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Poland Overhaul
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Sep 30, 2016 @ 9:17pm
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Poland Overhaul

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Hearts of Overhaul
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Hello and Witaj to the greatest mod Poland has ever seen! 

This mod adds over 140 national focuses that illustrate the alternate histories Poland could have led. 

These focuses allow the player to go down fully fleshed out paths of communism, fascism, or even neutrality. 

There are also new focuses for industry, army, navy, air force, and research. 

Most of the focuses from the base game have been remade to better reflect Poland’s potential in the face of global crisis. 

All-in-all, what this mod is at its core is an overhaul of Poland’s government and military abilities. 

If you feel overwhelming pride for Matka Polska, or you are simply looking for something new and interesting for your game, then this mod is for you. 

If you feel bored in the endgame because you have run out of national focuses, worry not!; whatever path you choose, these focuses will last you well into the end. 

EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY AS POLAND, this mod is a great one to run in the background to add some variety to your game. 

Watch as Poland becomes a new empire, a Leninist utopia, or remains the ever-stalwart defenders of their land. 

In any event, this mod will add some podniecenie to your game, whether you experience that firsthand or as a nervous sąsiad is your choice. 


1. This mod is only uploaded by us on Steam, anywhere else is plagiarism or fraud. 

2. If you want to use ANY COMPONENTS of this mod in another work, you must contact us first, messaging either one of us will most likely yield a response. 

3. Of course any issues you encounter may be discussed on this mod page, we will try to respond promptly and help you with any issues you encounter. 

At present there is only one soft requirement: The Together for Victory DLC; while the mod STILL works entirely WITHOUT this DLC, there are some features intended to complement it. 
If you do not have the DLC, certain focuses will result in puppet governments rather than dominions, integrated puppets, etc. 

We have not run into any compatibility issues with other mods at present. 

Of course, there will probably be issues with mods that change Poland in any major way, but aside from that, there have been no major problems. 

If you believe you have found a compatibility issue, please notify either one of us through a message or on this board. 

Dla Mych Polskich Barci y Sióstr: 
Niestety ten mod nie jest dostępny w żadnym języku po za angielskim. 

Jednak szukamy woluntariuszy którzy byli chętni przetłumaczyć nasz mod na polski. 

Czy za interesowani niech pozostawią komentarz w tym blogu. 

Niech Żyje Polska!
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