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Lambda - Co-Op Framework
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Lambda - Co-Op Framework

Have you ever wanted to play the Half-Life 2 series with your friends online? Then Lambda is exactly what you are looking for. Lambda aims to provide seamless multiplayer support for the Half-Life 2 campaign maps, as well as user-created campaigns.

Half-Life 2 -

Keep in mind that sometimes development tests will be happening

- Level scenes reworked with checkpoints to be multiplayer friendly, players won't be forcibly teleported
- Full player and object transitioning between levels
- Enemy scaling based on skill level and player count
- Visual improvements
- Legacy Half-Life 2 aspects such as view bob, view lag, sprinting, AUX power counter, and more
- Survivor mode with respawn checkpoints
- Ability to command friendly NPCs via the context menu
- Medkits for players to heal eachother
- Dynamic crosshair
- Underwater bullets
- Custom Gravity Gun including the mega version with glow color customization
- Passenger seats
- Voting system
- Mapscripts for each campaign map for modifying logic and extra gameplay enhancements
- Ability to create your own story
- Some hidden and not so hidden easter eggs

Supported Games
Half-Life 2
- Fully supported.

Half-Life 2: Episode 1
- In development.

Half-Life: Source
- In development (experimental).

Half-Life 2: Episode 2
- Planned

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
- Fully supported.

Community Showcase
Half-Life 2: Cosmonaut

Campaign/Story Creation
This is currently a work-in-progress, but will be documented soon. Here are the current specifications:
1. Whatever Half-Life 2 uses already works
2. For transition support, your map must have an info_landmark, trigger_transition, and trigger_changelevel. Check out the Valve Developer Wiki for more information
3. Information about round setup and other basic rules

Bugs and the Code
You can find our GitHub repository at , please report all your issues there.

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