Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Nov 10, 2016 @ 9:07am
May 20, 2019 @ 2:07pm
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(1) Community Patch

Civilization V Community Patch:

Started in 2014, the Community Patch is part of a collaborative effort to improve Civilization V's AI and gameplay, and is the single largest AI, Bugfix, and API DLL for Civilization V. Is the base DLL for most Civ 5 mods that require a DLL. Contains bugfixes, AI improvements, and API enhancements for modders. ? The Community Patch does not modify any of the core game's content (such as leaders or buildings), but improves AI performance and addresses a number of bugs that remained after the final Civilization V patch. The Community Patch makes a few smaller gameplay changes to benefit the AI and make AI behavior more transparent, however the core Civ V experience is untouched.
Note: v.89 is NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE with saves from v.88. You have been warned!

Community Patch features:

-Entirely new tactical AI that thinks and fights like a human player
-Enhanced diplomatic AI that can initiate defensive pacts, intelligently declares third party war/peace, and is much less exploitable
-Greatly enhanced civilian AI, city AI, production/unit selection AI, and more, all of which lead to more economically-competitive players
-Reworked grand strategy AI that intelligently seeks out victories, and will actively conspire to prevent any other player from winning
-Warscore system for determining the outcome of wars - makes the AI's peacemaking process much more transparent
-Innumerable improvements and bugfixes related to all game systems
-Hundreds of new DLL and LUA elements for modders looking to create new civilizations, policies, buildings, and more!
(Optional) Community Patch Events system - random events that affect all players (even the AI), with choices and consequences for each event! Includes detailed XML for modders who wish to create new events (all without having to learn a single line of code!)

The Community Patch includes content from the following mods:

Various Mod Components DLL by Whoward 69
Artificial Unintelligence by by Delnar_Eriske
Smart AI by Ninakoru
Communitas mapscript by Thalassicus

Note: This mod is not compatible with other mods that include a DLL.

More information:

If you would like to visit the Community Patch's homepage, or if you are interested in the full project that the Community Patch is part of (Vox Populi), please visit the following link:

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Happiness in this mod is broken.
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V.89 Renders the Game Virtually Unplayable
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Great Person Spam
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Rovaen Jun 21 @ 7:10pm 
Ayyyy man where do you think I can find new versions
g_e_r_y May 10 @ 2:09am 
Dont know how often i tested the community patch versions, it always crashes. It can work for days and then in late game it always crashes in same round. Or the airforce did nothing etc.... Best version was here on steam, BEFORE the happy faces bug was put in. This version was stable and everything worked well. Interesting is, that there was no new version or patch, that put that bug in, it just was there from one day to the next. Seemed to be autoupdated in the game, this happy faces bug. What a pity, because there is no other good mod for civ V.
arrlst13 May 6 @ 4:34am 
no resources
play for fun Apr 8 @ 1:15am 
marynowana.lasica Apr 1 @ 9:51am 
Please tell me if that there is a good mod compatibile with VP that enhances future eras in the game? The greatest Future Worlds mod is not compatibile with VP. I neeeed better future! :)
Laguette Mar 17 @ 8:51am 
Yo I remember that other guy moaning on Civ 6 mods too. Chill bro
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