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Feb 14, 2017 @ 2:20pm
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With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)
Mod-Version: 3.1.19
Mod-ID: 864199675

*** Added pickup support for thralls! ***
*** Added pickup support for pets! ***

- Works on singleplayer and dedicated servers!
- Admins have the option to remove the pickup option from items over the optionswheel (Only in MP!)
- Admins have the option to enable/disable the pickup option for damaged items over the optionswheel (Only in MP!)
- Admins have the option to enable/disable the pickup option for all thralls and pets over the optionswheel (Only in MP!)

*** You can only pickup thralls that are not wearing any armor! ***
*** You can only pickup pets with empty inventory! ***

Rift Of Yog Pickup+ fix (so you can place it again after picking it up):

You want to report a bug? Please use this template and just post it in the comments!

Have Fun!
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19 hours ago
PINNED: Servers using this mod
nO Pa!N
< >
nO Pa!N  [author] May 26 @ 11:55am 
@Industrialna: Tbh, what do you think I can do with this "information"? :-)

Please read the mod description, the answer you're searching for is there and if not then you'll find the "right way" to post your problem here, so I can try to help you :-)
industrialna May 26 @ 4:24am 
I cannot pick up my fighter thralls to inventory - there's still no option :(
nO Pa!N  [author] May 25 @ 11:49am 
@QuakeNAKED: Sorry it seems like I've missed your comment.
You should be able to pick up everything tbh... loadorder does matter in some cases so maybe you just post your modlist here in the comments to give others the chance to help you out!
Or you try and error yourself but I can't help you with loadorders since I don't play myself anymore :)

What I can say is that the vanilla sandstone foundations are my main test for pickup after I've updated the mod. So it has to work for you, too :)
QuakeNAKED May 21 @ 5:51pm 
Hi, I just started playing the game and was exited to find this mod because I've wasted resources trying to build a decent house. I destroyed my old house and started building a new one, but discovered I couldn't pick up the vanilla sandstone foundations. Was this mod intended for those things to be picked up too? Does it work for single player? Does load order matter?
Fat_Thumbs May 16 @ 11:54pm 
A Server restart fixed it @nO Pa!N for future reference.
nO Pa!N  [author] May 16 @ 4:24pm 
@Fat_Thumbs: Do you have ownership on those items? I think you can test it with the hammer(?)
Fat_Thumbs May 16 @ 2:17pm 
Had an issue with the server i'm on, merging of clans made the pickup icon dissappear, and only paint appear with dismantle and cancel icons. it maybe this mod or emberlight i'll post on emberlight to see.
nO Pa!N  [author] May 15 @ 8:29am 
@graek: It was not needed at any time, only if you want to place it down again if you pick it up ^^. Since I don't play myself anymore, you have to test it yourself - sorry :)
graek May 15 @ 8:26am 
Puh, right in time for the construction of our capital town.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, with much sugar icing on top of it! :D

One question: Do we still need the 'Rift of Yog Pickup+ Addon'?
chrispools May 15 @ 4:33am 
From the UK,
Vielen Dank :steamhappy: