The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Play as Samael, the fallen angel of death.

Samael is a melee character who primarily attacks using a scythe by tapping any direction. Holding a direction allows you to charge up a projectile for the situations in which you need one. In either case, dealing damage charges up Samael’s pocket active “Malakh Mot”, which when used will allow you to briefly assume an intangible “wraith form” along with increased melee attack speed, allowing you to get a flurry of melee attacks in even against bosses that are difficult to approach.

2.0/Repentance Update

Now updated to his 2.0 version for Repentance, Samael features a slew of enhancements over his original release. Bugfixes, visual improvements, and perhaps most importantly: Many more unique item synergies! (That is to say, this version actually HAS unique synergies now.) His core gameplay has remained the same, but has been rebalanced and reworked under the hood.

Backwards Compatibility

Samael 2.0 should be backwards compatible with AB+. However, some small features may either be disabled or not work as well (such as slight cosmetic or functionality downgrades). There’s also probably a handful of bugs that I didn’t find when testing the backwards compatibility. The character is functional at the very least. I highly recommend trying out Repentance if you can, however!

Bug Reporting/Contact

If you’ve found some kind of bug or compatibility issue (such as a conflict with another mod), please let me know. For major bugs you can contact me directly via Twitter DM, email, or Discord. Comments or discussion threads on this workshop page are completely fine as well, but I may not notice them as quickly. Please don’t add me as a friend on Steam, as I do not use it for chatting.

Discord: Connor#2143

Feel free to also reach out if you have any serious inquiries related to Samael.

I also have a list of known bugs/issues here that I’ll try to maintain:

Personal Note

Samael was first released way back in early 2017 in the earlier days of Isaac modding. Due to personal reasons my interest in Isaac tapered off quickly, but part of me always regretted abandoning this character. Repentance reinvigorated my interest in this game, and I finally had the motivation to come back and rework this character, and bring him up to a higher quality standard that I can feel proud of again. For those of you who were waiting for Samael to be compatible with Repentance from day one, I apologize for the wait. Doing this update at this scale helped feel like resolving some unfinished business for me, which is a big reason as to why I did not want Samael to even be playable in Repentance until I felt good about the state of the character again. Of course there is also the factor that unlike when I first made this character, I now have a full time job and other such obligations. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!

Additional Credits

Promotional art drawn by Tealx:

Special Thanks: Springboi

Tainted Samael When?

Work in progress! Stay tuned :)


> Samael doesn't have his Scythe.

There was most likely an error on run start which caused the code that handles Samael's scythe to not run. Check the in-game console or the logs found at "<My Documents>\My Games\Binding of Isaac Repentance\log.txt". Errors should be highlighted in the log, possibly indicating which mod threw the error. Reach out if you need help. It is almost certainly an compatability issue with another mod that I can fix.

> The game crashes when I hit an enemy!

This has come up multiple times and seems to be due to someone using the old version of the mod on Repentance. Usually also indicates someone not running a legitimate copy of the game via Steam. You can download the updated version of this mod from here as well, but I may forget to push further updates to it right away:
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Stewie_t3h_Janit0r 23 hours ago 
Awesome, thank you!
Ghostbroster Connor  [author] Jul 2 @ 6:12am 
Currently Birthright just extends the duration of Malakh Mot's wraith form, nothing too significant.

I'm planning on adding a more interesting birthright effect in a future patch
Stewie_t3h_Janit0r Jul 1 @ 11:09pm 
Been using Samael since mods were a thing in Isaac! One of the best custom characters out there!

I just unlocked Birthright today and I was wondering - does it work with Samael?
Ghostbroster Connor  [author] Jun 10 @ 2:59pm 
Tainted version and unlocks will be coming in a future update. No ETA yet though, these things take time and I don't get a lot of time to sit down and work on it.

But yes, whenever all that is finished it will be pushed as an update to this mod, so the update will be automatic.
Prototyger Jun 10 @ 9:19am 
anybody knows anything about tainted version? if i sub for this mod it will update automaticly?
Gibby Jun 3 @ 8:06pm 
Does this character have any unique unlocks?
Gaz May 25 @ 1:12pm 
@sleepyboi983 how do you get things back with debug console??
innameonly May 23 @ 2:20pm 
half alive and drunk May 15 @ 6:17am 
the man himself
Mnichii May 9 @ 6:26am 
will Samael have any unlockables?