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Frontline Map Collection
This is the collection of maps for the Frontline! Community Project. The cosmetic items (and weapons) have been moved to a separate collection in order to reduce the size of both collections.

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Items (44)
Delivery (Version 2, WIP)
Created by Ducky Quackington
Set in a run-down town in the middle of a valley, you must deliver the intelligence to the jeep on the other side of the map!

Delivery is a reverse capture the flag map based on the old Team Fortress Classic maps. The map is still work in progress, so t...
Created by GuttyKreum
A new Frontline! ( ) themed A/D map aimed at 6v6 play.

cp_haddou RC2! (Nov.16th)


-Added a second exit from the Blu spawn to help prevent choking hazards.

-Reduced cap time on first point by 10 seconds.

-Removed ...
Churchtown (Arena)
Created by Kabanos
This is Churchtown in Arena game mode. Have fun!

Original Churchtown (KOTH)

Please comment any suggestions.

Frontline model pack:

Thanks Frontline Team for am...
CP: Skyhigh
Created by ploomutizzle
High above the clouds is an Airborne Military Fortress, known as Skyhigh. This map features all sorts of fun mechanics and was made for the Frontline Project.

Floating Helicopter-Platforms, Murderous Mini-Zepplins and the classic Land Mines can be found...
Frontline! - cp_olus_v2
Created by Araya
My submission to the Frontline! Community Update.

This is the second version of cp_olus. It looks like a very different map because the previous one had too many flaws that were fixed on this one.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Old cp_olus versio...
Created by AsG_Alligator
Current version of the map: Beta 1.1

IMPORTANT: This map requires Frontline Supply Drop v1.1 or higher
I packed the files in since people wanted it. So enjoy a 300MB 65MB map file.

Please welcome my first submission...
Created by Muddy
Fight over a fountain. A really, really nice fountain.

Kemptown is a standard King of the Hill map set in the heart of a war-torn English city. Capture and hold the central control point, perched on top of a fountain, for three minutes to win.

Created by megastorm
Current Version: Beta 3
KOTH_Arches is a map made by me for the frontline community.
It is set near the ocean where red and blu fight over a point to gain control of the land.
Please let me know what you think, I am pretty sure that there are problems in t...
Created by basilhs333
A Frontline Themed Map!
Its A Snowy Theme Map.
Discover The Secrets That This Map Holds And Try to Cap All The Points From Their Base!
the map Encludes Many But Many Exploding Barrels , Mines And More. but dont step on them....
TF2 Remake of the extremely popular Day of Defeat map Argentan !

Gamemode : 5CP "Cap&Hold" : The first team to capture all 5 capture points (flags) in any order wins !

Features :
-Dynamic cap points (animated color-changing flags)
-Mines !
PL Chwagau(alpha)
Created by Thatbrownmonster
This is my first Team fortress 2 map,soo don't expect anything perfect,my main exprience is with counter stricke global ofensive maps.

The map takes place in a small city in germany,where the blue team has camped in a old factory,the red team has taken ...
Created by GuttyKreum
Now an official 4s map in the TFCL:

A big 'Thank you!' to all those who have been helping test and those who have been commenting and rating.

This map has been made for the "Frontline!" Community Effort.

A Frontline! themed ...
CTF 2Villa
Created by Don'tAsk4470
Vaguely Frontline themed map.
Capture the Flag, in a villa.
That's about it, really.

TF2Maps link
Created by {HoHs}◂iSlime▸
Don't just tell the people about the war, bring it straight to 'em!

This is a king of the hill map made specifically for frontline. This will require that you have the assets in order for the map to function properly.

I made this map in about a week...
PL Champany
Created by Don'tAsk4470
Frontline themed map.
Push the tank so it can blow up RED's booze stash.
Oh, it also shoots rockets.

TF2Maps Link :
Created by ๖lucia
pl_shortbeach is a frontline themed single-staged-payload beach map.
This map could still be polished alot. But i just don't bother anymore.
This is my first ever TF2 Map. So it might be unbalanced or no fun.

There is a glitch with the train. But it d...
Created by thirteen
A PLR map, where you push the tank to destroy the other team's boat.

The tank however is a little over powered. When it fires, dont be standing in front of it.... or next to it... or behind it.

The boats each take 3 shots before they will sink and y...
Created by erindigr
Frontline themed map....
Created by basilhs333
A Frontline Themed Map!
Its A Snowy Theme Map.
Discover The Secrets That This Map Holds And Try to Steal The Enemy Intel From Their Base!
the map Encludes Many But Many Exploding Barrels , Mines And More. but dont step on them.

Also If you Want to Test It...
Roaring Flame A8
Created by PC's_Frank
Stately. Dignified. Divine. An awe-inspiring testament to the blessings of creation. This is what one could call the Roaring Flame Plateaus of the Badlands before the white man showed up. After decades of strip mining for gravel and other precious minerals...
Bunker Buster
Map without the props packed inside of it:

In this map you have to invade RED's bunkers and destroy the cores inside of them.
Optionaly you can capture points that...
Created by Sntr
At 0330, a covert assault unit of BLU soldiers infiltrate a village residing along Fisher's Shore, known for its prized canned fish and other seaside goods.

Intel has revealed that hidden in this village, is an ammunition factory controlled by RED to supp...
Koth_ZeBunker [A9X]
Created by Triiodine ✇
I honestly don't know what to put here.
It's a koth map born out of frontline and the 72hour Jam.

Monday, August 8th, 20:19 - [A9X]

Updated the map due to popular demand. Interior section is now textured, but relatively barren. The trenches are now fully...
Oakvale (KOTH)
Created by Jeddyk
this is a map im making for the frontline update and its still in development , this is the beta stage but i would like to get some feedback with it

Hope you guys enjoy the map as i am enjoying making it...
Collision Route
Created by Midlou
CTF Collision Route é um mapa no tema proposto pelo update da comunidade Frontline.

Modo de jogo: Capturar a bandeira (Intel)

Note que este mapa está em fase de testes e futuros updates podem acontecer.

Map By: Midlou
Custom Content: [url=http://...
404 Info Not Found...
Created by PEAR
made for the 72 hours mapping jam ;)...
Bombtown [72hr]
Created by AlexCookie
Capture the flag map in the frontline theme.
Made for the 72 hour jam in 72 hours.

To play type "map workshop/732379555" in game console (Without quotation marks).
And don't forget to rate!

Created by Halcyon
A player destruction map oringinally created for the 72hr summer jam.

"Collect fuel cans and take them to the tunnel to blow it open and get the supplies to the frontlines!!!"

Blu and Red must work together to blow open the tunnel so supplies can be ...
Drought (pl_drought_a11)
Created by Arthur War
"Ever wanted to fight in land so dry that the blood evaporates before it hits the dirt? No? Too bad, that's what the draft is for. Don't ask about the river, it's probably not water."


This map is currently in Alpha. If you have any sugg...
Created by bakscratch
Payload Race map in the frontline theme, Made for the 72 hour jam.

Escort the cart full of priceless art to your helicopters to win!

If you want to play the map -
Open Console and type: "map workshop/731560565"...
Created by UEAKCrash
A king of the hill map in the Frontline! theme.

Created for the 2016 Summer 72hr TF2Jam!

Play this and Shoreleave @

Custom assets by the Frontline team.[]

To load this map in single ...
Created by Kabanos
Churchtown is back! I am sorry for being lazy for so long but there you have it ! New better version of Churchtown. Few new things was added. Check it out!

Please comment any suggestions.

Frontline model pack:

Thanks Frontl...
Created by [SPQR] Zack's!
koth_conquest it's a map i made for the frontline community project,
there is still some work to do but most of the map is done....
Created by TheApplebone64
I have made a map for the Frontline update called: ctf_2base

This map require the: Frontline_supply_drop_1.0 / Frontline content.
I have packed the files tho to feedback!

Enjoy the map...
Created by lime
This is my entry for Frontline, it is a WIP remake of the TFC map Avanti.
The gamemode has been converted from Classic CP to Payload.

Please comment any balance and gameplay suggestions

Thank you to the amazing modellers and texture artists at Front...
The Towers
Created by j0n4f1r3
Map "The Towers" for Frontline! Community Project
Made by J0N4F1R3

(Sorry for the white bars on the prints)...
FrontLine Game Jam Alpha pl_Pacific
Created by Daddy Tryhard
Points 1 and 2 outlined, not detailed
Feedback Welcome!...
ctf battle camp {72 hr}
Created by S1Dnax
my first tf2 map made for the 2016 Summer 72hr TF2Jam!
alternative link
First Fort (1Fort) | Frontline Community Map
Created by Extra Beefy Soup
I started, but never finished, making this map before the frontline community update was even revealed. This is the most basic version with minimal textures, lighting and props. It's playable but it may not be balanced. I am planning on adding the frontlin...
CP_LongFort A2
Created by lambda_fallout125
submitting my first (actual wip) frontline map Longfort!

"a symetrical 3 control point map, set on a secret testing facility in on a island in the middle of the antlantic, the two teams must fight it out across the island to secure it's experimental techn...
Wartorn Canyon
Created by d4tsoldiersaspy
A map made for the KOTH game mode.

This map was made for the Frontline! Community Project....
Created by Berry
Welcome to sunny Mochville; beautiful views, hills that do not have bombs being dropped on them, and cheap house costs (for some reason)!

It's a Frontline/Alpine Arena 2CP arena map, currently in beta 4 after a few months testing within the TF2Maps comm...
No Mann's Land (A1) (5CP)
A rather casual and depressing 5CP map created for the "Frontline!" Community Effort.

Most walls are climbable. Walk towards the wall and jump. You'll get the hang of it.

Planned Improvements
-Improved visuals
-More visibility
-More dug-outs
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