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Mass Healing Potion
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Mar 5, 2017 @ 7:48am
Oct 26, 2020 @ 3:24pm
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Mass Healing Potion

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Mass Healing Potions

A very strong Healing Potions for high OP Servers

Heals your Dino & Character very fast

Mod is clean and stackable

But dont put it in the first Mod Order, when it is on top it will crash!!

Healing Amounts and cost of Potions

Little: 500000 Cost: 1000 Tintoberrys 1000 Amarberrys 1000 Azulberrys 1000 Mejoberrys

Medium: 1500000 Cost: 2000 Tintoberrys 2000 Amarberrys 2000 Azulberrys 2000 Mejoberrys

Large: 5000000 Cost: 3000 Tintoberrys 3000 Amarberrys 3000 Azulberrys 3000 Mejoberrys

Huge: 10000000 Cost: 4000 Tintoberrys 4000 Amarberrys 4000 Azulberrys 4000 Mejoberrys

Insane: 50000000 Cost: 5000 Tintoberrys 5000 Amarberrys 5000 Azulberrys 5000 Mejoberrys

Mod Id: 877596905


Little Mass Healing Potion: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MassHealingPotion/Healing/PrimalItemConsumable_Healing.PrimalItemConsumable_Healing'" 1 1 0

Medium Mass Healing Potion: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MassHealingPotion/Healing/PrimalItemConsumable_Healing2.PrimalItemConsumable_Healing2'" 1 1 0

Large Mass Healing Potion: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MassHealingPotion/Healing/PrimalItemConsumable_Healing3.PrimalItemConsumable_Healing3'" 1 1 0

Huge Mass Healing Potion: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MassHealingPotion/Healing/PrimalItemConsumable_Healing4.PrimalItemConsumable_Healing4'" 1 1 0

Insane Mass Healing Potion: cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MassHealingPotion/Healing/PrimalItemConsumable_Healing5.PrimalItemConsumable_Healing5'" 1 1 0

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brayn-eternall  [author] Oct 27, 2020 @ 8:28am 
youre welcome :)
Super Oct 27, 2020 @ 2:00am 
Thank you, you're a lifesaver
brayn-eternall  [author] Oct 26, 2020 @ 3:51pm 
The Mod is now updated i have tested it and everthing works fine now :)

@van Grunz
The Mod is updated maybe your Modded Titano is able to heal now :)
Super Oct 26, 2020 @ 9:44am 
The items just don't work unless I'm in my base, Maybe something else is causing it though I'm not sure. This seems to be affecting all other healing mods out there too.
brayn-eternall  [author] Oct 26, 2020 @ 7:23am 
oke thx for the info what exactly happend?
Super Oct 25, 2020 @ 12:16pm 
I don't know if you're still updating this, but the latest update broke it.
van Grunz Oct 24, 2020 @ 2:53pm 
Yes, the Titano is modded.

Thanks for the good ideas in developing. I think I'll test it some day long as I do not have a possibility to fast-heal my modded Titanos there's shure a lot of time to check out the alternatives...;-)

They really heal extremely slow with "vanilla" possibilities...
brayn-eternall  [author] Oct 24, 2020 @ 1:48pm 
@van Grunz
i have no idea why your titano becomes only 1 mio :( i have tested it and the 50 mio hp working on other dinos.
maybe its because its a modded titano but i dont know..

yeah maybe i create a bench for the potions thats a good idea :)
the bench becomes many slots and maybe i reduce the crafting costs for the potions so then it should be better :)
van Grunz Oct 24, 2020 @ 6:09am 
The Tek Dedicated Storages from SuperStructures give me 10,000 items per chest, my Tek Fabricator can hold 1,000 items. The player's inventory, however, is hard-limited to round-about 300 slots (with! hotbar, armour slots). That's too little. I don't like to use a stacking mod to get another mod working...sorry. ;-) The best way would be to make their blueprints available to Smithy/Fabricator/Replicator. Some mods have their own crafting station. But here, I think, 1,000 slots are the maximum.

Why it doesn't give 50 mio hp on the modded Titano I don't know. I only got 1.

Thanks for your answer. :-)
brayn-eternall  [author] Oct 23, 2020 @ 2:47pm 
@van Grunz
and for the crafting: with 10000 of every berrys you need much space yeah but its recommended to use a stack mod then you should have enough space