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(-United Sci-Fi Races-)
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Dec 8, 2016 @ 12:48am
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(-United Sci-Fi Races-)

This mod is an effort to combine sci-fi related races in one place. The plan is to create, combine, improve and revive portraits from all available science fiction mods specifically the ones that are no longer updated by their creators. It is an independent mod with focus mainly on portraits. Now there are 220+ races (120+ animated) and increasing. This mod as most other mods is not compatible with achievements.

Current, but not final Sci-Fi sections and animated portraits are listed below:
• Babylon 5 – 1 animated (narn);
• Mass Effect – about half animated (from EDI, prothean to geth, kett)
• Star Wars – about half animated (mirialan, zabrak, twi’lek, togruta, sith, chiss, sullustan, jawa, rodian, neimodians, duros)
• Star Trek – all races animated;
• Miscellaneous races – na'vi from Avatar, xenomorph, terminator, 2 Star Gate races and 3 PlanetSide factions animated, protoss;
• Special Stellaris races – all (contingency, unbidden, robots, swarm) races animated;
• Halo – Cortana, UNCS, prehuman, covenant races;
• Doctor Who – all races static;
• Warhammer 40k – all races static;
• XCOM – all races static.
• Fantasy - all races animated.

There are also included name lists and planets/systems, but other modifications (prescr. empires, race traits, overhauls, predefinitions) are NOT included as my idea is to make it as universal as possible. If you need additional traits, you can get them from this awesome mod inspired by various sci-fi themes.

Random spawning and type of races
Random spawning is set to No, so You can decide what races are included in your game. See links to patches:
Activates randomisation for all races;
Activates randomisation ONLY for animated races (static ones are hidden) .

Current mod adds races in sections by default considered as for organic races by game, but if you want to play a custom race from this pack as robotic empire (for example, borg, geth and etc.,) subscribe following patch mod United Sci-Fi races: Robots.

Conflicting mods
Mass Effect Theme Pack – overwrites Mass Effect races;

Please see also what content of other mods were used for this mod in specific discussion thread. You may also suggest races from outdated mods or new race you have been looking for. No promises, but I consider each suggestion and appreciate your feedback. If You like it, please rate it :).

Naturally I cannot cover all Sci-Fi races/factions, but I will do as much possible from my side to create, animate and improve current mod content that we all could enjoy this awesome game mixed with other sci-fi themes.

Please check out my mods:
United Sci-Fi races (200+ races)
United Traits (70+ traits)
Extended Vanilla Clothes (1100+ clothes)
United Sci-Fi: Robots (includes extended SD portraits)
United Flags (various Sci-Fi and other flag collection)
United Small Tweaks (minor changes for gameplay)
Better Map - significantly better display of empires in the map.
Pirates Removed - pirate mechanic disabled.

How to hide race you do not want to see in your game play (relevant for randomising patches)?

Change log (after 1.8 game release only):
The list of previous changes (link).
• V3.0: Na'vies from Avatar added into Misc category. 3 new name lists for Hives: robotic, swarm, purifiers were also included.
• V3.1: The Contingency 2 portraits were added under Special races. Animated EDI from ME and terminator added. Eve Online 4 factions were added.
• V3.2: Female picture for forerunners and animated Cortana were added into Halo section. 3 additional skins of troopers added for Empire of SW. Animated xenomorph added.
• V3.3: Space Rangers races and Asgard race from SG were added into Misc section.
• V3.4: Wraiths from SG added; name list for turians from ME fixed and improved.
• V3.5: Hhrud and sisters of battle were added to WH section. All WH pictures were revised.
• V3.6: Silurian added to Doctor Who section. Star Wars section expanded: ortolan, neimodians (animated) and duros (animated) were added.
• V3.7: Animated Sectoid added for X-COM section. Star Wars section updated: animated hutt and wookiee added.
• V3.8: new version of animated sectoid added to X-COM section. Also new section Fantasy added. Two new species added for this section: Skeletor and Golden Devil. Also multiple races from StarFall added.
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Paul Aug 8 @ 4:57pm 
The first alien in XCOM list exists in Babylon 5 too. They are called Streib.
kroganwar22 Jul 6 @ 9:40am 
@Fugasas Hi there. I am making a Mass Effect total conversion mod and I am wondering if I can use your Rachni portrait? I would credit you for your hard work, but no worries if you are uncomfortable giving me permission. Thank you for your time.
TheWaffleInquisition Jul 5 @ 4:38pm 
Is there any chance we could get the name lists as a separate mod?
Exo Stranger Jun 14 @ 8:10pm 
Especially considering the United traits and flags mods
Exo Stranger Jun 14 @ 8:09pm 
Any specific load order?
ДОЦЕНТ Jun 12 @ 7:18am 
Hi all, guys. My problem is that in the new version of human portraits, the old ones are mixed up. I mean old pre-overlord humans and new ones. What am I able to do?
KubiG Jun 10 @ 1:31pm 
I wanted to let you know that a lot of Fleet name lists are broken now. Everywhere where it should automatically name fleets by number - it just writes %O% Fleet instead.
YutaniWakazashi Jun 3 @ 12:15pm 
I am having an issue where the game is randomly CTD when playing. It may go many in-game years without an issue, or it may happen five times in a game month.

It is either this mod or the Larger Galaxies one. But due to the extremely random nature of the crashes, I can't reliably tell which one since disabling a mod and playing doesn't tell me anything since it may be many in-game years before a crash. Especially in the beginning.
ReMeDy May 31 @ 1:05am 

It won't come out well at all. I tested it in-game and the fleet names literally are spelled like that. I'm noticing this issue with all other outdated namelist mods by the way; something in a recent update broke all of them.
Acalian May 26 @ 2:48pm 
so, i was looking at why some of the name lists show the fleets as something like: %O% Fleet
and i checked the mod and found this:

fleet_names = {
sequential_name = "%O% Fleet"

how exactly will this come out in game ? O.o