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Feb 19, 2017 @ 2:34am
Dec 25, 2020 @ 5:34am
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You want more zoom and different paning? This little mod enhances the in-game camera so you can zoom in much more than usual. Perfect for this one great screenshot or for showing your viewers all the details while streaming.

When you download and use this mod, you agree to the fact that my mods all connect to a central server to count anonymously how many times you start a game with them. No personal information is transferred in any way, no connection information is stored (the cloud I use does not expose this to me). The purpose is solely for keeping track of which mods are still used and which are popular (subscriptions don’t show that).

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Andreas Pardeike
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Nov 10, 2020 @ 6:16pm
Any reason for this? causes red text.
Dizzy Ioeuy
< >
DMCurt Mar 2 @ 7:52am 
Just did- I guess it's some kind of mod conflict on my end. Vanilla with camera+ only works as I'd expect, hiding the plates. Sorry!
Brrainz  [author] Mar 2 @ 7:05am 
@DMCurt can you test with less or no other mods to make sure this isn’t a mod conflict?
DMCurt Mar 1 @ 8:13pm 
I've set it as high as it can go, but the nameplates persist, no matter what zoom level I'm at. Even when so zoomed out the pawns themselves fail to render, the nameplates do.
Brrainz  [author] Mar 1 @ 8:01pm 
@DMCurt Set the value of the “hide labels below X pixels” slider very high.
DMCurt Mar 1 @ 7:46pm 
Someone told me I can use this mod to hide the nameplates for pawns, but I am very stupid and can't seem to figure out what way to twiddle the settings for that. Could you help me out?
Brrainz  [author] Mar 1 @ 4:44pm 
Don’t forget that you can use Shift-Tab to quickly open the settings dialog.
TheSanderDC Mar 1 @ 1:58pm 
I didn't test the settings too much, I'll try it again.
Brrainz  [author] Mar 1 @ 1:32pm 
And have you tried to configure Camera+ so it is near the original experience? I mean, there are a lot of settings to choose from.
TheSanderDC Mar 1 @ 1:26pm 
You know, I'd actually install and use this mod if that existed, I find vanilla camera more fluid for regular managing, but I like the details in the zoom in and the functionalities of this one, if I could just hit "H" and switch between them, that would really enhance the Rimworld experience. I don't know if that's simply not feasible, don't take any offence.
Brrainz  [author] Mar 1 @ 9:31am 
Yes there is! It's called "uninstall" 8-)