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Star Wars Roleplay Map

Map Lore:
After the destruction of the original Rishi moon outpost, the Republic decided to improve on its outer Kamino defences by placing a permanent military base on the moon's surface. To avoid previous mistakes, the base was fortified, garrisoned, and prepared for a long-term stay.
Also, recent discovery of Kyber Crystals on the moon, led to a permanent establishment of a Jedi Temple near the military base, further strengthening the Republic presence in the Sector.
**Please note, this lore is completely fan based, if you don't like it, feel free to change it**

Map features:

* Dark themed map

* Exterior terrain for events, patrols, you name it.

* Large military base containing:
- 12 barracks
- Cantina with a cinema, showers and toilets
- MedBay building
- Shooting range
- Cadet spawn
- Trainer barracks
- Big training ground with toggleable platforms
- 4 underground training rooms accessible by elevators
- 4 landing pads for LAATs or shuttles
- 4 small landing pads for fighters
- 2 Hangars/Garages
- Underground hangar for important ships like a shuttle
- Base gate, perimeter walls
- HQ
- Large area in front of HQ with a speaker platform for briefings.

* The HQ containing:
- Lobby
- Theory training room
- Prison with a control room, cells, rayshield entrance and a military court room
- Officer meeting room
- Command Tower with alarm, gate and hangar controls.
- Upper level with 6 offices
- Underground level with a hangar and a reactor
- Toggleable reactor with a control room and a small storage room

* Jedi Temple containing:
- Large Hangar
- Central Staircase
- Living quarters with 2 meditation rooms and 8 living rooms
- A training dojo, that can be transformed into 3 seperate rooms
- Jedi library with a holocron vault
- Jedi theory training room
- Jedi Council room with exterior windows overlooking the map

Extra info:
- The Cadet spawn has a rayshield that is openable only from the outside (They love to run away)
- The reactor can be shut down to turn off all lights in the base, after a second, auxillary power will kick in with emergency lights leading from the reactor to the HQ entrance
- You can open the gate from the control panel near it, or from the Command Tower
- You can open the underground hangar from either the hangar itself or the Command Tower
- You can toggle extra platforms on the training ground with a control panel on the wall.
- You can open/close the windows in Jedi Councill romm with a button next to the doors.
- The wall is accesible from multiple ladders.
- The fluorescent lights/windows in the Jedi Temple are ment for an illusion of sunlight.
- To turn the shower on, just press on the columns (You can add shower props yourself, just push them behind the button)
- The shooting range has 3 button modes - 2-seconds / 1-second / 0.1-1second random. Each session lasts 20 seconds.
- There is NO furniture on the map, decorate it as you see fit.
- The cells can be opened both from the control room and using buttons next to cells.
- Each button on the map has a 3 second cooldown to avoid spam.
- Elevator doors and reactor cores will kill to avoid player stuck.

Map creator: Big Mac
Map commission, project and design: Cody Evans and Uesto
Jedi Temple Materials: KingPommes
Extra materials: Statua and Lord Tyler

Without the materials made by the creators of Kamino and JEDIvsSITH this map could not have been made. Thank you for such an excellent work KingPommes, Statua and Lord Tyler!

This map was commissioned and made for Crimson Gaming StarWarsRP server.

This map is no longer in development.


Tags: Star Wars , Clone Wars , Rishi , Moon , Map , Crimson , Military Base , Jedi Temple , Night

© Copyright 2017 Crimson Gaming, Big Mac, Uesto and Cody Evans
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soap Aug 5 @ 10:20am 
This map is great
Wrex Jul 29 @ 7:54am 
Also Where Can I Get These Textures
Wrex Jul 28 @ 2:30pm 
When someone dies they dont re spawn normally
Francis Kevinski Jul 28 @ 2:33am 
vmf free ?
fhhjsb Jul 27 @ 9:39am 
there are missing textures and i need help! :steamsad:
Winks1638 Jul 13 @ 5:06pm 
@Delta-118 Yes it does. I'm speaking from experience as an EM who has used this map on CWRP servers
Delta-118 Jul 13 @ 3:09pm 
Does this map have AI nodes? They aren't mentioned in the description.
RETROWAV3 DMC Jun 25 @ 5:39pm 
theres alot of missing textures in this map such as in the jedi temple and alot of other areas is there anything i can do to fix it?
[NGN] OxiCLightning [SM] Jun 19 @ 4:49pm 
what is the map name my server cant find it
Super Jun 7 @ 8:43pm 
TheMarek Just spawn a fog editor and set the end to the max, that should remove the fog.