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Flying Junction
Station: Train Station
Track/Street: Track, Bridge
Tags: Station
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Jan 7, 2017 @ 5:59pm
Dec 13 @ 10:59pm
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Flying Junction

In 1 collection by Enzojz
Enzojz's Infrastructure mods
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Flying junctions.
* Available via Asset menu

Implemented functions:
* 1 ~ 6 tracks for upper or lower level
* Crossing angle between 5° and 89° with increment of 1°
* Track grouping of tunnels by 1, 2 or no grouping
* Independent adjustment of cuvres of tracks
* Left handed or right handed
* Built in concrete or stone bricks
* Raising or trenche transition tracks in possible forms of bridge, terra or solid construction.
* Build with slope
* Altitude Adjustment
* Independent catenary options

* All tracks are modifiable free edges after construction (with support from the Final Patch)
* Change of menu entry from Rail Depot to Asset/junctions
* Terrain alignment reimplemented to get rid to zig-zags
* Added 90° options in crossing angle (It's actually 89.95°)
* Improved coliision detection on modification
* Model errors when mirrored is set on are fixed
* Reimplementation of models and model positioning algorithm to have non-overlapping, non-flickering walls or bricks
* CommonAPI support
* Seperation of upper/lower track types
* Fixed upper level catenary bug
* Fixed crash when modifying lower level length when altitude equals to or greater than 100%, or higher level length when altitude is 0%
* Fixed crash when lower length equals to 50% and shorter
* Fixed error of position calculate for non crossing layout with grouped tracks
* Fixed error of position and length calculate for side retaining walls for lower level
* Fixed missing upper fences on side of transition B
* Fixed terrain alignment error on some solid transition section.
* Colission bugfix on crossing layout
* Retaining wall form bugfix on crossing layout
* Terrain alignement on lower level improved
* Added option to have curves on transitions
* Added common axis for general slope
* Added option to adjust transition length
* Improved slope option
* Improved menu
* Fixed crashes with small angles
* Raising or trenche transition tracks
* Independent catenary options
* Stone bricks version
* Reworked materials
* Backward compatibility
* Totally rewritten with curves options
* Fixed issue with change of original in-game bridges in saved games
* Changed altitude options for a more accurate adjustment, and avoid brdige failure by default

* Planned projects
- Crossing station
- Better Curved station
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Aug 21, 2017 @ 11:23am
Änderung des Flying junction
< >
marc.formaux 15 hours ago 
Merci pour cette réponse rapide.

J'ai fini par mettre la main dessus, je ne m'attendais pas à les trouver au chapitre "Décoration".

Maintenant, il faut de battre avec tous les paramètres. Enfin, les découvrir...
Bravo pour le travail, mais il va falloir un temps d'apprentissage.
Et ça va coûter cher, car les prix de construction de de modification sont... astronomiques :-)
Enzojz  [author] 18 hours ago 
@marc.formaux Bonsoir, ils sont dans menu Asset, je viens de les déplacé et oublié de faire la maj de la description
marc.formaux 20 hours ago 
Nouveau sur Transport Fever, j'ai du mal à créer des ponts à ma convenance.
Je me suis abonné par Steam à Saut de mouton et Pont route et Saut de mouton, mais n'arrive pas à trouver comment y accéder.
J'ai bien vu qu'il y a une date mini, mais que ce soit sur une partie 1850 qui est arrivée en 1917 ou une nouvelle partie 1900 ou 1950, je ne trouve rien dans le menu "Gare de passagers".
Pourtant, sur l'écran de chargement ou création de la partie, les deux mods sont bien présents.

J'ai dû rater quelquechose, mais quoi ?

Merci pour toute info...
Enzojz  [author] Dec 15 @ 7:25am 
@Autocoach Yes, I forgot to change it
Autocoach Dec 15 @ 6:15am 
it may be worth changing this in the above

Flying junctions.
* Available via Passenger station menu

to say now available as an asset instead .
Enzojz  [author] Dec 14 @ 11:22am 
@berlin lebt digga no, since the final patch test version can only be found on steam, if I upload the new version in the forum, it will lead to misunderstanding
ESL G2A Russia Dec 14 @ 10:52am 
Enjojz did you updated the mod in transport fever forum?
Enzojz  [author] Dec 14 @ 9:14am 
@z| gQ pnc 13 ez GLS | MLG I can't produce crash with any of 6, what's in stdout?
ESL G2A Russia Dec 14 @ 8:41am 
i just go to the asset, click on yours and it crashs.
Enzojz  [author] Dec 14 @ 8:37am 
@z| gQ pnc 13 ez GLS | MLG should tell me how to reproduce it