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[V1.2] Chemicals & Neutroamine R1
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Sep 17, 2016 @ 12:20pm
Aug 11, 2020 @ 8:24pm
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[V1.2] Chemicals & Neutroamine R1

Enables the extraction of Neutroglycerin from Boomalopes and Boomrats that can be used to craft Neutroamine and ChemFuel.

• Adds Item: Neutroglycerin
• Adds Recipe: Neutroamine x1 and x4 (to Drug Lab)
• Adds Recipe: ChemFuel from Neutroglycerin (to BioFuel Refinery)
• Adds Feature: Chemical extraction (from tamed Boomalopes and Boomrats)

The mod is compatible with existing vanilla saves (doesn't require a new game). See mods optional folder for additional features like the bulk recipe and explosive neutroglycerin.

Note: This mod will overwrite the vanilla B18+ feature of milking Boomalopes for ChemFuel directly.

Neutroamine is unlocked as a crafting recipe together with the Drug Lab (no additional research required). It takes 2 buckets of neutroglycerin to refine one bottle of neutroamine.

Neutroglycerin is drained from Boomalopes and Boomrats, male or female, the same way you get milk or wool from other animals. It takes Boomalopes 4 days to produce 6 buckets of neutroglycerin. It takes Boomrats 2 days to produce 1 bucket of neutroglycerin.

Neutroglycerin can also be used to produce ChemFuel at the Refinery. It takes 7 buckets of neutroglycerin to make one batch of 35 ChemFuel.

The mod is not designed for large scale drug operations to prevent making trade of neutroamine entirely redundant. It's not impossible to make profits on drugs this way though, but may require large herds to get good stocks out of it. For an average colony's internal medicine needs and modest drug abuse a smaller herd (relative to colony size) should be sufficient. Let me know if this balance is off in some way.

Note that colonies that use Penoxycyline every five days and colonies with more than 20 pawns is not considered average in this context and the balancing is expected to be off for these colonies.

Language Support:
This mod supports English. Other language support have been discontinued.

Mod Support:
For immersion or similar reasons this mod provide additional content with the mods listed below; the fixes are applied automatically.

• Combat Extended by the CE Team. Immersion: The Chemical fullness term on animals is separated into SFX fullness and Neutroglycerin fullness.
• Doomalopes by cucumpear. Expansion: Chemical extraction (from tamed Doomalopes and Boomalotters). Doomalopes provide 12 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 4 days. Boomalotters provide 4 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 2 days.
Elemental Boomalopes by Mehni. Expansion: Chemical extraction (from tamed Elemental Boomalopes). They provide the same amount as regular boomalopes. Mod not updated to 1.1 yet

Feel free to suggest other meaningful immersion fixes. But take note that I won't go beyond the scope of the core of this mod (i.e. adding different chemicals etc.), and the other mod.

Optional Content:
Some versions of the mod have an optional folder. I recommend a manual install if you want to dabble with these. From V1.1 and up these optional features are available in this mod:

• Clean Bucket: an alternative Neutroglycerin texture to the grimy bucket version
• Volatile Neutroglycerin: if you prefer your neutroglycerin to be a fire hazzard

Copy and paste the extra content you want from their respective folders into the Main folder (the files inside have the same folder structure as they would had if they were in the mod by default). Steam subscribers can find this folder at "\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\765351437\".

Mod Conflicts:
Let me know if you discover any conflicts so I may list them below:

• No known conflicts for V1.1 or V1.2

Note: I can't help with conflicts due to outdated mods, use those at your own risk.

Manual Install:
For an automatic installation ignore this and simply click the subscribe button. A manual install is recommended however for those wanting better control over when their game and mods is updated.

Download links for current and legacy versions, as well as install/uninstall instructions can be found in the original release post:
Ludeon forums[ludeon.com]
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ShadowTani  [author] Jan 12 @ 4:20am 
@LacertineForest I'm sorry, I didn't get around to finish the Genetic Rim immersion fix due to the sheer balancing nightmare it turned out to be, if I go through with the immersion fix I dunno if the balance ratios would be received well without first adding the options that would allow for manual changing the ratio's in the mod settings, and I dunno when I'm able to focus properly on that kinda coding anytime soon.
LacertineForest Jan 11 @ 8:14pm 
Will this work with Genetic Rim? If I make a Paragon Boomalope, is it going to produce mass amounts of neutroglycerin or will it revert to chemfuel?
Sugar Cookie Oct 14, 2020 @ 4:42pm 
Now I can make amphetamine in peace.
i am made of wood Aug 12, 2020 @ 1:41pm 
Finally, neutroamine production that isn't a plant..
ShadowTani  [author] Aug 11, 2020 @ 9:23pm 
The old 1.1 version was still compatible with 1.2, but since I had some immersion fixes almost done in the pipeline I've gone ahead and just finished those up along with the multiversion support between 1.1 and 1.2.

Yes, this means that the Combat Extended compatibility and immersion fix have finally been added, and this fix is universal, so it will prevent similar conflicts from happening in the future. The immersion fix is separate from this and will make it so that CE users will be able to see what specific chemical the animal is producing (instead of both using the term chemical fullness).

I've also gone ahead and updated the Doomalopes immersion fix; if you feel the regular boomalopes don't give you enough Neutroglycerin then the doomalopes will be a good alternative.

Both immersion fixes is backwards compatible with 1.1
ShadowTani  [author] Aug 10, 2020 @ 6:25pm 
@alliecat No, it works and isn't hijacked, but it seems ad.fly introduced some push ad mechanism that forces people to press allow on some notification spam thingy before redirecting to the download. It's a recent thing, so I wasn't aware they've gone that far, sorry about that. I've deactivated the push ad mechanism on my ad.fly account now, so the legacy links should go through with just that one single ad.fly delay page now.

Either way, to save you the hassle this is the direct link to the 1.0 version:
alliecat☭Ⓐ Aug 10, 2020 @ 2:54pm 
Anyway I like your more detailed supply chain, but for the time being I'll just use one of the other mods that lets me grow neutroamine as a crop :)
alliecat☭Ⓐ Aug 10, 2020 @ 2:49pm 
It seems like the domain you're hosting the legacy versions on has expired and been taken over by scammers?
alliecat☭Ⓐ Aug 7, 2020 @ 9:17pm 
Thanks <3
ShadowTani  [author] Aug 7, 2020 @ 7:54pm 
@alliecat yes, it's available as a manual install (see the Ludeon forum link at the bottom of the above description).