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How To Run the PhysX Benchmark Tool in Borderlands 2
By Forkinator
This guide will show you the PhysX Benchmark Tool and how to get it running on your game. For some reason Gearbox added this benchmark tool a while ago in a patch and never released a way for the end user to use it. It is not complete, as in it does not monitor your fps and give you end results. To do so in game, read on.

Borderlands 2 Physx Benchmark Enabler


This Video will show you the Borderlands 2 Physx Benchmark Tool
(Running on Physx setting = High).

For intructions on How to install, Read everything carefully below. The process is pretty simple. First we need to disable the "say" feature only when the console is open which essentially enables the full functioning console. Without disabling it, when you type "open benchmark" your character will just say "open benchmark" so we need to disable this while the console is open. afterwards we just enable the console by giving it a key binding.

To disable "say" in console

1.Download Hex Workshop 6.8(latest version as of this video(link below) and install it. ( for this tutorial, you do not need to restart your PC after installation)

Hex Workshop Dropbox Download []

2.Browse to your Borderlands 2.exe file. Usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32

3.Make a backup of your Borderlands2.exe file by right clicking the file, and selecting copy. Now paste it into any folder but remember where it is in case you want to revert these changes.

4.Right click on Borderlands2.exe and select "Hex Edit with Hex Workshop" A big scary window with lots of number will pop up. Take deep breaths, This is a lot easier than you think it will be.

5.Go to Edit at the top, Find, and make sure Hex Value is selected for the box "Type" Now search this hex value 83C40C85C0751A6A

6.Now you will see it highlight a few values. The value we want to change is under ROW 1E(EDIT: Row numbers can change, look at image below). The VALUE we want to change is C0. Change "C0" to "FF" by clicking on the number and typing FF. Just to know you are in the right spot, There is an 85 to the left of C0 and a 75 to the right of it. Only change C0 to FF.

7.Almost done! Now go back to Edit, Find and this time you want to select "Text String" as the "Type". Now in the same window, under "Options" select "Unicode String" and check the box for "Match Case"

8.Empty the content of the box "Value" and type in "say". This is Caps sensitive. Now you will see 73 00 61 00 79 00 hilighted.(Notice the word "s.a.y" highlighted in right pane"

9.We want to change the 3 values "73" "61 and "79" to all read "00" by clicking each box and typing 00 in each one.

10.Now after changing the values above, we can finally go to File and click Save. It will ask you if you want to make a backup. Just say yes. You can now exit the hex program.

Now we need to Enable the console in Borderlands 2.

11.To get this working, we have to do a very simple change in the config files. Navigate to the config files which are usually at C:\Users\Forkinator\Documents\My Games\borderlands 2\willowgame\Config

12.Open the files called "WillowInput.ini and press CTRL + F. Type in ConsoleKey and hit enter. you should see it highlight "ConsoleKey=" now to enable console, just type in the key you want to use. It should look like this if you want to use the ~ key to open console. ConsoleKey=Tilde

13.Save the file and exit.
All done!

In Game

13. Now just start up the game and at the main menu screen, press the console key you defined in WillowInput.ini. Type into console "open benchmark" and it will load the Physx Benchmark that Gearbox made for Borderlands 2.

You can do this with any map that has been defined and made. For a list of areas you can do this with, go to the thread at linked below

Se7ensins Thread []

For a List of console commands, Go back to your WillowInput.ini and scroll down to "Console". It will say something like

ManualAutoCompleteList=(Command="Stat FPS",Desc="Stat FPS (Shows FPS counter)")

For this example, "Stat FPS" is a command you can type into console to show fps. You can use this during the benchmark to see your fps.

The INI also gives info on what each command does.


I am not held responsible for any problems that may arise to your borderlands 2 game. If there are any problems, just take the backup Borderlands 2.exe you made and put it in your X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32 folder and overwrite the existing modified version.

Special Thanks

Shadowevil aka Craig for his awesome guide and development of the community patch he made for borderlands 2