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ARK Customizer - Settings Evolved
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Oct 3, 2016 @ 11:22am
Jun 17, 2018 @ 11:00am
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ARK Customizer - Settings Evolved

Mod ID: 774413050

This version is not compatible with Primitive+.
Primitive+ version: ARK Customizer Primitive+ - Settings Evolved
Fix for ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts: COICC Bugfix

What does this mod do?

This mod allows you to customize several settings for items, e.g. weight, cooldown on use, spoil time.
  • All adjustments are done ingame using a graphical interface, no restart needed
  • All modified items keep their original item class, stones still work with slingshots etc
  • Not limited to the base game, can edit items from other mods too
  • Many more things to customize in coming updates

Okay, so what can i customize with this?

Global settings:
  • Minimum Build distance between non-allied players and tribes
  • Percentage of shared Tribe XP
  • Disable all beacons
  • Disable all loot crates, from caves and ocean
  • Give every player a free mindwipe tonic everytime they connect
  • Edit Boss Teleporters to allow/disallow flyers, change max allowed weight, change max amount of players and dinos, change the max range of the teleportation effect

  • Stack Size: Max Quantity per Stack
  • Weight: Weight per Quantity
  • Spoil Time: Time in seconds until this item will spoil, 0 to disable spoiling
  • Allow Upload: If checked allows uploading of this item into the cluster storage
  • Destroy Item When Broken: If checked will immediately destroy items upon reaching 0 durability
  • Custom Name: Rename items, empty to remove Custom Name
  • Custom Description: Write your own description for items, empty to remove Custom Description
  • Crafting Quantity: Quantity recieved per crafting
  • Crafting Time: Time in seconds
  • Max Craftings: How often you can use blueprints before they break, 0 to disable
  • Crafting XP: Base XP for crafting, modified by Item Quality
  • Craft Min Level: Minimum Level you need to be able to craft this
  • Craft Cooldown: Time in seconds, how long you have to wait until you can craft this again
  • Repair Cost Mult: Multiplies crafting resources by this to get the max amount of resources required for repairing this item
  • Repair XP: Base XP for repairing this item, modified by Item Quality
  • Repair Time: Time in seconds
  • Allow Repair: Uncheck to disallow repairing
  • Use Cooldown: Time in seconds, makes item unuseable for this amount of time after each use
  • Affinity Mult: Multiplies affinity gained if this item is used for taming, higher values tame faster and with less efficiency/bonus level loss
  • Dura Dec Mult: Multiplies durability lost for each "use" of this item, higher values decrease durability faster
  • Remap To: Remaps the current item to the one specified in this field. All existing items will be immediatly respawned with the new item class. If the target has a lower max stacksize then using this can lead to item loss.

What happens if i remove this mod?

Unless you made spoilable items unspoilable you will be able to keep all your items. Adding a spoiling time to affected items before removing this mod should protect them from instant spoiling. All item stacks above their normal limit will be truncated.


Subscribe and activate using mod id 774413050

Spawn Codes

There is now an item to bring up the admin interface:
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ArkCustomizer/PrimalItem_ArkCustomizer_Activator.PrimalItem_ArkCustomizer_Activator'" 1 0 0

You will still need admin/cheat permissions to use this item.
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