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Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory
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Nov 30, 2016 @ 9:30am
Feb 8, 2017 @ 8:28am
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Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory

Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory v1.2
by Aaron Clark -
for Arma 3 1.66+


- Dynamic Inventory (Double-Click) SubMenu.
Extendable from mission config 'CfgItemInteractions'

- Armor Stats - Adds visual representation to inventory (progress bars) that show armor levels of Uniform, Vests, and Headgear as well as total armor at bottom. When selecting or dragging the total armor bar shows a preview to show if you are gaining or reducing armor. Max armor levels are dynamically calculated from all available armor bearing items.

Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) -


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gregjlanders Mar 8, 2023 @ 11:19am 
"Max armor levels are dynamically calculated from all available armor bearing items." So if I have (several) custom ammo mods that have outrageous AP/explosive/Damage potential will it make any great armour (that would be great against 5.56, 9mm, whatever) next to 0, hence on the invent my level 5 SWAT armour (which does appear to work against other ammo types lmao) has next to 0 armour rating on the bar on the invent screen? great mod though! :D
🌽PK IllinoisFIN🌽 Oct 8, 2022 @ 3:40am 
Hi, you are an "hero" to arma 3 community. o7 The only thing that buggers me, is eat&drink script system. It has to be complex? No other ways? What i ask is that at some point in future, could it be possible to implement this system into part of sog-dlc-modules? That would be epic!
six_peas Jul 24, 2020 @ 8:12pm 
??? does not work, I read something about double click ? click what ?? nothing happens to vanilla inventory. You at "" WTH that is for DayZ ?? WTF. how about some directions for use. (I load this in Arma3 with ONLY JSRS Soundmod & JSRS dependency fixes ONLY )
Oldru_Vallière Jun 2, 2020 @ 10:48pm 

I would like to add this to a mod-pack for my unit, is there any chance I could get your permission to use it?
CMDR Sweeper Jan 11, 2020 @ 5:57am 
Close to what is needed, but to really make it better, smack in a mass pickup / mass place item, so if you have 20x of an item to pickup that takes little space, you do not have to click 20 times.
Grimwald Dec 8, 2019 @ 3:05am 
Great UI mod. Unfortunately if you want to take it out of a scenario it is not straight forward. I'm not sure what it does to the scenario that requires it being saved into the mission.pbo?
Twiznak Mar 9, 2019 @ 1:11pm 
Great mod, Thanks!
Dator Feb 6, 2019 @ 1:33am 
diveyez Jan 8, 2019 @ 12:33am 
not working
Haggis Jun 12, 2018 @ 8:53am 
This MOD isn't working for me in one of the newest Arma campaign missions. Any known issue's with the latest update of Arma 3?