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Garry's Mod

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CSGO Misc. Enhanced V2
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Mar 1, 2017 @ 1:49pm
Oct 23, 2017 @ 3:08pm
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CSGO Misc. Enhanced V2

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CSGO Enhanced Pack
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Valve's CS:GO miscellaneous models enhanced by me.

Heavy Phoenix was originally going to be in the Enhanced Phoenix pack, but I simply forgotten about him, and now he's back, with some extra features.

Facemasks work with my other CSGO models as well.

  • Doesn't need CS:GO.
  • Extra details for the textures.
  • Custom made bodygroups.
  • Custom made eyeposing.
  • Custom made props.
  • All official gloves from the game. (That are in the game files)
  • Finger-posable.
  • ValveBiped. (Male [Rebel, Citizen], GMod and Combine animations)
  • Enhanced physics.
  • Full DirectX 8 support.
  • Weighted to the original CS:GO bones.
  • All original CS:GO bones.
  • Friendly and Hostile NPCs.
  • PlayerModel.
  • Custom hands. (c_arms)
  • DMX format.
  • Ragdoll Mover compatibility.
  • Hitboxes.
  • Facemasks from halloween.
  • Ghosts from halloween.
  • Enhanced weapon props: C4, Zeus taser, adrenaline shot, sensor grenade and defuser.
  • Probably something more I forgot.

24/10/2017 Update:
  • Re-did everything in this addon.
  • Added a ragdoll version that uses the enhanced physics, the NPC and PM versions now use the default physics.
  • Removed the gloves from the NPC and PM versions, only the ragdoll version uses it, this was made to remove the FPS issue.
  • Re-organized paths. (Model paths stay the same so saves won't get broken)
  • Removed toe ragdoll physics from the NPC and PM versions.
  • Removed backface culling for the ghosts.
  • Improved bonemerging for all the props. (Except the antlers and the santa hat)
  • Added bones for the props for bonemerging. (It works on my other CS:GO models)
  • Improved and fixed smoothing.
  • Improved materials and textures.
  • Added subtle reflectivity.
  • Added procedural bones.
  • Edited the .lua code.
  • Added the recent viewmodel arms from Operation Hydra.

Q&A: (not really questions but whatever)

Q: Make more pls.
A: I'll make more when I want to.

Q: I want this and that and that too I want everything!
A: I'll do whatever I want when and how, if you don't like it make it yourself.

Q: I am a human being with a low amount of intelligence, so I copy paste stuff because I think it will make me a super cool kid.
A: I don't really care if you copy paste, it's not gonna make me mad but it makes me sad, your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked.

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Bob Ross Jun 17 @ 4:20pm 
I really love this model its my new favorite keep up the good work
Blimo Apr 13 @ 8:00am 
When in doubt

Spooky Ghosts.
Phudgeos Jan 8 @ 4:07pm 
you make some rly good content.Keep up the good work
ArachnitCZ  [author] Oct 23, 2017 @ 3:12pm 
new update, might be definetly worth checking out
Wernsto ★ Jul 7, 2017 @ 6:15am 
The CT version with the hands view models to fit the Gmod basic weapons/tools will be nice
halfalive.mdl Jun 27, 2017 @ 10:08am 
CT Heavy Armor?
XD studios Jun 22, 2017 @ 6:39am 
What is the name of the Playermodel please is it this ? models/player/custom_player/legacy/tm_phoenix_heavy.mdl
S.HITMAN Jun 19, 2017 @ 2:08am 
Can we get CT Version as well?
Antlion616 Jun 11, 2017 @ 8:31am 
i love it
bonk71774 Jun 4, 2017 @ 11:53pm 
Operation Hydra:
Heavy Assault Suit is back!