Everlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer

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New Life Team Modpack [EN|RU]
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Jan 21, 2017 @ 11:55pm
Sep 17 @ 1:42pm
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New Life Team Modpack [EN|RU]

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A set of technical mods from New Life Team programmer.

Modpack contents:
  1. Fix of crash in filters menu.
    This error happens very rarely, usually after removing the mods, which present their own filters. If you can not enter the filter settings menu, simply run the fix and wait for the restart of the game. All filters will be disabled, and their settings menu will open without errors.
  2. Improved achievement synchronization.
    It is useful if for some reason you have not received some achievements in Steam during the game (eg while in offline mode or for other reasons), and the synchronization of the achievements in endindgs menu does not work. Also, there is a selective sync for those who want to receive only certain achievements or place them in the correct order.
    Attention! This is not an analogue of Steam Achievement Manager, since there is verification of completed endings. You can not get the achievement in Steam, which is not open in the game.
    Synchronization is now bi-directional, and if you have Steam achievements, but there are no endings in the game, you can open the missing endings in the game, and open all the images and music in the gallery if you have the "Collector" achievement.
  3. Route selector.
    Extended version of the route-selector with the ability not only to choose route, which you want to replay, but also choose the day on which to start replaying route, and the desired ending (do not need to think about the possible choices: if you choose a good ending, then no matter how you answered after starting the route, you still get a good ending). It is also present the check for completed ending, so using this mod you can not choose a good ending, if you received only bad one in selected route.
  4. Deleting game data.
    With this mod you can delete some game data without having to mess around with Steam Cloud and manually delete files. For example, you can delete read information, gallery, and data from various mods. For more details about the capabilities of this mod, see the description of the functionality in the mod itself.
  5. Fix of memorization of the made choices.
    This mod allows you to restore the functionality of the game for remembering the choices made. Before the game engine was updated to version 7.0 in the summer of 2018, the game displayed the choices made in a darker color, but after this update, all new choices are not saved, although all previously made choices are still marked. But after applying the fix from this mod, the game will again remember all the new choices made.

About all bugs please write to this topic "Bugs in modpack".
In the future may be additions of other useful things, if I have ideas and I'll understand how to implement it - yet I'm not so cool in Python, like other modders. You can leave your suggestions in corresponding topic.

New Life Team™ 2017
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gLonez Jul 21 @ 7:07pm 
Спасибо, долго не мог в игре себе достижения вставлять из стима(постоянно удалялись).
🔰 Лена 🔰  [author] Jul 17 @ 12:45am 
Kiket from tarkov, в этом моде можно только открыть концовки и галерею основной игры на основе достижений в стиме. А редактор сохранений позволяет только увидеть данные из фаайла persistent, но отредактировать их нельзя. Да и в каждом моде данные о концовках могут сохраняться по-разному, поэтому универсального метода быть не может для редактирования таких данных.
Маэстро Jul 16 @ 6:15pm 
Здравствуйте , такой вопрос , могу ли я использовать этот мод чтобы отрывать руты в других модификациях ?
danipi | FAIL Jul 9 @ 1:56am 
Спасибо, отличный мод:GDEasy:
qwings Jul 1 @ 8:10am 
очень помогло спасибо:chocola3:
shit happens Jun 26 @ 6:04am 
Спасибо. Достижения синхронизировались.
my beautiful distress. Jun 18 @ 6:24am 
я не вижу там название этого мода
🔰 Лена 🔰  [author] Jun 18 @ 6:16am 
fuelleonstress, заходишь в настройки игры (табуретка в главном меню), далее прокручиваешь в самый низ и находишь "Моды и пользовательские сценарии". Оттуда можно запустить все скачанные моды.
my beautiful distress. Jun 18 @ 5:21am 
а как активировать этот мод, типо куда надо нажимать?
Мод помог решить проблему с невыдачей достижения, всем советую