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Herbivore Prime Equivalent
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Sep 8, 2016 @ 11:49am
Oct 11, 2016 @ 8:24am
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Herbivore Prime Equivalent

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Adds a recipe for "Veggie Medley" that tames herbivores as fast as prime meat tames carnivores.

-Calls for one of each advanced crop (Citronal, Savoroot, Rockarrot, and Longrass)
-Stacks to 100
-Engram costs 0 EP
-Crafts in your inventory
-Spoils in 2 minutes and 20 seconds (same as prime)
-Three time as effective as mejoberries for taming herbivores (same as prime)

This mod is balanced around increased stack size mods and is fairly easy to obtain. For a more balanced version that requires a cooking pot and only stacks to 4 for a more vanilla feel see my other mod:

This mod is completely clean and stackable.

For servers the mod ID is 760199681
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Xandermud  [author] May 17 @ 10:37pm 
It's been a while, but iirc you can passive tame creatures that accept mejoberries. I'm not 100% certain though. Haven't logged into ark for a long time.
HellCat May 17 @ 3:04pm 
does this work on animals that are passive tame? (specifically chalicotherium bc i don't want to have to make beer jars)
Dhenier Mar 21, 2019 @ 6:41am 
Can you add healing like meat does for carnivors - so I can pump feed it the medley and it heals the herbivore dinos just as fast as pump feeding a carnivor meat does?
Kali Dec 26, 2018 @ 1:23pm 
Alright, thank u very much !
Xandermud  [author] Dec 26, 2018 @ 12:01pm 
You can put "GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier=<value>" into Game.ini but that will affect all spoil timers in the game, not just for the meddley. Unfortunately, there isn't a way for you to change only the single item afaik. They do stack to 100 though, which makes the stack last much longer than prime which doesn't (by default) stack. I usually just make about 50% more than I need to tame something.
Kali Dec 26, 2018 @ 9:47am 
awesome mod! how can i change the spoiling time ? someone pls help me :)
Plunders Aug 27, 2018 @ 10:26pm 
Amazing mod man! :)

We've been running it on my server for a while now, and we see it as a must have equal to s+ and classic flyers. Feels like something the game was missing, not something out of place at all.

Very good job mate
Kirby Sape May 10, 2018 @ 2:58pm 
god !!
benai Jan 29, 2018 @ 11:44am 
Could you also make some raw mutton herbivore equivalent?
Maybe with honey, advanced crops, stimulant or so.
LeonaLens Jan 6, 2018 @ 1:18am 
Xandermud If you are going to do one mod with the ability to change through the GameUserSettings.ini settings, I suggest there to make weight, the size of the stack and the spoilage rate adjustments.
p.s. who needs to change recipe or crafting cost of "Veggie Medley" you can do it through Game.ini even now