Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Jan 6, 2017 @ 7:30pm
Aug 19, 2020 @ 8:15pm
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This is a CLIENT mod. Can be used on any server!

Inspired by the popular mods Display Food Values & Detailed Tooltips, I bring you Item Info.

What this mod does
It displays items' values when hovering over them (hunger, sanity, health, spoilage, insulation [winter/summer], light remaining time, waterproof %, sanity gain/min, uses left and damage) via little icons and a value.

Additionally, it can display your equipped items on a panel on the right (configurable), so that you always know your spear's uses, your armor's hp left, or when your torch is going to run out of fuel.

Configuration Options
The default config is just fine, but if you wanna tweak it, here it is:

Info scale: Sets the tooltip's info scale.
Time format: Change between hours:minutes:seconds and in-game days.
Perish info: Set if you only want to see spoilage time, stale time and then spoilage time, or both.
Show info hands/body/head: If you want to see your equipped items' info.
Equipped Scale: Set the equipped item's scale, if you think they're too big or too small.
Show prefab name: If you want to know your items' debug spawn name.
Show background: If you wanna see a huge, interface-blocking background behind your equipped items.
Margin bottom/right: To position the equipped item info.

How to install
Just subscribe to the mod. That's it. This mod displays info in a different way to all others, so no need to replace fonts nor anything like that.

Like other mods, this mod calculates values based on the item's current percent and the base item max values, so the following values might not be 100% exact: perish time, stale time, fuel time, clothes remaining time, uses left, hambat damage.

Controller is supported as of version 0.2

Current issues
There's a bug related to modcomponentactions, which only happens on modded servers, triggered by the way this mod spawns a base item to check its stats. This should make you crash, if you are able to reproduce it please contact me.
Favorite food isn't supported yet.
New characters since Wortox aren't supported yet (foods they won't eat, food bonuses, damage bonuses, etc). I might make some internal changes to add support for them & modded ones someday™

Latest changes
Fixed crash when hovering over trident. Thanks to Grandpa Scout
Fixed equipped items missing. Thanks to 乐十画
Internal changes to pull items' info
Fixed mod not using iceboxes, salt boxes etc. food preserving multiplier
Added salt boxes, Warly's pouch support

If you find a bug, have a suggestion or just like this mod, feel free to leave a comment.
If the mod ever breaks please add me as a friend and nag me every day till I fix it.
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Comicsloth Apr 28 @ 6:39pm 
If you could add a way so that it only displays equipped items that would be great. Like adding a way to disable info popup when you hover over tools.
LuciferAngels Apr 14 @ 4:52pm 
not sure how to report this but if the dev sees this wolfgang breaks the item info whenever wolfgang is mighty or whimppy and loads into an active gamemode be it singleplayer going to cave or overworld, or being on a dedicated server joining the game reguardless, just crashes when a loading screen is involved, i enjoy playing wolfgang but i also like using ur mod if this could be resolved i would really appreciate it cause, i refuse to not use this awesome mod i would sooner switch back to wx78 and keep using the mod.
Hattori Hanzo Apr 7 @ 10:11am 
How hard would it be to edit the displayed food values to reflect those of another mod Balanced Diet?
Fytik Apr 3 @ 6:23pm 
This is a great mod only problem is does not display burn time etc... also damage values are incorrect for every item as far as i know tentacle spike for example is 51 damage this mod states its only 33 or something crazy
Leon Mar 30 @ 9:21am 
Very useful buddy. Can you also add an option to see the other info like remaining use of tents and the fuel level of requirements and the day before plants grow again.
OAO Mar 29 @ 7:32am 
SPAM Mar 26 @ 9:34am 
Melerickk Mar 12 @ 7:42pm 
What is the fish timer on the hambat ? i don't understand
Jiggy007 Feb 12 @ 5:05am 
unfortunately the mod seems to be bugged since newer updates. it shows the weared armor/weapon info offset of the screen.
Jaskier Pankratz Feb 7 @ 5:41pm