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Sukritact's Ethiopia: Zara Yaqob
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May 1, 2017 @ 6:34pm
Mar 5 @ 1:10pm
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Sukritact's Ethiopia: Zara Yaqob

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Home to ancient empires dating back to the waning centuries of the first millennium BC, Ethiopia has a storied history driven by the rule of great kings and emperors. As one of the few African nations to avoid the colonial ambitions of Europe, Ethiopia maintained its sovereignty into the 21st century, only briefly coming under Italian occupation for 8 years during WWII and its prelude.

Zara Yaqob was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1434 until 1468. A member of the Solomonic Dynasty, which traced its heritage back to the Biblical King Solomon, Zara Yaqob was an extremely devout, if occasionally draconian, ruler. He is known for, mediating between Ewostathians and church officials in Alexandria, for actions against the persecutions of Christians in Egypt by the Mamluks, and for establishing ties with Western Christians.


Unique Ability: Solomonic Dynasty - May purchase Settlers, Builders, and Traders with Faith. City Centers receive a Standard Faith bonus for each adjacent Hill and Mountain.

Unique Unit: Shotelai - Ethiopian unique Medieval era melee unit that can counter Cavalry units. Receives Additional Combat Strength when fighting in or next to home territory.

Unique Building: Rock-Hewn Church - A building unique to Ethiopia replacing the Temple. Required to purchase Apostles and Inquisitors with Faith. +3 Production, this bonus increases to +5 Production if this district has a Worship Building. +1 Great Engineer point.


Zara Yaqob:

Leader Ability: Council of Debre Mitmaq - Receive an extra Wildcard policy slot when you have 3 or more Holy Site Districts. Receive a second Wildcard policy slot if you have 6 or more Holy Site Districts.

Agenda: Book of Light - Likes civilizations from different continents who share his faith. Is weary of civilizations from his home continent that follow a different religion.

Ethiopia is currently using Sumer's music until custom civ music can be figured out.
This leader is animated.

Special Thanks to DarthKyofu for help with the TSL, and DMS help with the City List.
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Hu Flung Dung Jun 7 @ 2:40am 
Same, can no longer purchase builders, settlers or caravans. Slightly different to SmugCaMcGoo though, I moved to dark age.
SmugCatMcGoo Apr 20 @ 8:49pm 
Hey I'm having an issue with the purchase of civilian units with faith. After selecting the similar golden-age perk that allows purchase with faith, and then moving to a new age I can no longer use the unique ability. Re-loading the game did not seem to fix it either.
[Kintsu] Mar 31 @ 3:22am 
If you want me to voice act with this, I can :D I happen to speak Amharic
snerrir Mar 5 @ 9:03am 
I too seem to have issue with load order. Since the update I'm not able to load save which had both Zara Yaqob and Ingolfur enabled, and which had load order fix applied before.
jeffsy26 Mar 4 @ 11:42pm 
Seems to be working fine for me. It's good to have Ethiopia back. Thanks for the update.
Laurana Kanan Mar 4 @ 9:29pm 
@Hiram - Just loaded Ethiopia and I didn't have any errors in the logs related to them.
Hiram Mar 4 @ 9:16pm 
Can confirm that there's a load order issue affecting Ethiopia:

[4103256.492] [Localization] ERROR: UNIQUE constraint failed: LocalizedText.Language, LocalizedText.Tag
[4103257.469] [Gameplay] ERROR: near ">": syntax error
[4103259.328] [Gameplay] ERROR: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed
[4103259.328] [Gameplay] ERROR: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed
[4103259.328] [Gameplay]: Validating Foreign Key Constraints...
[4103259.349] [Gameplay] ERROR: Invalid Reference on MomentIllustrations.GameDataType - "BUILDING_SUK_ROCK_HEWN_CHURCH" does not exist in Types
[4103259.349] [Gameplay] ERROR: Invalid Reference on MomentIllustrations.GameDataType - "UNIT_SUK_SHOTELAI" does not exist in Types

Protagonist Mar 3 @ 1:55am 
@sukritact Thank you for the R&F update. Unfortunately, for some reason, I cannot start a new game (I get kicked back to the main menu) if this mod and your Iceland mod are *both* enabled alongside FinalFreak16's Simplified Gossip mod. After some testing, it appears that everything works fine as long as only Ethiopia *or* Iceland is enabled, or Simplified Gossip is not enabled at the same time. If all three are enabled, I can't start a game. This happens even when no mod is enabled other than those three.

I did apply the patch for the load order issue (which allowed me to make this mod work at all), so I'm not sure what the problem is or if you can do anything about it, but I'd thought I'd let you know. I had a similar issue with your Siam mod even after applying the load order patch, so in retrospect, the same thing might have been happening there.
dynastycorey Feb 16 @ 7:47am 
yes pls, pls make sure it works for rise and fall
Slyck_08 Feb 12 @ 10:03am 
Can someone tell me if it works with Rise&Fall extension ?