Portal 2

Portal 2

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2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Maping Super-Contest Entries
A collection which holds all the 2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Maping Super-Contest Entries. Good luck to everyone who entered!

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Created by ChickenMobile
You explore a vitrified area in old 1950's underground where you will stumble across an unexpected surprise...

Thank you moth, skotty, brainstone, iwork925 and everyone who tested!

Bugs: Speed Gel does not let you run fast enough to get to exit. I ha...
An Advanced Test Chamber
Created by DocWibbleyWobbley
You were simply testing when sudden events lead you to an advanced test chamber. Do you think you can cope with it?

-More white surfaces
-Better lighting
-Less unintended solutions...
Broken World 2
Created by narkfestmojo
Another episode of Broken World, not sure how many I'll make but I couldn't resist reusing my lifts with a little spit and polish. Took a lot longer then expected to produce this and I don't really know why, anyway, have fun.

All comments appreciated an...
Collateral Damage
Created by 󠀡
"I have to say, for the most well-known hacker on the leaderboards, I was impressed with this map"
- tanger2b



You will need to hold the Sc...
Created by antalH
#supercontest2012 SLOOGOVS

Difficulty: medium/hard
Use funnels and fling to reach the exit.
Feedback is appreciated

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He is about to kill you
Created by JW
He is not just a regular m*ron and he wants you dead.

2nd place in the Heavy-Duty Super-Mapping Super-Contest...
Learn to Fly
Created by Patches
This chamber is to test the different ways to fly. It also includes a new way to fly that involves an enhanced tractor beam.

#supercontest2012 Patches34...
[SP] Alternate
Created by The Detoxified Cat
I spent 1 week working on this map for the Thinking With Portals (www.thinkingwithportals.com) mapping competition. This is a medium difficulty map set in the reconstructing style. It contains custom voice files and textures. Have fun in this new Aperture ...
The Corrupted
Created by bubbles
!! Winner of the ThinkingWithPortals.com contest - 2012 !!

- It seems like you have lost your way to the closed testing area. Overtaken by destruction and beautiful foliage, but no need to worry! Luckily we can run the tests in a emergency and/or even i...
Rapid Effusion
Created by Mr. P. Kiwi
#supercontest2012 Mr. P. Kiwi

This map is a bit cheesy to be honest, but it's the best I could do in the 5 days I had to map this. I intend to add another "behind the scenes" part, eventually.
Anyway, this map is all about introducing the player to th...
Created by sickle
#supercontest2012 Sicklebrick

Spawn and destroy blocks to reconfigure the chamber and alter portal placement.
Hint: You can place portals on your blocks!
Otherhint: Stop asking about the gnome. If you find him, throw him at blocks to blow stuff up.
Map Contest 2012 Entry - Forcefields and Cubes
Created by Felix Griffin
Two new testing elements are introduced in this map: the Physics Repulsion Field, and the Portal Deflection Cube. Enjoy! This is my first released map, made quickly to beat the deadline. A more polished version is upcoming. Enjoy!

Also, props to you if ...
Color Me Rainbow and Spank Me Skyward v1.4
Created by Aomi
Map is now updated!

#supercontest2012 Shakky

This map consists of 3 smaller chambers and then middle ground and should offer a challenge even to the experienced players.

Size: Medium
Difficulty: Hard/Harder (2 endings)

Good luck! You will need...
Gamma Test 1
Created by Naulziator
Naulziator #supercontest2012 ChickenMobile

Gamma Test 1 - A map full of new textures to feast your eyes on. This map will change the ideal appearance of Portal 2 maps,
creating such colour that few have ever seen in a Portal game before....
Outskirts Testing
Created by LDZ4MR
A map made outside where there is fresh air.
And the sun shines in your face.
Ehm, probably not because it's cloudy.

This map was an entry in the contest: "Heavy-duty Super-mapping Super-contest"

#supercontest2012 eladiozro...
Ode To Turrets: "The Factory"
Created by Kaleido
Intro level to the eventual "Ode to Turrets" mappack. Built in 2 weeks for the Super-Mapping Super-Contest over at www.thinkingwithportals.com.
#supercontest2012 Kaleido
Revision #1: Bug fixes, a few details, etc.....
One Shot
Created by LoneWolf2056
#supercontest2012 LoneWolf2056

Single shot portal gun, easy difficulty...