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Improvements Patch
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Feb 24, 2017 @ 4:14pm
Apr 3 @ 12:17am
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Improvements Patch

Civ 6 Improvements Patch makes general changes aimed at making Civ 6 more fun while keeping the essence of the game the same. More details here:


*Compatible with:
- Moar Units
- AI+
- R.E.D Modpack
- Dynamic Diplomacy
-Immersive Dialogue
- Most other mods

Focus areas
- Making the game more interesting and fun.
- Addressing tech research going too fast in mid-late game.
- Creating more meaningful choices though a major overhaul of policies.
- Adding new buildings to plug the gap in buildings that occurs in the mid-game and to make the game more enjoyable
- Improving natural wonders.
- Resolving under-powered sea-tiles / coastal cities.

Detailed list of changes
==General Changes==
- Major overhaul of almost all policies. Policies are now far more strategic and have big implications to play-style.
-Overhauled District costs – now only take 1 turn to build, however the population required to build Districts has been drastically increased. This will hopefully make district strategy a little more compelling.
- Added many new buildings with unique effects to provide players with more choices.
- Tech / Era speeds - Reduced Tech and Civic boosts (Eureka, inspirations) to now increase tech by 30%, was 50%.
- Tech / Era speeds - Increased tech and civic costs based on era. Approx. 1.3x in midgame to 2x in late eras
- Natural Wonders - Increased tile yields slightly for all Natural Wonders
- Reduced the 1 envoy city state bonus. This is to prevent randomness from playing such a big part in the start of the game when the first person to meet gets a free envoy and therefore a huge bonus.
- Housing - Starting city housing in non-fertile land increased by +1
- Builders can now add +20% production instantly towards building a district for a builder charge. Aztec bonus increased to +50% production to compensate.
- Oligarchy government overhauled. Now increases Food and Science in the capital by 30% but reduces those yields in all other cities by 10%. This is the government to get if you want to go tall.
- Added project "Develop Housing". This project allows cities to build Housing but at the cost of losing population.
- Specialists now provide +1 food in addition to their current yields. This in essence makes them consume half the food as citizens working on tiles.
- Trade Routes from other players now provide the city owner with gold starting when you build a Market.
- War Weariness from losing amenities reduced slightly.
- Slightly increased movement bonus for roads.
- Doubled Unit upgrade costs so that it is less ridiculous.

==Districts & Buildings==
- District pop requirements slightly increased, from 3 to 4 (that is, more pop required to build more districts in a city).
- Slightly decreased production cost of districts
- Holy site faith adjacency increased to +3 faith near Natural Wonders
- Theatre District culture adjacency increased to +2 culture near Wonder.
- Market, Bank and Stock Exchange now provide the owner a small amount of gold per foreign trade route to the city.

==Terrain and Resources==
- Increased yield slightly for some resources. Now resources will be slightly better than forests, hills and rainforests (finally!). Also slightly increased yield for Plantations, camps, fishing boats and other resource-based improvements. Overall the map around you and resources will be a little more interesting.
- Hills no longer grant bonus yields.

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Feb 16, 2018 @ 1:27pm
Highly recommended mod collection which includes this mod:
Apr 5, 2017 @ 4:31pm
Several Largish Changes LOL
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Orein Jul 9 @ 3:42am 
Something in this mod is causing a number of Future Era techs to become available for research much earlier than they should be. The exact techs vary from game to game, but it is typically the Advanced AI, Advanced Powercells, and Offworld Mission that I commonly see this happening with. My best guess is that something is flagging the wrong prerequisite technologies, but I do not have the time or patience to find out exactly which ones they are. I can confirm that this always happens when I start a game in the Modern Era or later, but when I play up to that point normally, I usually notice it after researching various Industrial Era techs.
? Jun 1 @ 6:14am 
If you are still updating this mod,building phoenician cothon (harbour) district still takes as long as usual, instead of 1 turn like with all the other districts. I don't know if any other districts have the same issue, but fixing this would be nice.
Wooloo May 13 @ 6:59am 
especially since oligarchy is now just weak autocracy
Wooloo May 13 @ 6:58am 
The oligarchy change isnt very good. Autocracy is the tall government currently, and thematically the tall government should be classical republic. additionally, building tall in civ IV is much less rewarding. You essential took one of the two stronger early governments and killed it, making classical republic the only viable option no matter who you are.
MidgeyBlunge Apr 25 @ 10:00pm 
Did you recently change the district improvements? I wish i could disable just the changes to districts and keep all the other improvements
Light Apr 25 @ 2:09am 
this mod seems to break the game for me. Around turn 200 at the end of the turn game completelly crushes. I tried everything including playing on another pc, reinstalling, changing settings and disabling mods, after a long time results are that the only thing fixing it is disabeling this mod. Quite a shame because I enjoyed it, if theres a fix, let me know.
Delta Duke Apr 8 @ 6:19pm 
Any mod out there that removes/harvesting of horses?
andrewbadera Apr 3 @ 5:31am 
This is corrupting files and breaking the game.
søren Mar 30 @ 9:39pm 
Hi, is the navigation policy disabled for royal navy dockyards? I haven't seen it work with that district? it seems to me those lines are commented out in the policies xml?
Eric  [author] Mar 27 @ 5:19am 
It is compatible, just forgot to mark it so in the config file. I'll reupload.