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HeroQuest: Master Edition (All Expansions)

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HeroQuest: Master Edition (All Expansions)

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HeroQuest Collection
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                                            High Adventure in a World of Magic!

'HeroQuest, sometimes also written as Hero Quest, is an adventure board game created by Milton Bradley in conjunction with the British company Games Workshop. The game was based loosely around archetypes of fantasy role-playing games: the game itself was actually a game system, allowing the gamemaster (called "Morcar" in the original British version and most localisations, but "Zargon" in the United States and Canada) to create dungeons of their own design using the provided game board, tiles, furnishings and monsters.' -Wikipedia

I made this to perfectly capture the magic of the old game whilst being simple for players new and old to understand all in Tabletop Simulator's engine! I have organized everything you will need and made quality of life changes like both Papercraft and 3D models that help me and my friends play, if you don't understand why HeroQuest is so great, you should let BardicBroadcasts explain it to you. I decided to share what I have put together for anyone else who wants an easy to start a HeroQuest adventure!

Hero Quest is a dungeon crawl, one of the earliest dungeon crawls to be released. Inspiring games such as Dungeons and Dragons Board game, Descent, Warhammer Quest, Space Crusade and many more, it is still considered one of the best if not the best in it's genre. You will have a great banter with friends. With a fantasy and DnD/Pathfinder like atmosphere, you will find hours of fun, thousands of scenarios are possible and many more fan assets can be added to the game, even add little house rules if you feel cheeky or go full Dark Souls mode and DOOM your adventurers to cruel misfortune, it's all up to you, use your BRODE SODE and FIRE OF WROTH and have a great time!

Give it a rating! Smash it!

Also Thank JJ.Sch, Emily, Ray & Kelz for their work on my mod!

  • All Expansions included! (Inside the boxes behind the DM screen and in the chests)
  • Rules and Rulebook handouts included, as well as a Questbook for all expansions for the DM!
  • New Custom Models! 2D AND 3D (Change the States of the Models to see!)
  • Furniture both classic and updated
  • Weather and Atmosphere options
  • Classic Dungeon Master screen!
  • Complete Ruleset for Players and DM
  • Organised assets and hidden area for Dungeon Master
  • Multi state objects (Doors and Monsters!)
  • Random Events Button!
  • Custom and Extra assets, community contributions and more!
  • Interactive Character sheet, Notepads, Lifepoint counters and excellent models and sheets for the Heroes
  • Planning board for Dungeon Master to plot his very own map with notes and infinite assets!

Update 01: -Now including new 2D Papercraft models by Brawnfet Nos ( ) -Now including a multi-state Hero Quest DM Handbook by Kaptain Kelz! ( ) Update 02: -Now Including Rulebook handouts and changed rule board to a stated object (press 1-3 to go through them) -Added Optional Custom Armory (More items to make the game more complex!) -Added Quest Lore notebook for players Update 03: -Added Frozen Horror support from Yodax's mod, check it out, it deserves more praise! ( -New Quest Book (Higher quality Color added!) Update 04: -Now Including ALL 3D models (even expansion ones) by Kaptain Kelz and JJ.Sch -Now including EU ruleset! -New Doors added (Check new states) -Added Ambiance and weather options for the Game Master -Added ALL Rulebooks, No more looking online! (Resized and HD) -Added The Maze and The Plague of Zombies rulebooks! -ZAGON MODEL (ty JJ!) Update 05: -The Mage of the Mirror Expansion now fully featured and polished -Troll, Skaven + Durrag Dol Support Added (By JJ.Sch) -Colorized 3D Models (Base set) -Random Events button script added (By Thornstromb) -Combat Cards (By Thornstromb) -Elven Warrior and Archer models Updated -Classic Furniture models added (by JJ.Sch + Joeyvera) -Added GM Screen button (to hide and show the screen at will) -Added Rare Quest Books (White Dwarf + more!) -All Wizards of Morcar/Zargon Models, Papercraft/2D and 3D. -Skaven Models, Papercraft/2D and 3D, White Seer and Rat Ogre included -Bar Keeper! -Dragons! (2D and 3D) -Frozen Horror Board Update 6: -Interactable Character Sheet by Greensteel ( ) -Better Notepad -Added new Custom Boards + HD Overlays (by Emily Mewens) -New Models (Dragon, Chaos Dwarf, Doomguard, Giant Rat, Civilian, Black + High Orc) -Colourized Ogres, High Wizard, Orc Shaman Necromancer, Storm Master Added -Colourized Mercenary and Dark Company (And Doomguard!) -New Class: Cleric (Hero Contest Winner) -240+ new Custom Assets + Tiles! -Added RandomQuest support ( ) -Added Graveyard by Cardboard Decoy (Edited by Lichtmeister) ( ) -Added The Audial Orb by Gooch ( ) -Added HeroQuest Spell Cards Expanded by Emily Mewens ( ) Update 7: -3 new Door Types (3D Large and Secret) -Expanded Character Sheets -A bundle of new Dice and Heroes! -11 new Skaven models and Warrior Priest model -Skaven Huckster cards as well as Wind and Tree physics. Update 8: -New Layout! New Models! New Everything! Thanks Memory Bags! -Spawn modular walls! -25+ New models!, Santa Orc, Female Chaos Warlock and more! -Warhammer Fantasy Map added, new coloured dice! -Vampires added! Blood Knights, Werewolf, and New Necromancer! Added Chaos Dwarf! -New Quest, New Personality system, new events system and new Town system! -Lite Language Support for Russian, German and Dutch and more! -EU art style cards added! New system to select US or EU. -8 Player Support! New Classes Added! Female Models Added! - Daemons of Chaos added! - Lizardmen models added!

Enjoy! Remember, the best thing about HeroQuest is HeroQuest!

*All Copyright goes to their respective owners.
*3D Models by Cebi, Kelz, JJ and eNFenix!
*Assets originally from the fantastic people of Ye Olde Inn[]
To Do:
-Complete set of 3D models (Complete!)
-Support for all expansions (Complete!)

Questbook for Community submissions :
Published: - The Maze ✓ - The Plague of Zombies ✓ - The Halls of Durrag-Dol ✓ - Running the Gauntlet ✓ - A Growl of Thunder ✓ - Inn of Chaos ✓ - The Eyes of Chaos ✓ - Revenge of the Weather-Man ✓ - The Slave City ✓ - Rescue of the Princess ✓ - The Dark Company (Hero Quest Advanced Quest) ✓ Community: - Lords of Darkness by Raymond Calle ✓ - Mound of the Beastmen by Pan ✓ - Agin's Inn Contest by Various ✓ - The Chronicles of Sir Ragnar: Prequel by the Adventurer's Guild ✓ - Eve of Chaos by Phoenix ✓ - Return of the Witch Queen by Phoenix ✓ - Vengeance for Vengeance by Drathe ✓ - Into the Sewers by Sjeng, Guzzi and Mortis ✓ - Dragon's Lair by ChaosOrc ✓
Thank you for your support!

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where are the frozen and dark spells for the player somehow i cant find them again``? i swear i saw them somewhere once
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Fairly simple concepts of play move, fight, look for treasures, traps or secret passage ways.
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Yep it has a rule book.
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The best part of Hero Quest is the fact you can play on Tabletop Simulator!
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Love this so much. Is there a way to take what is on the planning board and copy it over to the actual play board? If not that would be a cool functionality to maybe add!
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Brode Swode!
Cebi  [author] Jul 5, 2023 @ 2:09pm 
@alexgalvez38 Look at the bottom of the planning table, there should be a note on how to get the cards. I separated them into separate bags because the EU and US versions are different. It caused more confusion to bundle them together. So the note explains how to get whichever version you want.
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Hi! Tried to play but couldn't find spell cards and treasure cards. Any explanation why???