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Disco Inferno
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Jan 3, 2017 @ 2:44pm
Feb 16, 2017 @ 2:44pm
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Disco Inferno

A small and simple disco scene that responds to audio. Has some different light and color patterns as well as different camera angles to try and change things up a bit. Let me know what you think..

Warning: May contain fast flashing graphics. This wallpaper may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

- Can adjust light brightness
- Can adjust light movement speed
- Can adjust fading time
- Can adjust volume trigger levels ( though it normalizes and should be fine in general )
- Can adjust crowd density
- Can disable warning screen ( warning is added as I have some close up shots that can cause the screen to really flash a lot )
- Can disable camera angles
- Can now select to allow camera to rotate left or not rotate at all.
- Can disable lighting effects
- Can set custom colors for a more constant color scheme

Many options are currently not used until the camera updates for a new camera angle. This is also the reason the settings are not used on the first when it first starts. That will need some tweaking.

- If you want to use a certain color scheme with custom colors. You might want to disable the color changing effects under "Light trigger effects"
- For fast music you might want to lower the fade time to give it a bit more punch.
- If you only want a zoomed out view, which makes it a little less harsh on the eyes, then disable all cameras except the "far" ones or top-down one. Also raise the FOV to say 90. That way it shouldn't be screen filling anymore.

Multiple screens
Should work but you might want to tweak the fov or disable certain camera angles.

Not reacting to audio
Check the sticky, it mentions several reasons for wallpapers not reacting to audio.

Cpu Usage Notes
This is wallpaper can be fairly heavy ( for a wallpaper ). Default settings should be ok I think, but let me know. To lower ( or raise ) cpu usage, adjust the crowd density option. If anyone with threejs experience has suggestions, let me know. I wanted to use the sprite shader but ran into lighting problems so crowd has an not very optimal setup.

Trigger Settings
These settings work in 2 steps. The cutoff option is to adjust the data a little by ignoring certain low values completely. Then the resulting value gets some basic processing and based on those values and then the volume trigger value will determine weather a light should be "triggered" to go on.

You could simplify the settings by turning either cutoff of trigger to 0 and only using one of the settings. In case you do set one to 0, the biggest difference between using on or the other is that peaks in the data should be a bit more emphasized for the volume trigger option then that are for the volume cut off option.

- Volume cutoff will cause any value under the % to be ignored completely.
- Volume trigger is at what level to trigger the the lights based off the value after the cutoff has happened and some other minor processing.

Adjusting one of the two settings will impact the sensitivity of the other setting. If you turn them both to 0, the lights will be affected by volume in general as any value is a reason to trigger. Then an increasing volume will raise "brightness" or influence a color more, after which the fade time will fade back to off/default setting.

Update Notes

Added option to set custom light colors if you want a more constant coloring.
Added chance to get white lights, not just colored.
Added option to change camera rotation direction
Changes the internal color calculations so I could add more color effects. These are turned off by default though.
Added options to disable light effects.
Added options to disable certain camers
Added options to alter FOV range.

Updated for audio data changes that happend feb 2nd.
Zsolii a mester Jun 11 @ 12:24pm 
I freakin love it!! Do more <33
FeelOfWartune Dec 3, 2023 @ 4:57pm 
genius. that is all.
No4im_Lion Feb 24, 2023 @ 2:05pm 
love it
Filippos Apr 14, 2022 @ 3:16am 
Finaly found a coul and dark wallpaper with music reactions.
Tamsyn Feb 1, 2022 @ 10:52pm 
This is beautiful man, really cool. Love it <3
Zazu from Lion King Aug 20, 2021 @ 7:20am 
bro this is legit the best wallpaper on the workshop
MaxPower Jan 7, 2021 @ 6:22am 
My favorite
Mr. $teal Your Kills Jun 21, 2020 @ 9:50pm 
Wow this is the coolest thing ever! Thx
LynxAwakening Jun 11, 2020 @ 6:54am 
there's just no going back to regular VU meters after this
Squee  [author] Aug 13, 2018 @ 1:01pm 
I really wanted to add that as I personally love a seeing a good lightshow , but I'm pretty much unexperienced with 3D stuff in javascript ( or in general ) and I decided it's just too much work to do it right. Maybe in the distance future if I ever feel like it, but for now I won't be changing the wallpaper.