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Prometheus Skill Points Renewed
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Dec 9, 2016 @ 2:58pm
Nov 11, 2017 @ 4:16am
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Prometheus Skill Points Renewed

This mod is an updated version of Prometheus excellent mod More Skill Points for the latest version of Total War Warhammer

- Lords and Legendary Lords will get double points from level 5 and higher

- Non-Lord characters will get double skill points every 5 levels.

- Affects both you and the AI

See the Changelog for more detail

Anything that does not make changes to the same db table
Anything that does not create skill point dumps though it might work for skill point dumps that doesn't affect The Green Knight, Azrik The Maze Keeper or Kihar The Tormentor


Added skill point dump for Kihar The Tormentor.
Lords & Legendary Lords:
Buffed LL to now recieve double skill points from level 5 and up. I incresed it again because of CA's revamp of most of the original LL skill tree's.

Updated for The Norsca Patch
Lords & Legendary Lords:
Nerfed Lords & LL to now recieve double skill points from level 10 and up, the total amount of points for a Lord & LL is now 50, down from previously 55.
Implemented with permission the Skill Point Dump solution for Azrik & The Green Knight, credits for this goes to Radious & his team, I could not had done it without him.

Removed champions from getting any extra skill points. This is because the green knight is considered a champion, and recruiting him with v1.1 of this mod would cause the skill tab to bug out.
Also changed Lords & LL to now recieve 5 more skill points by granting them double points from level 5 and higher, instead of previous level 10 and higher.

Updated for The Old World Edition (Bretonnia patch)

Lords & Legendary Lords
If I read the db table correctly from Prometheus original mod, he gave Lords and Legendary Lords two skill points at rank 5, and one skill point at rank 21
Changed to now receive one skill point from rank 1-9, and two skill points from 10-30, as the description says

Prometheus for making the More Skill Points mod. Even though I made this mod from scratch the idea behind the changes to the db table comes from what Prometheus made in his mod (with two deviations, see changelog).

Radious for allowing me to use with permission the framework of his skill point dump mod for the Green Knight & Azrik The Maze Keeper.
P.S If you ever find yourself playing Attila Total War do check out Attila: Radious Total War Mod on
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Centronus Sep 16, 2018 @ 7:03am 
i just started a campaign with the dwarf slayer king and only getting 1 skill point per level, dont know if this is a big deal or not.
widgetom Aug 13, 2018 @ 2:26am 
it does not work for MacOS version, does it?
Sh1tHapens Jul 26, 2018 @ 12:38pm 
i like that "Affects both you and the AI " because i hate cheating. thx for this mod.. but i hope i get two points everylevel :P
hammerstar Oct 29, 2017 @ 3:08pm 
@WarMaster GoreHowl
It's actually already been done by someone else. Look up "Prometheus Skill Points Re-Renewed."
WarMaster GoreHowl Oct 27, 2017 @ 4:27pm 
Please update your mod and bring it over to mortal empires I beg you... :)
PEACEKEEPER Oct 25, 2017 @ 7:01am 
@Blade - Can I copy paste this into my WH2 folder and hope it works? Or are any changes necessary? Thank you.
Geralt of Rivia Oct 16, 2017 @ 1:26pm 
please make a player only version
Piranha Plant lmao Oct 6, 2017 @ 1:21am 
Thanks for the approval, friend!
Blaze  [author] Oct 5, 2017 @ 11:56pm 
@Chudfinder General I Dont mind at all, happy modding mate :)
Piranha Plant lmao Oct 5, 2017 @ 8:26pm 
Hey everyone, I made a port of this mod for Warhammer 2 that preserves WH2's faster leveling and level cap of 40. It has two points per level for lords from level 10 to 40 and two points every five levels for heroes up to level 40. You can find it here. I hope Blaze doesn't mind that I made this port since they weren't able to for Warhammer 2.