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Shutdown All
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Sep 27, 2016 @ 3:11am
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Shutdown All

No more having to click each individual wiggling mechanoid just so you can get to their health tab and designate them to be shutdown. Now, just grab your handy Shutdown All designator tool and treat those mechs like you treat your rock chunks!

Reuse Policy:
You can use it in a pack and/or tinker with the source with my blessings.


What are the requirements for this mod?

This mod does not require any other mods to function. You simply need the base game.

How do I install this mod?

Subscribe to the mod. Enable in game.

What order should your mod be loaded in?

The mod can be loaded any time after the game's core mod.

Are there any known issues?

    Using the designator more than once on mechanoid will create a duplicate bill for shutdown. This won't cause any problems, as once the Mechanoid is shut down, all further bills are removed.

Can this mod be used with old saves?

This mod should be old save save.

Is this mod compatible with other mods?

This mod does it's best to play nice with other designation mods. As long as they do not rename the orders tab, there should be no conflicts.
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East Jun 6, 2017 @ 8:50pm 
a17 update pz...
Demi Dec 6, 2016 @ 12:11am 
Should rename it to "Madagascar mod" +1 :B1:
DezimierenTheDapper[kiop] Dec 4, 2016 @ 10:32am 
can you make one for harvesting all non essetials? like eyes ears jaw
NinjaKitty Oct 24, 2016 @ 11:36pm 
There are no caps big enough for this:

THANK YOU :steamhappy:
Benoguel Oct 2, 2016 @ 12:44pm 
nice, this would be helpfull with animals to, just to let your dock practise