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You can also pay me for commissions or to protect maps
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                                                    Friend Requests
Please LEAVE A COMMENT with a descriptive reason. I also delete people I do not talk to anymore. Feel free to re- add me if you feel it wasnt justified.

                                    Getting your maps decompile protected
I protect your maps against decompiling. A decompiled .vmf of your protected map will no longer be usable while ingame experience is not touched. Example: download []

                                                   Comission work

First of all when leaving a comment about commission work, please tell me what its about!

Most commission work Ive done is within the following topics:
- Star Wars Vehicles
- Roleplay Maps (Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter)
- Other Modelwork

                                      Editing, copying, reuploading Content
You can NOT edit my addons, copy content from them or use assets (models, textures etc).
My modelpacks can howevver be used to create other content (non-commercial only).
In that case dont repack the content but add my modelpacks as required content.

Contrary to popular belief content uploaded to the workshop does NOT belong to everyone! If you upload something you MUST be the original creator of have permission from said creator.

"In particular, with respect to Workshop Contributions, you represent and warrant that the Workshop Contribution was originally created by you"
Steam Subscriber Agreement Section 6D

Furthermore this is also mentioned in the Garry's mod Workshop Rules []
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nimphi Oct 12 @ 3:56pm 
Added to ask about door models, Lord Trilobite referred me.
yort Sep 30 @ 5:47am 
Hey, I'm currently looking a mapper to make a unique custom Jedi v Sith map, and I came across you. I've seen your work and it looks great! I've added you and wish to speak to you if you're interested. Thank you :)
Ricky Sep 24 @ 11:09am 
Hello Mr. Pommes i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions? Shouldnt take too long of your times.
If you could get back to me soon, that would be great! thanks!
Longshot133 Sep 19 @ 9:36pm 
would you be interested in doing some Halo models? both props and weapons (only models unless you want to do weapons)?
mbuckberg Sep 14 @ 6:17am 
Can you get back to me when you are able to make maps?
KingPommes Sep 14 @ 4:44am 
Currently fully backed up only available for small model commissions sorry :)