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Dungeon Tile Playset (118 Pieces)
Created by MWMDragon
Over 100 pieces in this Dungeon themed Dungeon Tile Playset. Build dungeons easily.. Copy and Paste each piece you want to use.. Prepare your dungeons in advance and play until your dice bleed!...
HeroQuest: more Heroes.
Created by 404NathanNotFound
I present unto you, 30+ new heroes.
All resourses and cards gotten from:

Heroes are:
Aekold Helbrass
Black Smith
Bounty Hunter
Cleric (Two variations)
Elf A...
Dissidia Final Fantasy miniatures
Created by AlexA_NeoN
Good time!
I present to you heroes of Dissaidia!
Good vs Evil...
Cosmos vs Chaos!

This mod contains 28 flat named models (from Final Fantasy I - XII)

Specia thanks:

A Dungeon
Created by Ed_B011
Behold! It is poorly made and cluttered!

Thanks to Generalchaos' Dungeon Tiles ( for making this abomination possible! I look forward to eventually getting better at this with his awesome s...
Created by Lil Bee Booty

Combination of several mods including:
-Dungeon Modular tiles
-Models, Various
-Wilderness tile playset
-Dungeon tile playset
-Dungeon door tiles
All items are neatly sorte...
Fantasy Miniatures - Goblin
Created by diegozap
Goblin fantasy miniatures: basically tokens with miniatures scan mounter over a circle base. Be sure to take the miniature from the base to proper use it.

May take a while to load, you can save each single miniature to spawn it later, be sure to highli...
Fantasy Miniatures - Orcs
Created by diegozap
Orcs and Ogres fantasy miniatures: basically tokens with miniatures scan mounter over a circle base. Be sure to take the miniature from the base to proper use it.

May take a while to load, you can save each single miniature to spawn it later, be sure t...
Fantasy Miniatures - Skaven
Created by diegozap
Skaven fantasy miniatures: basically tokens with miniatures scan mounter over a circle base. Be sure to take the miniature from the base to proper use it.

May take a while to load, you can save each single miniature to spawn it later, be sure to highli...
Created by Luthervian
A Harpy model of mine made into a DnD Miniature

If you have found any of the models that I have personally done enjoyable, please take the time to rate them so that I know there's enough of a demand for me to make and share more....
Dungeon modular tiles
Created by GeneralChaos
Dungeon tileset, scaled for grid size 1; this is a modular tileset aimed for playing any dungeon-based game, especially RPGs, but could also include games like Descent.

Over 80 tiles including:

Walls including basic dungeon and ba...
Wilderness Tile Playset (95 Pieces)
Created by MWMDragon
Here is the Wilderness based followup release to my Dungeon Tile Set. Enjoy , and please don't forget to rate this mod.

To use more than one of a tile.. Just select it and copy / paste, it's that easy!...
RPG: Large Prison Dungeon
Created by Milje
A 3D Prison Dungeon Area Designed For D&D And Other RPGs, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Models and Resorces used on this map are not owned by me.

Used GeneralChaos' mod Dungeon Modular tiles:
RPG Villager Collection
Created by ChickenKicker64
This mod simply adds 2D villager figures that will serve the purpose of simple NPC or epic quest giver in any Tabletop RPG adventure. This mod includes twenty figures total. There are 3 male children, 2 female children, 7 Male adults, and 8 female adults....
Vess's Rock Models
Created by Vess
Included in this model pack are:

-240 individual models

-24 different shapes and styles of rock formations

-10 unique skins varying from rough granite to desert sandstone

-All models have custom collision boxes

From t...
Dark Souls Character/NPC Models
Created by ItchyDani3l
This is an ongoing project to export models from Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. Not many models are here right now. I will be expanding the collection as requests come in.

Also a cool thing to note: Because of the method I use to render the models, it's ac...
Hex Tile Pieces
Created by Nay Nay
A set of custom made Hex pieces designed for RPG based games.

NOTE: If you wish to upload a workshop file that uses any part of my worskhop file, please give me credit in part of your work.

RPG Miniatures
Created by minimit
Miniatures for use in various RPGs.

The current set includes:
Ranger, Wizard, Rogue, War Cleric,Fighter, Warlock, Barbarian, Tempest Cleric, Bard, Monk, Paladin, Druid, and Dungeon Master.

Models by Efgar and imported for use in Tabletop Simulator....
D&D Golem Boss Fight
Created by W00LYLEEMUR
Part 1 of the hopefully 10 part boss fight series this one feturing a Stone Golem...
The Black Heart - SPAWN
Created by Gork
Spawn Series 14: the Dark Ages II Spawn the Black Heart Action Figure

This 4 armed dark night makes a good bad guy for D&D or any RPG with minis....
Wayfarer RPG Miniatures (Series 1)
Created by dutchmogul
These character and modular terrain models are what we here (at Ill Gotten Games) use for our RPG sessions. They're designed for our RPG, Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder, but can be used for pretty much any game. All of our Pocket-Tactics character models a...
Cybertown 1.0
Created by boylegd
A science-fiction themed downtown diorama suitable for miniatures play. I crafted this for use in my Dream Park RPG. Tattletales' Skytools stage is included so you can bag this mod for use on another table....
Mordokh's Models: Undead
Created by Mordokh
Hello Tabletop community,
I have decided to start creating model packs for the Workshop, and for my first one I created an undead model pack, using assets from WoW, that includes different undead factions such as the:

-Plaguespreader clan
-Death prie...
Wayfarer Tactics Character Compendium
Created by dutchmogul
Hey, everyone!

We here at Ill Gotten Games are currently Kickstarting our tabletop miniature wargame, Wayfarer Tactics:

The game, once finished, will be released for free online, and we'...
Weather Effect Buttons
Created by Firestix
Messing around with AssetBundles.

"Right click -> Looping Effects -> Snow On/Rain On/Fog On" to start the effects. I would not recommend turning on all the buttons at the same time if your computer can't handle large amounts of particles....
Witch figurine
I made this model for my D&D character, and decided that someone might find it useful, so yeah, enjoy.

Q: Am i allowed to...
A: ...yes, as long as you put me in credits

Q: I found defect/bug/error
A: Im just lazy

all rights reserved- ̮ ̮-...
WoW Draenei/Eredar Mage Figurine
Created by sosanya
Works for a tiefling mage....
DND 5e Miniatures
Created by Marcow
As of 2 February 2021, the task of uploading miniatures to Tabletop Simulator has been kindly and promisingly taken over by llCubell, and can be found here from now on:

As of 5 January 20...
DnD Models/Figures
Created by Whisper from beyond
Dnd Models/Figures are now back on the workshop.
What kind of figures?

- Troll
- Goblin
- Hobgoblin
- Orc
- Ogre
- Lizardman
- Kuo-Toas
- Naga
- Bullywug
- Skelleton
- Demon
- Giant
- Gargoyle
- Construct
- Vampire
- Minotaur
- Bugbear...
[unscripted] Simple Compass Object
Created by MonoDex
I found there to be a significant lack of Compass Rose Objects for use in board games. Here it is.

If you're a streamer, or are considering getting into streaming, check out my help blog for streamers!
Created by Snem
THESE ARE NOT MY ASSETS. These models were uploaded by Vess who did a lot for this community.
( )
I managed to repair the textures and upload them through steam, hopefully this will repair t...
D&D Miniatures R.R.O.
Created by IICubeII
*** V10 Released!

Well over 200 new models and the complete remake of the condition markers, Pathfinder 2e condition markers! Too much content to list!

** Note: Some models have "states", make sure you're right clicking these new miniatures and check...
D&D Curse of Strahd Essentials: NPCs, Icons, Maps, Cards
Created by HINK
This is just a bundle of all (but not all) the stuff that you'll need to run Curse of Strahd. It includes:

* All NPC and item icons from the book
* Maps
* Optional 3d models
* Tarokka decks

Tarokka decks were made by Fennan, High-resulution maps m...
Anime Fantasy Models, Characters, NPCs, Enemies, Weapons, Environment objects & Tiles
Created by Motormouth
Over 7000 objects in a bright, cartoony(ish), anime-styled appearance, for use in creating fantasy-themed tabletop layouts for fantasy RPG games.

Contains an enormous variety of objects, from characters to NPCs, Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Demons, Monsters, ...