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DonkeyPunch.INFO Open Chernarus Project
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Oct 24, 2016 @ 5:22pm
Apr 5, 2017 @ 6:19pm
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DonkeyPunch.INFO Open Chernarus Project

This mod brought to you by DirtySanchez and DONKEYPUNCH.INFO

DPCG Dev Community :
Weapons Free Gaming :

Maca has in fact released DS_Houses with Torndeco. Their lack of working with the community on projects like Open Chernarus Project and only making things for their own personal monetary gain is not community like behavior.

Sharing is Caring and always lend a hand to your neighbor!

**NEW** Fully Compatible with Arma 3 1.68 Dynamic Simulation System.

This adds new enterable buildings to Chernarus.
You can use CUP / A2OP / A3MP / AiA and these should work fine.
Tested with A2OP at this time and works well.
Tested with CUP Terrains at this time and works well.(Thanks SPOOK)

Search and Replace PBO is included now.
This will run on the server postinit. Meaning PLUG AND PLAY for server owners.
No need to replace buildings on your own.

For more entereable buildings, use my OCP+JBAD requirements ADDON

For bug reports use our Forums, a new header is being created today for this mods bug reports

The original work was done by ARGUMENT and released in this thread at BIS:

In june of 2016 he released his work in this post:

This source was released under APL-SA as seen in the second link.
This release is also licensed under APL-SA.



Thank you all for supporting DonkeyPunch.INFO!!!!!


If anyone has any enterable buildings they would like to add to this mod, or if you have any fixes in place for something you found. We encourage you to comeon over and have a chat n a beer :)
Another UPDATE:
[Added] MultiMap / MultiMod support for Chernarus and napf / JBAD
[Fixed] Surface and Penetration and Texture PopUp errors
[Fixed] All ca\data paths in models adjusted to compatible arma 3 a3\data_f paths

[FIXED] Original Source UserActions had Open Door and Close Door reversed on some of the houses.
[RAISED] Original armor setting was equal to 100. new value is equal to 1000.
[CLEANUP] Started cleaning up of configs

The CODE is no longer needed. ALL MAPS SUPPORTED NOW!!!
I do a check for each building before attempting to replace the building on the map.
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76561197966105913 Apr 23, 2021 @ 2:10pm 
Old mod Jovan, it very likely doesn't works anymore for this reason.
Jovan Apr 23, 2021 @ 1:51pm 
this no work
MusTanG  [author] Feb 28, 2021 @ 6:47pm 
Hi Jaffa,

Thanks for the info.
Im a little pressed for time as of late.
Have you any logs from testing for me to peruse before making the suggested changes?

if you want easier to chat solution, join up on my discord for DonkeyPunch:
Jaffa Feb 28, 2021 @ 7:19am 
Additionally, a check for if the original building is already hidden before replacing it would be good to keep compatibility with the editor hide terrain objects module
Jaffa Feb 28, 2021 @ 7:13am 
Hi, I've noticed a fairly easy to fix bug in the search and replace pbo.
In `eXpochSearchNDestroy.sqf` at the top there's a check for a var which is attempts to stop the replace process if that var is defined and set as true, currently it uses a nested if which causes the exitWith to simply exit from the isNil and continue the replace process anyway.

if(!isNil {OCP_sNr_OFF})then{if(OCP_sNr_OFF)exitWith{};};

if (!isNil 'OCP_sNr_OFF' && {OCP_sNr_OFF}) exitWith {};
MusTanG  [author] Aug 16, 2020 @ 7:37pm 
Hi @random Techpriest,

It has been a while since I've done any tests or used this.
It was the first release of its type and evolved a great much over its time.

You can try it out on any of these:
**You can use CUP / A2OP / A3MP / AiA and these should work fine.**
Have not been on Arma in quite some time, mostly IRL and some DayZ

Discord link in case we discuss more about your tests
random Techpriest Aug 11, 2020 @ 1:30pm 
Does this Mod work with other Chernarus-Versions, like Redux? I know that on this Version, quite a lot of Buildings are usable, but more and higher quality is always better imho.
Diveyez May 20, 2019 @ 3:06am 
That is a shame because Chernarus is a great map, and this is NEEDED.
76561197966105913 Apr 26, 2019 @ 3:09pm 
In case you didn't realize this is an old mod and is very likely outdated because of this.
Next time, do some research.
5corpTV Apr 25, 2019 @ 10:43pm 
this shit dont work