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Survival Setup and Basics - Video guides to key concepts in Space Engineers survival mode
By Splitsie
This is a collection of brief video guides on survival in Space Engineers. The videos are targeted at new players wanting some help in getting into a survival scenario on planets.

Follow along with the videos to get my tips on how to start up a survival game on planets. Including your first hand-drilling, building your first atmospheric flying miner and some useful upgrades to your mining ship and base. We'll even get out of the atmosphere and start mining asteroids!
Getting Started in Survival: Day 1
This tutorial covers everything from landing in your pod, finding some ore and getting your basic assembler and refinery up and running

Building Your First Mining Ship
With basic production set up we now need more minerals, time to build a simple yet effective mining ship to get those resources

Power Systems
Using flying vehicles can be taxing on your power generators, in this tutorial we take a look at ways to generate power, how to transfer power to batteries and common pitfalls for newer players with power systems and the cleanup tool.

Wheels and Rovers
In this tutorial for Space Engineers we'll be building a wheeled vehicle to carry our mining ship to and from the mining sites. We might also do a few tricks with it just to show off ;)

Piston based drilling rigs, and avoiding clang of course
In this part we take a look at how to use pistons to attach a drilling rig directly to our base to aid in the collection of basic resources while saving a lot of power.
Going to Space
This tutorial covers how to build a ship to get to space using hydrogen thrusters in a relatively efficient manner. I also show some tips on how to find and collect resources in space and return them to earth safely.

Refineries, Assemblers and Upgrades
This tutorial covers the use of upgrade modules and goes through some of the benefits of upgrading from your basic assembler and refinery

Rotors and Hangar Doors
It's now time to learn about rotors and to do that we'll take a look at one of the most common uses for them - hangar doors

Below here is my older series of beginner tutorials
I've left these as part of the guide until I've completed the remake of the whole series. Most of the things I built will still work, but since uranium is no longer on planets just replace any reactors with extra batteries to ensure you have adequate power :)
Setting up for Survival
A guide to what settings you should use for your first survival experience.
Finding Your Ore - Landing on a planet and setting up your first mining operation
This video walks you through my techniques for efficiently finding ore and setting up your first hand drilling operation.
Your First Flying Miner
This video covers the construction of your first mining ship, planetary mining is actually easiest with a flying machine so we cover what's needed to get one up and operational.
Improving Your Miner With Ejectors
In this video we go through how to add ejectors to your miner to deal with all that excess stone, saving you weight for the ore you're after.
Rovers (Wheeled Vehicles), Remote Controls and Cameras
In this tutorial we go through the basics of creating a wheeled rover in Space Engineers. To keep things interesting we also learn how to use basic remote controls both while in the vehicle and over antennae.
Getting to Space from a Planet/Using Hydrogen Thrusters to Reach Orbit
This video covers building a ship that will be able to get from the surface of a planet all the way up into orbit/space from the surface of a large planet.
Building Your First Base
This video focuses on the necessities for your first planetary base.

In addition to the video I have uploaded the world file with the completed base to the workshop if you want a closer look
Dragon Rider May 30 @ 5:11am 
All hail our lord and savior, Splitsie
Vaxxstab Dec 4, 2022 @ 4:38am 
I just bought SE a week or so ago to give it a spin after some friends recommended it, and these videos helped a lot getting the basics down before experimenting more on my own. Thanks for the guides Splitsie!
StoneTiger Aug 20, 2022 @ 5:40pm 
THank you very much for making this. I just got SE and I was scratching my head on where to start
sindar58 Aug 19, 2021 @ 8:30pm 
It's been years since I've played .. needed help to figure out things .. Awesome guide .. thks :))
Teklor Jun 3, 2021 @ 7:06am 
Massive help to learn the basics and get started. Thanks a bunch for this :)
BIV Nov 25, 2020 @ 11:53pm 
Hey thanks for this series of tutorials they helped me out so much. I've been wanting to play SE for a while but am too dumb do do so on my own so I jumped on utube and tried various contibuters but they were either just trying the game for the first time themselves or were incoherent etc. Your tut's are clear, laid out with expainations and for the big one... no inbreed accent. It took me a while to figure you are Aussie too. So cheers for all the help it has opend up hours of creating and getting stupid. Later, :)
Whack it and hope Nov 13, 2020 @ 2:10pm 
Been watching these through and loving them. Not been playing long and these really helped me get started. :steamhappy:
Killjoy May 13, 2020 @ 4:25pm 
Thanks Splitsie. I've been a long-time fan of your videos. One thing I would really love to see is some insight into how you plan your bases and ships as I seem to have a mental block on being able to conceptualize how things are coming together. I have a scenario where I can see the potential for a great base, but I have no idea how to effectively start working towards this.
Splitsie  [author] Mar 11, 2020 @ 3:39am 
You're very welcome :)
TracyJay Mar 10, 2020 @ 6:55am 
Been using your guides...and, imho, they need to be part of the tutorial. Thanks, Splitsie.