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Super Power: Clash of Civilizations
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Oct 18, 2016 @ 6:52am
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Super Power: Clash of Civilizations

Super Power: Clash of Civilizations

A Total Conversion Mod of Sid Meier's Civilization V for a better late game experience and realistic modern warfare.
A fully upgraded version of my previous mod: SuperPower Complete Edition.
Author: Lincoln_lyf

(1)Exciting late game experience:
- 4 unique components for all 43 Civs: Many modern units and buildings
- A fully new designed Tech Tree with two new eras: World War Era and Future Era
- A fully new designed Policy Tree and Ideologies
- Plain water plots can be improved
- Strong terrain modification abilities in the late game
- Space race: launching orbital satellites for global effects
- More challenges in the late game from enhanced AI and increasing maintenance cost of your nation

(2)Realistic and challenging domestic affairs:
- 200+ new buildings, wonders and improvements
- Cities will have corruption & public Security issues
- Cities will upgrade by reaching higher population levels, unlocking advanced buildings, wider working distance, but causing pollution and traffic problems
- New Strategic Resources with global effects: Manpower, Consumer Goods, Electricity
- Move your capital to a new place for a better efficiency
- Move your population inside your cities for a better efficiency
- Nations with a higher Tourism Output will attract international immigrants from other countries
- Happiness will be more important: affecting tourism output and international immigration

(3)Enhanced Combat system and ultimate modern warfare:
- 2-unit-per-plot system for units’ coordination operations and larger battle scale
- 100+ new units and promotions
- Highly specialized military units with diverse abilities and cost
- Realistic naval units and air units design, powerful but expensive
- Unique legendary elite & experimental units in real history await you command
- Workers can turn into militia units for war mobilization or logistics service
- War is dangerous: intensive war will cause population loss and even nuclear winters.

(4)Comfortable & time-saving game experience
- Fully tweaked game balance: no “weak” civilizations, policies, wonders, units, etc
- Adaptive difficulty level: AI’s bonus depend on your performance
- Rapid & compact game pace with zero “garbage time”
- Automated Management & Batch Operations: control hundreds of cities or units in one-click

Qucikstart Guide
Here is a Quickstart Guide introducing the detailed mechanisms of this mod. It is also a FAQ book for problem solving.
Download link: {LINK REMOVED}
(both .pdf and .txt format included)

Installation Guide
Important Note: This MOD requires DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 for DLL support. You must install and load DLL - Various Mod Components before using this MOD. Otherwise grievous errors may occur.

(1) Subscribe here!
(2) Go to WHoward's Pick'N'Mix Mods to download the latest DLL - Various Mod Components (v 88)
(3) Move the DLL - Various Mod Components (v 88).civ5mod you’ve just downloaded, to My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\

Manual Installation (Unpacked Version):
(1) Download the “Super Power Clash of Civilizations .RAR” from {LINK REMOVED}
(2) Extract the “Super Power Clash of Civilizations .RAR”, you will find two folders: “Super Power Clash of Civilizations (v 6)” and DLL - Various Mod Components (v 88).
(3) Move them to My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\

Future Plans
(1) The final and the stable version of this mod will be v6.0. Some versions may be released to fix Bugs or tweak minor balance issues. NO major changes in the future!
(2) The v6.0 will be released in both MOD and DLC versions.
(3) A “MOD Option” will be available in the future versions to allow the player to turn on/off some mod mechanism like Electricity, immigration, nuclear winter and so on.
(4) New elements will be edited to this Quickstart Guide (images, links) in the next version. A detailed Tutorial Book may be released in the future.

Special Thanks
whoward69 for DLL - Various Mod Components

bc1 for EUI elements

-New Luxury Resources:
Barathor for More Luxuries MOD

whoward69, Gedemon, Barathor, Maximus, Machiavelli24, Ninakoru, FramedArchitect, Redox, Coban, far_away_land, Hulfgar, bc1, lemmy101, CaptainCWB, JFD, Tokata

Wolfdog, Snafusmith, Danrell, Ekmek, asioasioasio, KnelRivendare, Jinzor, bernie14, Barathor, Snafusmith(Smitty), JTitan,Deliverator, Walter Hawkwood, Refar, Patum333, hangman, Deliverator, BouncyMischa

Barathor, JanBoruta, Jamie Meyer, Moriboe, sukritact, Pouakai, Sukritact, Envoy (@fourfourhero), Pouakai, zsofiadome, BlackFeather_, Empoh, Tokata, Institute of Swedish Safety & Security,,,, Brainbug's Egyptian Army (Retextured) von Brainbug (v1.0),,

Chinese: MarbleGargoyle, LI, Seven

-Promotion & Test:
Tokata, Ben, Dante, BlackFeather_, GanJunWuDi, 38AA, HJQ, xiaofeng, seraph, Li, Seven, Xingen, Tianshu, SkyWalker, Arno, bot, ryst

-Proofreading & Document Editing:
爱玲的安逸人生, Seven

-Cited Documents:
Wikipedia, ,

-A few images or concepts are from those works:
ACE Combat (published by Namco Bandai Games and produced by Project Aces)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (published and owned by Activision)
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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Electronic Arts)
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Others from Google Images Search

-“Clash of Civilizations” is inspired by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, published in 1996

-The names of unique national wonders “Ministry of Truth”, “Ministry of Plenty” and “Ministry of Peace” are inspired by English author George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949.
(If I miss someone or in the list, sorry for that and please inform me!)

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Yeetn Oct 5 @ 5:09am 
is this compatible with ynaemp v.25?
YEE wolf Oct 1 @ 8:55pm 
For anyone wondering how to still play this, after subscribing go to your MyGames/Civ5/MODS folder and move the superpowers mod file into its folder, for some reason its not put in there. After that start the game and it should load into the game mods directory
Alice Cartelet Aug 4 @ 10:21am 
Great work,and we need super power 6.0!
perline29 Jul 28 @ 8:22am 
Hello lincoln_lyf, can I translate in french the Superpower Edition ?
Magic·Sun Jul 15 @ 12:25am 
在civilization5 mods里面也没有,不知道能不能解决?
chrisgatt7 Jun 28 @ 8:17pm 
CIV VI ????
Decaying Humanoid May 11 @ 2:27pm 
Mod doesn't show up anywhere, not even in the mods folder.
BoHamッ Apr 12 @ 5:11pm 
The best mod ever
shprotos(UK) Mar 18 @ 7:32am 
For those who have problems with textures: disable R.E.D. modpack mod, it doest work properly. I've tested it many ways.
一介死宅 Feb 15 @ 2:25am