pm 
This is the first time I've activated the mod for my save, and everything is going well, but was wondering about something: I have my monorail and tram budget already set to be lower at night then at day before the mod, now after the mod, whenever the day begins some of the trams and monorails come out as diff models I have in-game to work the day shifts, diff to the ones I already set to operate on all those lines, and it's always different everyday. Is this usually normal? I'm not really bothered by it but would like to know.
Lieuallen May 19 @ 6:47am 
I love IPT2! But in my latest game I've noticed that although my 3 bus lines unbunch very well, my 2 metro lines do not -- all the metro vehicles are grouped together and most of the line is "empty" (it's one set of tracks, with a clockwise and counter-clockwise line). Does unbunching work for metro in SH? Should I crank it up to 52? Thanks!
Allystrya May 18 @ 8:00am 
@ blaizefed - That is always one of the possibilities with an Array error :) However, sometimes assets throw errors because of mods, it is always hard to tell. Usually fix the blatantly obvious mod errors unless the error is specifically pointing at an asset which does happen, it just wasn't in yours :) Glad it got fixed though and your heli's can now be part of the bumblebee paradox! :P LOL :)
blaizefed May 17 @ 8:34pm 
@Allystrya Thanks for your help. Did everything you said and it had the pop up one more time. Then I dumped the vast majority of my custom assets (most of them were auto loaded ages ago when I loaded someone else's map, so no loss) and then it worked. Just ran it for over an hour with no problems, so it looks like there may have been an asset in there somewhere that was causing the conflict? Haven't a clue, but it seems to be working now so all ok. Thanks again for the help.
Allystrya May 16 @ 10:36pm 
@ blaizefed
1) I am am dying of laughter at the idea of 250 people on a helicopter, that is usually called an airplane :fgsmile:

2) Array Index out of Range is an extremely generic error that can mean many things.

3) All 25 Areas purchasable and 81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+) are not compatible - Mods that do the same thing can and inevitably will cause issues, you need to pick one. Please see the incompatible tab:

4) You have multiple mods that it is having issues finding settings for but wouldn't inhibit loading but indicates there is an issue

5) Right around where IPT starts loading there are multiple Steam errors. Given that it is a sale weekend this is not uncommon, the mod may not be fully subbed. Sometimes if you check your download area in steam it may even say missing files. Try unsubbing, loading to the main screen, exit to desktop, resub and make sure Steam has downloaded it.
blaizefed May 16 @ 9:48pm 
Hi All, I am getting a "Array Index Is Out of Range" error message when I have this mod turned on. I have narrowed it down to this mod causing the error, however I cannot for the life of me figure out what the conflict is. Hopefully someone here knows how to figure it out? I really need to fit 250 people onto helicopters.....

Log file here

I can load the game with this mod turned on and it all runs fine, until I open anything related to transit systems, and then it starts throwing the error message. So much in fact I have to use task manager to shut the game down as the message comes back as soon as I click ok. No time to exit. Any ideas?
deltaCorben May 15 @ 11:33am 
@Allystrya Thanks for the suggestions. Unsubscribing from Precision Engineering 2 seems to have fixed the issue. I reloaded the game several times and it did not crash.
I tried subscribing to the old version of Precision Engineering instead but it causes the same crash.
Allystrya May 15 @ 1:20am 
@deltaCorben - IPT doesn't show any errors that I see. There are errors though, a couple are pretty common. There are 3 mods stick out for me - Try UNSUBBING (not just disabling) these individually to see what happens. No guarantees but some ideas.

deltaCorben May 14 @ 9:09pm 
Hi, The game crashes when I unpause after loading a save. I have no public transport in the city but the Player.log makes me suspect this mod.