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Real Great People (UI)
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Apr 7, 2017 @ 6:47am
Nov 22, 2020 @ 12:14pm
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Real Great People (UI)

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New version 4.0 as of 22.11 - Updated for Babylon Pack and added Linux support.

Adds pictures of the real Great People to the game. Improved Great People window.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, Hero Mode, CQUI, Concise UI. Language independent.

Mod features:
- Pictures of the real Great People. Contains all Great People (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below), a total of 203 icons.
- GP progress is shown for all civs and sorted by turns to get the GP.
- Prophets are not in the middle of the window anymore, so the annoying space when they're all recruited is gone :)
- Previously Recruited page allows for filtering by GP class or civ.
- Pictures also appear in the Civilopedia (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below).

1. Please note that the mod does NOT add any new Great People. These are pictures of GPs that are available in the base game only (inc. Timur and F.Magellan from R&F).
2. Please also note that there are no pictures for Comandante Generals as they do not appear in the Great People window. However, if somebody is willing to prepare the pictures so they would be displayed in the Civilopedia, then I'd be happy to add them into the mod.
3. There is no picture of Himerios - couldn't find any credible visualization of him.

Sun Ce of Wu - for Great Prophets
SeelingCat - for Great Writers
DemonEmperor - for Great Generals
Desertmoongw - for Great Artists
natchuy - for Great Merchants
Gabrielino77 - for Great Scientists
The mod originally used a slightly tweaked Great People Window from Chao's CQUI.
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Moyocoya Jan 23 @ 8:53pm 
Wow ! Brilliant thinking Dr Meda !
You're probably right.
I was misslead by the fact that I've never seen AI players building a grants project for 4,500+ hours of Civ6...
Maybe it is an AI modification of january update ? Or maybe I am not this watchdfull after all.
meda22 Jan 23 @ 9:30am 
@Moyocoya And are you sure that these points aren't coming from finished project (for example research grants)? Because when project is finished, one can see a spike in points count in GP screen for that one turn. But it should go back to "normal" amount of points next turn - of course if no other project is completed :)
Moyocoya Jan 23 @ 8:00am 
Hi Infixo !

Using your mod for a long time, I lately noticed something pretty weird which appeared during atomic era : from time to time an AI player gets a lot of extra great people points per turn, great people points of two kinds in fact (e.g. great engineer/great scientist), just during one turn, as if he adopted policies like invention, laissez-faire or other great people endgame policies for only one turn.

By the way if this is curious indeed, I witnessed as well AI getting those extra points without having the proper civic needed, which should be impossible.

This is of course unexpected and looks like a vanilla bug, since those policies have been changed in the january update... and your mod is only an UI mod as far as I know. But it's better to ask than to ignore.
Did you noticed the same bug ?
Laurana Kanan Jan 20 @ 3:28am 
@NuDDen - Yes.
NuDDen Jan 19 @ 4:51pm 
@infixo Is this mod compatible with "Magnum Opus - Great Person Adjustments"?
mikegus Jan 13 @ 3:45pm 
Love this but Himerios (Great Admiral) has no picture.
Bear Jan 1 @ 4:30pm 
But is there Hitler?
chenkai_dong Dec 31, 2020 @ 6:55pm 
Narnyay Dec 26, 2020 @ 4:52pm 
does this mod still work?
Posadrian Dec 13, 2020 @ 11:21am 
I really loved the mod, thanks!.