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Project Infinite - All in one
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Nov 26, 2016 @ 1:46pm
Feb 14 @ 10:11am
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Project Infinite - All in one

Project Infinite - All in one addon contains all weapons and attachments created by Bnae.
Hold "FIRE" button to hold reload action (Sako TRG-42, Winchester Model 97, Lee-Enfield Mk.I and Colt Single-action Army).

This addon contains everything regarding to Project Infinite except:
Project Infinite - Attachments CBA_A3
Project Infinite - Inspect weapons

Current versio: 0.8



3 Long-range scopes
2 Red dot sight
4 Suppressors
1 Silencer
1 Muzzle brake
1 Shell holder
2 Bipods


Colt Single-action Army
Colt Single-action Army (Brushed)

Lahti L-35
Lahti L-35 (Brushed)

Remington R1 Enhanced
Remington R1 Enhanced (Brushed)
Remington R1 Enhanced (Engraved)
Remington R1 Enhanced (Tan)


Winchester Model 97
Winchester Model 97 (Realtree)
Winchester Model 97 Carbine

Remington SPR220
Remington SPR220 (Digital)
Remington SPR220 Sawed-off
Remington SPR220 Sawed-off (Digital)

Assault rifles

Sako RK 95
Sako RK 95 (Digital)
Sako RK 95R
Sako RK 95R (Digital)

Falkor Petra (Black)
Falkor Petra (Sand)
Falkor Petra (Urban)
Falkor Petra (MTP)

Sniper rifles

Sako TRG-42
Sako TRG-42 (Sand)
Sako TRG-42 MMRS
Sako TRG-42 MMRS (Sand)
Sako TRG-42F
Sako TRG-42F (Sand)
Sako TRG-42F MMRS (Sand)

Lee-Enfield MK.I
Lee-Enfield MK.I No.4 (t)
Lee-Enfield MK.I No.4 (t, paint)
Lee-Enfield MK.I Carbine

Separated weapon packs (Included):
Project Infinite - Sako TRG 42
Project Infinite - Sako RK 95
Project Infinite - Falkor Petra
Project Infinite - Core
Project Infinite - Remington R1 Enhanced
Project Infinite - Attachments

Inspect weapons (Not included):
Project Infinite - Inspect weapons

CBA_A3 compatible (Not included):
Project Infinite - Attachments CBA_A3

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.[]

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Isaacdevil Jul 16 @ 11:52pm 
Oh that way, that's weird.. I don't know what that'd mean sorry, I know its very likely not particles being on low in settings since I also have it like that which doesn't get rid of dirt flicking up.
Adz8-300 Jul 16 @ 12:04pm 
Yeah i mean like, when you see bullets hit the ground and dirt flies up in the air when sniping, I can see them land, one of my friends can also see the bullets. But 2 other friends cannot see the bullets land at all.
The bullets are there because all 4 of us can kill people, Just only 2 of teh 4 can see their bullets land.
Very weird
Isaacdevil Jul 15 @ 5:17pm 
You mean muzzle smoke or flash? Because you can't see any bullet except for tracers.
Adz8-300 Jul 15 @ 11:21am 
Anyone had problems with bullets for some players not showing up at all (like they are invisible) yet some players use the gun fine??
JustAnotherBrit Jul 14 @ 4:33am 
If this mod had the Bren and Sten MkV I would literally eat my own hat :D
Bnae  [author] Jul 13 @ 6:54am 
@coltonjh1433 : 'bnae_attachments' is included in 'Project Infinite - All in one'.
coltonjh1433 Jul 12 @ 12:31pm 
Whats with the "missing bnae_attachment"?
Cant load any saves because of this
Varyag Jul 10 @ 1:34pm 
Give one civil war gun and Ill show you AmrA 1860
Tomanitor Jul 1 @ 3:41am 
hey why don't you add civil war era weapons like the spencer repeating rifle.
Bloodbath Servers [BBS] Jun 23 @ 12:01pm 
So this works without CBA_A3?