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iLLmatik Gaming Littlebird (24 Heli Pack) [Un 3.28+]
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Vehicle Type: Helicopter
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Apr 25, 2017 @ 4:58pm
Jul 3, 2019 @ 11:55am
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iLLmatik Gaming Littlebird (24 Heli Pack) [Un 3.28+]

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This mod features:
-A total of 24 AH-6J Littlebird variations.
-4 different colored and flagged factions
-Working Camera Turret (Second Seat)
-Working Minigun Turret (Driver Seat)
-Working Rocketpod Turret (Second Seat) Had some issues with making it a driver seat. May add in the future.
-Working Headlight/Spotlight
-Working Crashing Warning sound (Press Left Ctrl to toggle)
-Vanilla and Detailed modeling This mod is the middle man keeps to some what basic vanilla with a more detailed twist.
-Realistic sounds effects.
-Spacious interior with head room so players heads don't stick through the roof. (Good for Roleplay)
-Balanced like the default turrets. (Able to shoot the turrets gunner through the windows)
-The awesome iLLmatik branding.
-Server friendly


Example spawning without Rocket. Also make sure to enable "Cheats"
spawning Item example: /give 20071
spawning Vehicle example: /vehicle 1080

21080- AH-6J:Basic Canada
21081- AH-6J:Scout Canada
21082- AH-6J:Minigun Canada
21083- AH-6J:Rocketpod Canada

21084- AH-6J:Basic USA
21085- AH-6J:Scout USA
21086- AH-6J:Minigun USA
21087- AH-6J:Rocketpod USA

21088- AH-6J:Basic Russian
21089- AH-6J:Scout Russian
21090- AH-6J:Minigun Russian
21091- AH-6J:Rocketpod Russian

21092- AH-6J:Basic Spec Op
21093- AH-6J:Scout Spec Op
21094- AH-6J:Minigun Spec Op
21095- AH-6J:Rocketpod Spec Op

21096- AH-6J:Basic Bio
21097- AH-6J:Scout Bio
21098- AH-6J:Minigun Bio
21099- AH-6J:Rocketpod Bio

21100- AH-6J:Basic Coalition
21101- AH-6J:Scout Coalition
21102- AH-6J:Minigun Coalition
21103- AH-6J:Rocketpod Coalition

20071-Turret_Rocketpod Ammo
20081-Turret_Minigun Ammo

I am very well aware that Russians don't use/have Littlebirds. Only did it so there was a balanced amount of vehicles.

Usage Terms
You may not re-upload this mod what so ever.
You may use it on your server.
You may feature it in your video/screenshots.
You may not make money off of this content. Please do not sell the content in your server.(Youtube and Streaming is fine)
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Aug 8, 2020 @ 3:11pm
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CarlitoTheRacoon' Jan 6 @ 7:07pm 
Will it randomly spawn on maps?
UniverseSurvivor Nov 20, 2020 @ 1:46pm 
The spec ops attack helicopter was shooting but it did damage to its self
Bashar690 Nov 18, 2020 @ 7:25am 
Shooting with it was crazy fun. Littrally I flew with that like 30 mins straight.:steamhappy:
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Strange disclaimer - we use littlebirds... While playing gta v
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dosn't work
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Check your Mods what conflict with it
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i cant get the COALITION helicopters any more they only spawn german tanks FIX IT NOW! >:(
🇨 🇳▬★▬ Jun 24, 2020 @ 8:26am 
It's like this. About the end of last week, I witnessed the players' team as the main attack force on the ground. They were unable to cope with the zombie boss. I wonder if we can increase the attack helicopter in the current air units all day long. I believe that according to the performance of the original bird helicopter, we can create a helicopter Come on, it will be great, and it can help ground players to attack or rescue new players. If necessary, it can also be converted into main attack. I think Apache's model is very good:cozyspaceengineersc::cozyspaceengineersc::cozyspaceengineersc:。At the end, I really appreciate the excellent model made by the author. It's exciting. Let's drink to the approval of this vehicle!!
🇨 🇳▬★▬ Jun 24, 2020 @ 8:18am 
Since I paid attention to your work, this helicopter module has surprised and excited me. I'll bet that it has better flight performance than the bird helicopter in the real world. It can achieve excellent performance in terms of mobility, which is much better than almost all the helicopters at present. For now, it's just a reconnaissance helicopter. I just got the news. The administrator said that there are some methods in the server for players to attack on the ground that are not ideal, so as a recommender. There are now new requests:steamhappy::steammocking::cozyspaceengineersc:
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do these spawn in the worlds?