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SFP: Finnish Forces Pack
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May 1, 2017 @ 3:55am
Nov 26, 2020 @ 12:11pm
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SFP: Finnish Forces Pack

This is a tribute to the orginal FDF mod for Operation Flashpoint. One of the best (if not the best) mod ever made for the Ofp/ArmA series.
We also like to say thanks to ArmA3Finland for hosting some really good PvP against Sweden.

This tribute was made by members of the Swedish Forces Pack, mostly however by Megadeth, granQ, Vccv90, coding/servers by Dahlgren and trailers and videos are made by Sango.

This mod includes Finnish forces in woodland M05 uniforms and special forces in desert M04 uniforms.
Weapons includes RK 95, PKM, NLAW, KES 88 and more but also crew served weapons 122 H 63 (D-30) ,Zu-23 , TOW and RBS 70.
On the vehicle side there are Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A6, BMP-2, G-class boat, Orbiter Mini UAV, and MLRS.

Future updates
Depending on how many subscribers/favorites we get we might continue to support this mod with additional content.
For that reason we are looking for talented people that can help with models, textures but also coding.
What is planned of high prioritize is the RK 62 rifle, the Bv 206 all terrain vehicle and the Combat Vehicle 90.

Thanks to Purenexus and Irratium for the Cv9030 model, check out their mod to Squad. ( )

Special Credits to the Finmod team and all their work which have been "merged" with FFP from 2019-06-20

FinMod Team
Arska - Configs / Animations / Project lead
Saunatyyny - Project lead
troska - 3D Modeling/Textures
Blahh - Military advisor
Kaista - Military advisor
Saucco - Sounds
Centurion_101 “Centti” - 3D modeling / Textures
Annddy - 3D Modeling / Sculpting
TugeX - 3D modeling
Kuik - Configs/Testing
Väyrynen - Animations/Testing

Ukko-Pekka "Ukkis" Kuivalainen - 3D Modeling / Textures
Joona "Staker" Koskivaara - 3D Modeling
naponen - 3D modeling / Textures
splatteri - Textures
warden_1 - 3D models/Textures - MTLB standard version
Toadball - RBS70/ITO05M
Roberthammer/Thanez - Glock 17 model/bake
kazenokizu - Glock 17 textures
ddeo - Spike 3D model
MasterX - Spike texture
Roberthammer/troska - TA11F
Roberthammer/Stefan Engdahl - AimPointCS/PP04
Roberthammer/warden_1 - PP09
Sakinz - 3D modeling
Einherj - Configs
Lauri Tujula/Kuuropoika - Logo
MadReizka - Sounds/UI pictures
[R-DEV]ddeo (PR:BF2) - 3D Modeling (Eurospike)
[R-DEV]MasterX (PR:BF2) - Textures (Eurospike)

Special thanks to:
ArmaFinland - Testing
ASTFOR - Co-operation
Arma 3 discord - Helping

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Yeah, would be nice if this mod incorporated the finnish voices by default. Also some ALiVE compatability would be nice. Currently i have to create a custom faction to be able to have these work with ALiVE.
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What's low quality specifically ?