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Iraqi-Syrian Conflict
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Feb 28, 2017 @ 6:27pm
Apr 18 @ 11:12pm
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Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

Iraqi-Syrian Conflict aims to represent factions fighting currently and within recent history in the Iraqi-Syrian warzone. This mod in no way supports ISIL, ISIS, IS, Nazis, zombies, or people that lack beans in their chili. Guaranteed to be at least 0.87% accurate. Not tested for use underwater. Dependencies: @RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF, @RHSGREF, @RHSSAF. Also optional support for CUP vehicles with the companion mod. Support for tactical beards: (or on steam: )

Many of the infantry unit's gear is randomized. If you want to customize a unit, simply do the following:

Place the following in the init field of unit in the editor:

this setVariable ["NoRandom",true,true];

You many then customize the unit's loadout as needed
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Astrophysicist Aug 15 @ 10:48am 
You can just switch their team's if you're so picky about it.
Lethal Contact Aug 3 @ 9:09pm 
Why is ISIS and the SAA on the same team? if anything FSA should be on ISIS's side.
Viktor Jul 28 @ 4:19am 
How come the units dont show up in Editor nor Zeus?
Sarpedon Jun 30 @ 1:33pm 
hi, i dont see the campaign in the list. I ve downloaded everything. Why can it be?
rosey- Jun 15 @ 7:36pm 
How do I deactivate randomization in Dynamic Recon Ops?
Cpt. Swag Jun 9 @ 9:59am 
Cool mod!
Thank you, now I can make my "IS Siege on Syrian Town" map in Eden!
rumbertorodriguez Jun 9 @ 6:25am 
Hey guys, do you know how can i play it? I activate the mod. When i am into A3, the mood appears as activated, but i can't play nor do nothing. I only have the option to play the normal A3. Even in the editor i don't have the units of the mod and the other mods. Thanks.
GetSpookt May 19 @ 1:36am 
TheChaoticOG May 9 @ 1:14am 
cant wait for the NSA to knock on my door, they should be here any moment now
appetency May 5 @ 8:46pm 
Fantastic mod, is it a possibility that we could see the introduction of the FSA, SDF, or maybe even Turks?