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iLLmatik Gaming Littlebird (24 Heli Pack) [Un 3.28+]
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Vehicle Type: Helicopter
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Apr 25, 2017 @ 4:58pm
Jul 3, 2019 @ 11:55am
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iLLmatik Gaming Littlebird (24 Heli Pack) [Un 3.28+]

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This mod features:
-A total of 24 AH-6J Littlebird variations.
-4 different colored and flagged factions
-Working Camera Turret (Second Seat)
-Working Minigun Turret (Driver Seat)
-Working Rocketpod Turret (Second Seat) Had some issues with making it a driver seat. May add in the future.
-Working Headlight/Spotlight
-Working Crashing Warning sound (Press Left Ctrl to toggle)
-Vanilla and Detailed modeling This mod is the middle man keeps to some what basic vanilla with a more detailed twist.
-Realistic sounds effects.
-Spacious interior with head room so players heads don't stick through the roof. (Good for Roleplay)
-Balanced like the default turrets. (Able to shoot the turrets gunner through the windows)
-The awesome iLLmatik branding.
-Server friendly


Example spawning without Rocket. Also make sure to enable "Cheats"
spawning Item example: /give 20071
spawning Vehicle example: /vehicle 1080

21080- AH-6J:Basic Canada
21081- AH-6J:Scout Canada
21082- AH-6J:Minigun Canada
21083- AH-6J:Rocketpod Canada

21084- AH-6J:Basic USA
21085- AH-6J:Scout USA
21086- AH-6J:Minigun USA
21087- AH-6J:Rocketpod USA

21088- AH-6J:Basic Russian
21089- AH-6J:Scout Russian
21090- AH-6J:Minigun Russian
21091- AH-6J:Rocketpod Russian

21092- AH-6J:Basic Spec Op
21093- AH-6J:Scout Spec Op
21094- AH-6J:Minigun Spec Op
21095- AH-6J:Rocketpod Spec Op

21096- AH-6J:Basic Bio
21097- AH-6J:Scout Bio
21098- AH-6J:Minigun Bio
21099- AH-6J:Rocketpod Bio

21100- AH-6J:Basic Coalition
21101- AH-6J:Scout Coalition
21102- AH-6J:Minigun Coalition
21103- AH-6J:Rocketpod Coalition

20071-Turret_Rocketpod Ammo
20081-Turret_Minigun Ammo

I am very well aware that Russians don't use/have Littlebirds. Only did it so there was a balanced amount of vehicles.

Usage Terms
You may not re-upload this mod what so ever.
You may use it on your server.
You may feature it in your video/screenshots.
You may not make money off of this content. Please do not sell the content in your server.(Youtube and Streaming is fine)
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