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Black Mesa - Improved Xen v0.4.1
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Mar 29, 2017 @ 6:01pm
Apr 17, 2017 @ 6:55am
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Black Mesa - Improved Xen v0.4.1

Bad news: The last two updates of Black Mesa do not contain Gonarch as an unfinished npc (npc_gonarch). I do not know why BM DEVS made the decision to remove it, but apparently before the official release of Xen it will not be returned. This completely clears the chapter "Gonarch's lair" from the battle with him.
I just recently repaired his work in the December update and then it was deleted in the next update, which is a shame, since I do not know how to release an update to Improved Xen without Gonarch.
It seems that you will see the official release of Xen faster without seeing v0.5.

At the moment, the mod works correctly with the halloween-update(cu4)

This mod adds Xen to the game Black Mesa, based on locations from the original Half-Life. It is not the official version of Xen and does not apply to Crowbar Collective developers. Mod does not need the previous versions v0.1, v0.11 and v0.4
In this version there is a gonarch, the battle with Nihilanth is improved and more elaborate geometry environment.

Please note, the mod was updated to v.0.4.1
Various changes have been made and the bug "Bad inline model number #" has been fixed.
And the transition from the Lambda Core to Xen was added.

How to install a mod:

Open the text file "gameinfo.txt" located in Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\
And find the data lines:
game+mod bms/bms_textures.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_materials.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_models.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_misc.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_sounds_misc.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_sound_vo_english.vpk
game+mod bms/bms_maps.vpk

Before the first line, add the following line:
game+mod |all_source_engine_paths|../../workshop/content/362890/894282258/BMS/improved_xen.vpk

Or you can just copy the gameinfo.txt from Steam\steamapps\/workshop/content/362890/894282258/BMS/ to the Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\
Also you can download it from here

For more information and installation methods, see the documents attached to the mod folder (located in Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/362890/894282258/)

The mod is supported by just one person, so I hope you will not criticize my work too much. This work took about a year of my life) In any case, I'm happy with the support of subscribers.
Most likely the modification will be broken after the official release of Xen chapters due to changes in the source code of Black Mesa. But on this I will not give up the support of the mod, even if in the opinion of some this work will not seem actual.
This is a good opportunity to look at the original locations in a new way.

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You Must be opted into the Halloween Update
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I followed all the instruction, I've read the description, when I load the Xen chapter in New Chapters, it just won't load and force close, can anyone help?

I've tried load it from console, but it just the same, force close