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North London, Goblin and South London to Brighton 2015-16
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North London, Goblin and South London to Brighton 2015-16

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Goblin + South London Network + London to Brighton

Note - I'm not adding the East London Line to this - this is mainly because of the many extra assets that would be needed to make that route accurate. (I've also not included Blackfriars to this route version because of the other requirements needed ), but now includes Gatwick Airport P7 and Three Bridges Depot (WIP)

Description: This route basically combines North London & Goblin onto the South London Network and London to Brighton. The route is set in 2015-16, this means it has Battersea Park P1 culled completely and P2 as a terminal platform, as well as having Gatwick Airport P7 (Download note below), and Three Bridges depot (WIP). To Note it currently doesn't have a complete quick drive but covers a lot of the route.


*Note - Signals for Selhurst Field Sidings are Made up for the moment - need to find more informtation, and also they are WIP - need to complete scenery. (signalling made up so they can be used at least)


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Thepolicechasestudios Oct 27, 2023 @ 8:49am 
Oh alright thanks though
Danny  [author] Oct 25, 2023 @ 9:49am 
Sadly it would be difficult to remove the goblin line at this point (it wasn't the best of joins with how it was linked up ) and sadly free time at the moment is a bit bad (and even then trying to finish Caterham on South London & Thameslink and Sevenoaks on another route. )
Thepolicechasestudios Oct 25, 2023 @ 9:32am 
Would you mind perhaps releasing a (possible) version that uses the standalone NLL? I’d be extremely grateful
Danny  [author] Oct 16, 2023 @ 7:47am 
I mean you may be missing a few stations, so quite possibly will sadly
Thepolicechasestudios Oct 15, 2023 @ 5:52am 
Thanks. Would it impact the route (missing scenery) etc?
Danny  [author] Oct 12, 2023 @ 11:52am 
Sorry for not seeing that sooner, i mean it will work but you'll be missing stations on goblin, might also miss clapham junction (because the west london line was added in goblin and it uses that, differences to london to brighton one)
Thepolicechasestudios Oct 7, 2023 @ 1:05am 
Hi dan, I've been looking for merges like this. I was wandering if NLL (without the Goblin package thingy) would still work? Thanks!
Danny  [author] Oct 3, 2023 @ 1:37am 
you have to redownload it sadly - basically you interrupted it mid save so lost it all.
z.motashaw Oct 2, 2023 @ 3:28pm 
Thanks Danny. The main reason why I thought it would be best to go into the route builder and add the destination marker was that I tried to add one in the scenario but for some reason didn’t work as I’d expected (the train wasn't being pathed via the marker between NWD and ECR). Now I know not to do that again!
As for the track, how would I get this back?
Danny  [author] Oct 2, 2023 @ 1:39am 
It's not a bug - the game didn't freeze - it takes a long time for the track to save when you save track - it re-writes the track file (which can take a few minutes) - so basically what you did was close the game mid saving, which basically deleted all the track. (it says "not responding" but it's saving in the background you just have to wait.

Although also if you change the track by adding markers others won't be able to run the scenario - what you should do is add markers in scenario editor (not route editor - that way anyone would be able to run your scenarios :) )