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Mar 31, 2017 @ 5:32am
Oct 12 @ 2:47am
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Add some life to your base with a variety of plant placeables. Adds new feats for crafting small plants and larger trees.

Includes Landscaping feat with recoloured sandstone pieces and larger rocks.

Recipes are crafted from the Garden Bed workstation.


Midnight Grove Thorn Thickets added to Trees

Using IDs in the 99000 - 99220 range
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Erik Nov 12 @ 8:39am 
Thx for your responce strange thing is i did craft the garden bed but there were no craftables. After restarting the server several times they did show up on the garden bed so everything is working properly atm again thx.
Piankhi Nov 11 @ 7:52pm 
I.E. Items like the Lemurian Foundation Gold is hand crafted. Gold Walls come from the Garden Bed, etc.
Piankhi Nov 11 @ 7:51pm 
Ah. First you need to get one of the Gardener Feats. These can only be found in the full feats Search list (right tab). Type into the search box: "Garden Bed", and the 5 feats which can teach you this recipe will be displayed. To craft a lot of the plants, you need to build the Garden Bed workstation. Other items are hand crafted. Not sure if everything can be found, I haven't tried to test it fully.
Erik Nov 11 @ 2:44am 
Here is my mod list - 440900\880454836/Pippi.pak

in admin I can see all of the craftables except there isn't any place to craft them. Is there a craft station for this mod if so then the conflict is with the game itself.
Piankhi Nov 10 @ 7:34pm 
@Erik Give you full modlist please. You may have conflicts.
Erik Nov 10 @ 5:50pm 
I have all feats enabled but i don't see any craftables on any bench or character. I can see all of the craftables this mod offers using admin. Please take a look it this issue.
Rycoviac Nov 4 @ 10:54am 
Can you please check the placeables like Landscape Foundation? Seems they cant be placed atm.
gpcstargate Oct 29 @ 11:50am 
@ lenny
There is an issue with this and ** The Age of Calamitous ** you two are using the same ID# that he is using for some of his Curved Stairs and you are using for Root Vines and some flowers.
I just .. lost all my stairs when I used .. Pickup+.. to move them .. they turned into Root Vines.
I could NOT Figure why I had Gardener plants in a chest and then I noticed I had NO Stairs or rails.
Now .. I hope this works .. But I just Moved ** The Age of Calamitous ** under yours .. in the hopes .. that it will overwrite the Vines and the flowers ..
SO I won't have to remake everything.
Hopefully you and Espen .. can get together on this and get it worked out. Thank you
Other than that .. Have a great day ... the Old Gamer .. :steamhappy:
gpcstargate Oct 29 @ 6:59am 
@ Nullcoda
You can turn Off Feed thralls and pets in the Admin .. which I have done .. so far it is working on SP and it should also work for MP.
Just a thought
gpcstargate Oct 29 @ 6:55am 
Just wanted to say Thank you for the Mod .. Just installed it last night .. and it does work well and Fixes most everything that the ** Limits of Clearing takes away **
AND ... I'm One that Hates *Limits of Clearing*
But Conan is not as Bad with Limits of Clearing .. AS .. Empyrion is .. God they need Major Help.
Anyway .. Thank you and keep it up ... the Old Gamer .. :steamhappy:
PS: Maybe a few more Green top big palms would be nice .. just a thought .. thanks again